This is the new saidit pyramid. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AND OBEY you fucks by brothamanarmy in OpieAndAnthony

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you should assume that literally everything you read here is a joke

not a 'i was only kidding' joke, but a 'can you believe this dweeb is still responding earnestly' joke

i know aspergers is hard, im just trying to help

Hey you, OnA folks.Do you have a leader? by [deleted] in OpieAndAnthony

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im anthony cumias brother does anyone have anything to say to me

I hate this place. The medications dont work. Ive been here for 7 years. by KillaKuhnsDeadSon in OpieAndAnthony

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dont read the 'saidit censorship is worse than reddit' thread here unless you already hate this place

say pyramid again you absolute fucking dickless nerds

What's up with the FLOOD of OpieAndAnthony posts? by axb in SaidIt

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yeeeeah im gonna really really recommend you dont post there, i promise its not for you

What's up with the FLOOD of OpieAndAnthony posts? by axb in SaidIt

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if 'fuck you' ruffles your feathers i would politely suggest not playing on that playground

yesterday i told a guy i hope his kid is born with face tumors and i dont even really hate him

I like this song by PsychopathyRed in OpieAndAnthony

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i was the age of the kids in the audience then, im the age of the guys in the band now

time is a faggot