I am a right-wing feminist, so reddit has banned me on a number of fronts. by ech in Introductions

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Historical american slavery is different mainly due to the fact that people were born into with no recourse. This is a major difference in comparison with most other forms of historical slavery (war, raids, and debt) in that there was a fundamental sense of inherent worth of being born "less than". There is also more awareness as modern blacks have been barred from establishing their own culture independent from that of "white" america and so, keep the struggle alive.

Modern slavery is a problem, yet with globalization, it is seen as more of a national problem, in that "sucks if your country can't protect its citizens". Unfortunately, with the rampant hypocrisy of the UN security council nations, it's next to impossible to take any real action without a veto based on violating national sovereignty.

As for Islam, similar to most other religions, it's more about the people who practice, than the texts themselves. In the golden age of Islam, the texts were the same, yet their culture valued knowledge and science. In each era, organized religion is merely used as a political tool to move the masses and exercise power; it's the same today. We run into the same political issues regarding international treatment of women, it's a national issue and nothing will be done unless the greedy politicians see a profit to be had.

While we are distracted by the debate, the ones in power give zero fucks and only chase the money; so if we want change to occur, we need to talk and figure out what we DO agree on and make change happen.

i haven't been here in a while by [deleted] in whatever

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Lies! you are both part of the keyboard-medical consortium, suppressing true ergonomic keyboard redesign and supporting the proliferation of carpal tunnel!

Mechanical keys are but a distraction! Shake off the oppressive rectangular chains of traditional keyboard "design"!

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if less censorship from sites like these actually caused more harmony by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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100% sure it will.

By not censoring, people are forced to actually think about what they say and think a bit more. We would be left with people who are actually believe in something and know why they do, instead of the all the mindless screeching we are all too accustomed to.

I'm an egalitarian and end up in the middle on most issues, so I like hearing informed liberals and conservatives have a debate instead of the slew of "orange man bad" and "damn communists!" blindly thrown back and forth. Liberals and libertarians fundamentally have the same beliefs, just a simple difference in conclusions, so compromise is definitely possible; it's what society is built on.

Forget Google - It's time to break up the payment processing duopoly of Visa and MasterCard by magnora7 in finance

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Not a fan of a fixed coin supply, as that leads to the same issue of "old" money having outsized impact on the economy and voting rights. Similarly will slow adoption with the masses as any saturation point will come with a price spike without a steady supply. As well as the single dev team with 7mil reserved voting rights gives a bit too much control for my taste. Zero fees are nice and they do have the stated goal for mass adoption, so who knows.

Just my view, written for future people who may view the thread.

What's it going to take to make the world work, make it good for as many people as possible and give opportunity to everyone? Serious answers please. by aviewfromoutside in AskSaidIt

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Harness the power of greed and money.

Greed isn't inherently evil, but right now the wealth produced by society is simply used to produce more wealth, increasingly at the expense of society itself.

Basic changes to: campaign finance so politicians actually debate the issues; shortening the election cycle so they can focus on governing; tying CEO compensation to the lowest paid worker in the company (ratio of pay and stock options); earmarking funds meaning actually using those funds properly; etc.

A lot of the world has some of these already, but the point of capitalism isn't to let corporations do whatever they want, but to ensure a healthy economy where everyone can get ahead if they work hard.

What Are Warranted Coronavirus Measures? by CompleteDoubterII in AskSaidIt

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Just as a counterpoint, the reason governors need to shut things down again (and the first time) is exactly because congress isn't taking anymore action. Congress won't support the citizens with rent/mortgage forgiveness, health care assistance, mass testing, payroll protection, etc. or any of the basic stuff that would allow people to self quarantine for the long term. The president won't widely activate the Defense production act either, so we as people are pretty fucked right now.

If we can't afford to quarantine, then we are forced back to work in high risk conditions.

Also, masks are there to protect the immuno-compromised from you, not the other way around; they keep your germs to yourself.
Yes, most people will suffer mild symptoms, but 0.2% of 300million people is 600,000 people dead. It's the law of large numbers, will we die? probably not. Will someone we know die? Maybe. Is that still a ton of dead people? Yes.

I'm just leaving this here without commentary. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Unfortunately, just another symptom of a real lack of clear positive masculinity in media/culture.

Through most of history, a working steady job and not beating your wife was good enough to be a "man", but today there isn't a real clear path/ritual/trial to "achieve" manhood. If you only look at media, most of it promotes the dudebro image which doesn't really work in life, lol. Combined with the fact that women are having another major cultural revolution in terms of treatment and equality, these guys are just a lost generation of men, stuck between the old days of arranged marriages and a modern fuckboy.

If you encounter them in the wild, please treat them with compassion (set clear boundaries!) and understanding, so that one day they can understand that their masculinity comes from within themselves, which may one day lead to sex, not the other way around.

Wtf has SaidIt done right that Ruqqus did wrong? by teelo in AskSaidIt

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You're describing an echo chamber. That satisfaction is what makes it so tempting and popular across social media. Downvoting leaves you with that smug satisfaction without ever needing to engage the views of the other person. Deriving pleasure in your smug self satisfaction while reducing contact with others that you might not agree with? That's a circle jerk, lol.

Civility/orderly is not the way of democracy. It's messy and sloppy because it has to be. Everything it thrown in and over time, the best floats to the top.

Wtf has SaidIt done right that Ruqqus did wrong? by teelo in AskSaidIt

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Agreed, the loss of content (dissenting views) is the primary cause of echo chambers.

how much has saidit grown in these few days? by [deleted] in SaidIt

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I'm one of the 2500!

Always searching after every reddit banwave, but never heard of saidit until this one. Was won over by the stated principles of debate.

how much has saidit grown in these few days? by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Suffered from being the new kid on the block.

Much like the internet, when reddit was new, it had a random sampling of people coming together to chat, which is what led to a great atmosphere. Voat was founded as a free speech bastion in response to the first major ban wave of reddit, meaning it wasn't a random sampling, only the most extreme folks. Obviously this caused the atmosphere of the site to be ...biased.

Forget Google - It's time to break up the payment processing duopoly of Visa and MasterCard by magnora7 in finance

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I disagree that stored value is a key component in the short term adoption phase. Your premise of transactional safety is based on relative value based on the value of a traditional currency, when the whole point of a crypto currency is so that you don't have to "cash out" back into traditional currency. In crypto, 1coin will always be worth 1coin and when you stop comparing it to purchasing power of normal fiat currency, it's easier to put in your $20 every once in a while and spend it where you can to support the tech/philosophy.

You're actually touching on a big debate in the cryptocurrency community, store of value vs. ease of transaction. This difference in dev philosophy is the root cause of the fork between bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH), where BCH is focused on having low fees and reasonable sized blocks so it can be useful for many small daily transactions.

Forget Google - It's time to break up the payment processing duopoly of Visa and MasterCard by magnora7 in finance

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It's the chicken-egg problem, people don't use because they want to "cash out" to local currency.

If you use and it takes off, it replaces all local currency. It's a long way off, but no reason to not keep around your $20 to spend in order to support the principle/tech.

Forget Google - It's time to break up the payment processing duopoly of Visa and MasterCard by magnora7 in finance

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Bitcoin Cash, forked off from bitcoin and still focused on everyday transactions.

bitcoin.com or /r/btc

Leaving Reddit for trying erase women. by hylia in Introductions

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I think you're conflating trans people with drag queens & cross dressers, but your broader reasoning is why there is strong distinction between sex and gender in the trans community.

Trans people know they aren't ever going to be biologically the same, but it's not about the sex, it's about the gender and feeling a certain way. Yes, they present themselves as a collection of traits which you may call stereotypes, but how is that different from any other human? We choose how we act and express ourselves. Your femininity is expressed one way and their vision of femininity is another, but just like how you wouldn't hate or condemn a goth/hysterictomy'd/childfree/etc woman for expressing their femininity their way, why not let trans people do the same? Them being who they are doesn't really affect biological women any more than any other subset of women would.

Also like other subgroup, there are attention seekers drawn to the label and go overboard with the pronouns, etc., but just ignore them as you would any other attention seeker.

Does anyone else feel that division between 'Left' and 'right' only serves to further divide us? by Freshly_Squeezed in conspiracy

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Not just the rich progressives, just rich folks in general, lol. Both sides use the symbols/causes of the people to stoke the fight against each other so that the average person doesn't notice that we all are getting screwed. Just look at what happened with the covid relief bill in congress, they delayed two week to fight over the size of the corporate loans instead of pushing out the individual cash relief. No fight over payroll support, rent forgiveness, health care support, etc. People have to stay home for everyone's safety, but we're not going to make it financially possible.

The days of the "noble opposition", where the left and right had values and argued passionately so that we all ended up with a decent solution at the end of the day. I wish there was an actual strong socialist left to argue with a competent libertarian wing, but it's all theater and profiteering now; tokenist profiteering left vs. ignorant zero-government right ensures we, the people, lose.

Not sure how the UN reduces sovereignty and individual rights for social justice? They do it out in the open via "security" and economic leverage. "Justice" can sometimes play a part in providing cover to invade one country rather than another.