Underhanded by weiB in memes

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Yes and no. The NYPD harassed a homeless guy on the subway way back in May, and it was dismissed after body cam footage came out: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/nypd-officer-seen-punching-choking-macing-homeless-subway-rider-in-violent-arrest-video/2518123/

Another ban wave just happened. by EmptyCode in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Most of these subs literally just point out "hate speech" from trans people. Did the trans mods threaten to kill themselves until the admins did what they demanded or something?

World of Warcraft is adding Gender Changes to the Barber. Anyone who posts anything against it gets banned. by teelo in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I don't think anyone is against it (although other similar services like race change and server transfers are still $20-30). The article was mostly focused on trans issues in WoW, so most of the deleted comments seem to be anti-SJW or against agenda posting.

When did reddit jump the shark? by HauntingStomper in AskSaidIt

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"I am a" as in "I am a _____, ask me anything"

There's some censorship going on in the newly popular feminist subs and it needs to be openly addressed. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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People were cruel before the modern ages. Can we move on?

You make it seem like the problem has been resolved.

If violent men are rewarded with a higher chance to get a relationship, it logically leads to more men being violent. Evolution.

This dismisses the idea that people are often predatory and conceal their true colors as a means to get laid. Once in the trap, they use violence to maintain control. This also doesn't account for arranged marriages, abusive family members, sex trafficking, etc.

Ah yes, I also like raping a few women before I go to bed. Who doesn't? /s

Not sure why you're taking this personally? I get the #notallmen stuff, but that misses the point. Rapists are obviously in the minority, but rapists are overwhelmingly male and victims are overwhelmingly female. Again, do you feel this is up for debate?

When did reddit jump the shark? by HauntingStomper in AskSaidIt

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That time when they fired that admin and r/IAmA went private. Users shifted their trust from the admins to the mod cabal, and I think mods realized how much influence they have over Reddit and their employment.

Edit: also Emperor Pao

There's some censorship going on in the newly popular feminist subs and it needs to be openly addressed. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Interesting, because from reading the news, I've learned that women are getting an unfair advantage in many places.

Ah, yes. Women should totally forget being raped to death since before written history because they get to be token hires and get huge

scholarships for useless liberal arts degree. I think you overestimate the benefits of being a Democratic political pawn.

Maybe if women didn't prefer to date violent men, they wouldn't end up with violent men.

Relationships don't start off abusive, and why are women are responsible for violent men?

I understand that there are a lot of crazy feminists, but most GC talking points just boil down to "men rape A LOT". Do you feel that this is up for debate?

Meta-conspiracy theory: Certain conspiracy theories (such as flat earth and anti-vax) are pushed forward by corporate media to discredit the legitimacy of arguments which oppose widely held and accepted views disseminated by the same media outlets. by Freshly_Squeezed in conspiracy

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My favorite trick is when they stress the importance of nuance and how their critics "think in absolutes", but the moment you bring up an inconsistency in one of their viewpoints, they accuse you of being a cultist or conspiracy theorist and encourage everyone to ignore you. This is while actively criticizing Trump for ignoring the media for inaccurate reporting.