Biden's first move in office by PassionateIntensity in GenderCritical

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With EVERYTHING going on that he should be doing on his first day in office, he chooses the status quo pro-idpol legislation. We know why. He also comes off as a child there's also that.

But unfortunately, I'm going to have to vote this bastard in. 1. First female VP. 2. Overall, much better policies than the Republicans for women on an economic level, 3. The Republicans are actively destroying the world on a much larger scale.

"Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion: WAP" confusion - please help your fellow radfem to understand! by vitunrotta in GenderCritical

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There's also a line about spitting in her mouth...There's a lot of degradation for a song supposedly about female pleasure.

We know what this is. This is the old song and dance we're used to. Women exploiting and objectifying their bodies, calling it "owning sexuality" whenever someone questions it...all for some capital and clout.

Trans activists are opportunist as fuck. So what they're NOT going to do is criticise a popular song that is popular among the young/liberal/POC crowd...because that would be social suicide for them.

They also enjoy female degradation, so it's right up their alley.

Now, if this song was about the power of vaginas and it was sung by a white woman, particularly a middle aged one...we both know what would happen.

I think I was just raped and I really need support by DevianttKitten in GenderCritical

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I also had/have agoraphobia and anxiety issues and can relate. I eventually fucked the most embarrassing, horrible loser that lived next door to me with DIY jail tats that he did in his multiple years of jail time that begin when he was 13 years old...someone I would hang out with and sleep with every day unlike any man I've ever been with before because he was conveniently next door... because I sexually enjoy men, and I could take comfort in being nearby home, even though he was legitimately a horrible person.

When I was a teen, my anxiety was so bad I could barely function day to day. And when I finally became 18 and had some improvement (but still deep down the same mental issues)...i made up for lost time by picking up whatever attractive guy I saw...I'd always be switching up guys, talking to/dating over 5 guys at a time....albeit, I made out a lot, but very rarely fucked (or sucked) anyone.

Side note: I've gotten into a mode of saying "I'm not ready for insert act here yet until we're serious", and basically allowing them to get me off without fucking/sucking them. I've found it works 99% of the time. I've been in half a year long relationships without worrying about sacrificing my body or being used and still getting sexually pleased 😂 You can always set your boundaries however you want. The great thing about not fucking men is less sacrifice/investment of your body, no risk of pregnancy or Stds...just my personal opinion.

So I understand you. I've had plenty of these sort of encounters where you feel like it's a gray area. There have been times where in the beginning of sex or in the middle, it hurt and I said "wait!" "Hold on" and the guy didn't listen. It made me feel like I was being fucked without being I didn't matter. I was a body, not a person. And it makes you feel used, angry and dirty.

The thing is, consent is not just about the absence of "no", it's about getting a "yes". The principle of rape is not about the technicality of saying "no", it's about knowing a woman doesn't want to do a sexual act, and a man doesn't care and does it anyway because he sees the woman, in that moment, as a non-person.

It is rape.

I think I was just raped and I really need support by DevianttKitten in GenderCritical

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This is rape. You said you didn't feel like it, and he pinned you down and forced himself inside of you. You shouldn't have to fight a man off of you to not be anally raped. It's a classic date rape scenario.

It is worth getting a rape kit at a hospital and filing a police report. It creates a record, so if he was to do this again (which he will), it will show a pattern of abusive behavior. So even if you don't think anything will come of it, that record is still there as evidence.

I don't know what weed has to do with anything, unless you're running some sort of illegal weed business. If you're worried about him saying "she smoked weed with me"...that literally means nothing unless a cop is searching you and finds weed.

In my honest opinion, I think you should report him. Don't let anyone try to manipulate you into believing this was not a legit rape.

Also, let's take a second to think specifically about the degrading nature of men having anal sex with women. It's specifically a choice to choose the form of sex that's less pleasurable and more painful when we have fully functioning vaginas that were made to deal with penetrative sex. Additionally, women don't have a prostate gland in the anus like men do, which is extremely pleasurable...virtually a male g-spot. Anal sex is a big part of BDSM and porn that revolves around degrading women. He chose that act because he wanted to dominate you, to the point of literally raping you.

Time to pay up for those trans reparations you knew were coming by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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When are women going to ask for reparations?

Marie Claire: J.K. Rowling's Under-the-Radar Book Series Gives a Clear Picture of Her Beliefs by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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What's funny is the writer of the article previously praised the books, and now they have to walk back everything and desperately grasp at straws to call the series racist and transphobic.

The very worst I could find in that article was her description of a black woman's complexion....and that's me being generous.

Pose star Angelica Ross believes Kamala Harris ‘holds herself accountable’ on her uneven trans rights record by joeytundra in GenderCritical

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Absolutely. Radfems/GC need to start campaigning in the ways other political movements do. Another marginalized movement I'm a part of followed various candidates and made a big spectacle with banners and speech interruptions to be heard. We need to be more vocal and out there like other movements that demand to be heard.