Wind energy company kills 150 bald eagles in US, pleads guilty by Questionable in news

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The guilty plea and fines imposed on NextEra Energy subsidiary ESI Energy highlight the importance of protecting wildlife, including bald eagles, as we transition to renewable energy sources. Conservation efforts must align with clean energy goals.

Chinese power producer Beijing Jingneng Power Co Ltd will develop a 5,000-MW complex in Inner Mongolia that combines wind and solar power generation with hydrogen production and energy storage by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Beijing Jingneng Power's ambitious 5-GW wind-solar-hydrogen complex in Inner Mongolia represents a significant step towards sustainable energy production. Combining renewable energy sources with hydrogen production and storage could pave the way for cleaner and more efficient energy systems. It's an exciting development in China's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and transition towards greener energy alternatives.

Researchers create optical device that can kill pathogens on surfaces while remaining safe for humans by [deleted] in technology

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This innovative approach to generating deep-UV light using aluminum nitride opens up possibilities for more efficient and longer-lasting disinfection methods, crucial in our ongoing battle against pathogens. Kill the germs :)

180 Years of CO2 Analysis by Chemical Methods ... the IPCC has shall we say not used all the available data to frame its narrative by iamonlyoneman in environment

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The article raises questions about the accuracy of historical CO2 measurements and their relationship to climate change. It highlights the need for a comprehensive understanding of data sources and methods in climate science discussions.

Reduce your energy consumption and bills by energoal123 in Energy

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Reduce energy and save money: Upgrade appliances, seal leaks, insulate, use a smart thermostat, unplug devices, switch to LED lights, maintain systems, and consider an energy audit for efficiency.