I've got an idea for a strategy for dealing with required "gender diversity" training at work. by Oof_Too_Humid in GenderCritical

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If I were in this situation, I would just state that I don't have a gender identity, and therefore have no pronoun preference either. I find the only people that really care about the "correct" pronouns being used are the ones that believe in gender identity and highlight it as a major aspect of their personality. I'm a woman and I wouldn't care much if people referred to me as he. If anything I'd find it amusing, because I know it is a fact that I am a woman. Someone calling me "he" doesn't make that any less true.

Initially I thought it might be clever to identify as "agender", but then I realized I'd just be going along with their belief system. It's better to refuse to participate in the delusion.

Can muslim women be GC feminist too? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Non-religious GC woman here. I think you have every right to be in this community. What someone chooses to believe in is their own personal business, and provided they don't push their views onto others, I don't see why it should be an issue.

It makes sense to me why some practicing muslim women, and religious women in general, might relate more to GC thinking. There's more of an intrinsic understanding that men and women are indeed different, and that we have things like sex-segregated spaces for good reason. Women who practice a religion that places importance on limiting interaction between the sexes are disproportionately negatively affected by the erasure of women's spaces.

TRA example of the "No true Scotsman" fallacy by _UngodlyFruit_ in Troll_GC

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"no man would ever do that because being trans is too painful, so no one would ever pretend to be trans."

Wow..the ignorance is blinding. How sheltered a life does a woman have to live, to have no concept of the lengths men will go to harass and abuse women? How could she not instinctively understand why this is a bad idea?

Something I noticed with these types of women activists is that they usually fit into a certain box: Middle or upper middle class. College educated, typically in the social sciences or humanities. Often white, and always liberal or left-leaning. Also tend to have a massive saviour complex.

In comparison to the majority of women on this planet, these women have had relatively easy lives. Especially in the sense that being a woman wasn't something that had a disproportionately negative effect on on their life. Their reality and lived experience as a woman is so vastly different than your typical third-world country woman living in poverty, they may as well be living on a different planet.

I've just discussed with my friends by Criticalofgender in GenderCritical

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You stood up for your principles, knowing that others would object and give you a hard time. That alone takes a lot of courage. I'm sorry you had to deal with that though. I think a lot of otherwise good people have been swept up into believing this madness, because to not do so currently has very negative social implications.

Gender ideology and Intersectionality function like a sort of fundamentalist religion, which makes it very hard to have a reasonable, fair debate with serious believers. It's like trying to debate the existence of God with a born again Christian.

Shower thought: being called “transphobic” is the threat of harassment by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's also a convenient way to derail and shut down any sort of critical discussion from happening.

To all of you trans ladies out there by AdmiralPangolin in GenderCritical

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I agree. This is the kind of stuff that TRAs screenshot and use to portray us as hateful and discredit us. I reported this post, and I'd encourage others to do so as well.

To all of you trans ladies out there by AdmiralPangolin in GenderCritical

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This is unnecessarily mean and doesn't reflect the views of most GC women, in my opinion. Not all trans women are the rabid TRA types. Some of them do legitimately suffer from extreme dysphoria, and make every effort to respect women's boundaries post-transition. I don't feel that it's fair to lump them in with the more toxic activist types and AGPs.

Disagreeing with the current ideology and agenda being pushed by the trans community isn't an excuse to target and attack all trans women. It's petty and not a good look for the GC community.

Creepy support of pedo organization by twitter by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Yeah I know. It's shocking right? You'd think that creepy pedo stuff being promoted to kids would be front page news once word got out. Yet mainstream media, especially in North America, has largely been silent when these incidents come up. Or if they do get coverage they are downplayed and presented as one-off occurrences and not representative of the trans community. Really makes you wonder who's actually funding all this and how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Creepy support of pedo organization by twitter by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Oh I completely agree. Same sex attraction between consensual adults has been documented amongst almost all cultures throughout human history, and I consider it to be a normal variation of human sexuality. Transgenderism on the other hand, at least as we have come to know it in our current times, is a new phenomenon supported by dodgy scientific claims and a complete denial of material reality. I really feel for LGB people right now, as their movement for equal rights has essentially been usurped by the TQ crowd, to their own detriment. They can't even attend their own Pride events and groups anymore without being shamed for having "genital fetishes". Public support for the LGBTQ movement has steadily gone down in recent years, and it's one hundred percent due to these mentally unstable TQ types.

You're right about the transgender movement being closely associated with toxic porn culture and social media. Any kid with internet access can now easily find vast amounts of the most hardcore and extreme porn online with just a few clicks. Parental controls are easy enough to circumvent, and kids have ways of sharing this content with each other without their parents knowledge. When you consider that these kids are growing up with regular exposure to material that presents women as sex objects who enjoy being degraded and sexualized by society, it makes sense why so many young girls are all of a sudden identifying as non-binary or trans. Social media also makes it incredibly easy for pedophiles and other predatory people to connect with and influence potential victims. It isn't a coincidence that a lot of these vulnerable kids who are toying with the idea that they might be trans are being told by strangers on the internet that their parents don't love them or support them if they question their identity. It's classic grooming behaviour.

Creepy support of pedo organization by twitter by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I used to think this idea was too farfetched to be true, and along the same line as gay people being wrongly associated with pedos back in the day. I keep coming across disturbing signs that indicate otherwise though.

That video that Blaire White did regarding LGBT lessons for kids was super creepy. There was a clip of some random trans person openly talking to these kids about their surgeries, and how they "only talk about what's in their pants" when "people are getting in there". Some of the kids looked visibly uncomfortable during the talk... Another scene showed two women asking kids if it's true or false that "there's no right or wrong age to fall in love". They then state that, "This is true! People fall in love at all different kinds of ages." Also, the whole drag queen story time stuff is awful. Some of those drag queens were inviting the kids to come up and touch them and play with their wigs and costume... Just incredibly inappropriate stuff.

Then there was this incident. Cause apparently teaching kids about diversity these days means recommending them books about six year olds giving out blowjobs and enjoying it. Plus more of that "love knows no age" crap. https://weliveinamadworld.com/normalization-of-pedophilia-lgbt-education-pack-features-6-year-olds-engaging-in-sexual-activity/

This is also an interesting article linking queer theory to pedophilia. https://uncommongroundmedia.com/the-trojan-unicorn-queer-theory-and-paedophilia-part-i-%ef%bb%bf-dr-em/

Personality Disorders and Personality Profiles in a Sample of Transgender Individuals Requesting Gender-Affirming Treatments by _UngodlyFruit_ in GenderCritical

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I agree! Plus they get to whine about how oppressed they are, and everyone is expected to put up with it. Narcs LOVE being perceived as the victim.

"If I tell you you're transphobic, then you are." This person seemed to be genuinely apologizing and it wasn't enough. Nothing is ever enough. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's just a way to have a power trip over others. The non-binary ones seem to be the worst with this.

Personality Disorders and Personality Profiles in a Sample of Transgender Individuals Requesting Gender-Affirming Treatments by _UngodlyFruit_ in GenderCritical

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I suspect that PD rates are higher in these SJW-type activists as well. This article discusses a paper that was published recently which details several different studies done on this exact subject. There's a link to the full paper in the article. https://reason.com/2020/07/07/narcissists-psychopaths-and-manipulators-are-more-likely-to-engage-in-virtuous-victim-signaling-says-study/

Personality Disorders and Personality Profiles in a Sample of Transgender Individuals Requesting Gender-Affirming Treatments by _UngodlyFruit_ in GenderCritical

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"Nearly 50% of participants showed at least one PD diagnosis, with no gender differences in prevalence. Borderline PD was the most frequent diagnosis in the overall sample. Self-report measures provide a less maladaptive profile of personality functioning than the clinician-based categorical assessment."

Can't say I'm surprised!

🍿🍿The peakening hits r/PCOS🍿🍿 by venecia in GenderCritical

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Wait..is Reddit able to do that? Forcibly switch out mods in a group to ones they favour more?

🍿🍿The peakening hits r/PCOS🍿🍿 by venecia in GenderCritical

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It says it's been set to private when I try to visit the PCOS page, and I can no longer see my comments made there.

"If you dislike being a woman you aren't a woman!" by limegreen in GenderCritical

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Exactly. They're essentially saying that women are supposed to be okay with being oppressed. That they "identify" with their oppression. It's unbelievably sexist and ignorant.

If escaping oppression as a woman was as easy as identifying out of womanhood, I'm pretty sure women would have figured this out thousands of years ago. There would likely be few, if any, women left in existence!

The truth is that women's oppression has nothing to do with gender identity and everything to do with biological sex.

Now CBC (Canada public broadcast) talk now talk about «non-straight cisgender people» by Lingenfelter in GenderCritical

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I feel like every single time I have visited the CBC webpage over the past few months there is at least one or two new trans related articles or talks being promoted. Sometimes more. Always pro-trans of course.

They really are determined to shove this down our throats every chance they get, aren't they?

A Thought on the Ban by DWD in GenderCritical

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I agree that the recent bans are predominantly an attempt to sway public opinion in the states in favour of the Democrats for the upcoming election. I suspect this could backfire on them though, as people generally do not like feeling censored or bullied and shamed into voting a certain way. Also, all this focus on defunding the police is likely freaking many people out and pushing them toward the Republican side more.

Edit: I wanted to add that I'm also a typically more left-leaning Canadian woman who has decided to vote Conservative next election. Despite not sharing many values with them, the erasure of women and biological reality as fact is an important enough issue that I'm willing to vote for them on that alone. Also, the medicalization and transing of children is deeply wrong to me.

Apparently Contrapoints used to read Gender Critical - so he does know exactly how dishonest and woman hating he is by CaliforniGinger in GenderCritical

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Sadly thousands of handmaidens seem to think otherwise.

Merriam Webster Dictionary re-defines 'transwoman' by OrangeFirefly in GenderCritical

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I think it's a combination of things. Transgender ideology goes hand in hand with transhumanism, which a lot of the globalist elites have vested interests in pursuing. The pharmaceutical and medical industries, drawn by the allure of potential lifelong customers, profit through the peddling of hormones, hormone blockers and surgery. Most importantly though, the imposition of trans ideology as "fact" normalizes societal gaslighting and doublethink amongst the population, making them easier to control and manipulate. They are prepping us for what's to come.