TIF goes on a board for caregivers for old people, rants about how she's gonna wear a tie in front of grandpa, and cause drama for the family by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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If gramps is of sound mind, the minute this TIF tries to go all Julia Serano/Riley Dennis theology around him, he should just say, that's it. For Thanksgiving Dinner, we all talk about how the Lions and Dallas are doing. Or the weather. The books you are reading. Your job. Your vacation.

I ain't senile in no way (not yet) but I wouldn't put up with the TIF for one hot minute.

TIF goes on a board for caregivers for old people, rants about how she's gonna wear a tie in front of grandpa, and cause drama for the family by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Of course you're right. However, the TIF claims that the TIF is being asked to caregive (she really isn't if you read the comment) to a board of mostly grown-ass and tired adults getting together to talk about things like...Hoyer lifts. Catheter care. Incontinence.

She obviously can't handle any of it, and she's obviously itching for the next family fight so she can go cry to reddit. Which she should have already as opposed to bothering responsible people trying to actually, um, help the senior.

Roe vs Wade has been, functionally, overturned. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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It's only not a parasite if you think it is not. IE, if you are invested in having a child, you'd have a psychological relationship that would make the physical downsides of even the birth worth it.

A fetus that a woman wishes not to be born is exactly that to that woman in regards to her bodily changes. if not desired, I cannot see how the childbirth would be less physical than rape. Just as wanted sex is not rape, unwanted sex surely is.

Same goes for pregnancy.

WoLF’S Lauren Adams Testifies at CDCR Hearing — Women's Liberation Front by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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Most of that transcript is about covid. The women get nary a care.

Roe vs Wade has been, functionally, overturned. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Well, it certainly isn't symbiotic. At best, even normally, it requires a lot of physical shit, involving the actual birth process. I always thought that if I were trapped in that situation, that the birth would be literally like getting raped inside out.

How can I make the Texas abortion law disaster all about meeeeeee by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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SO was describing the makeup on this person, and he was befuddled, saying, "what IS that?" That plus the obvious flirty behavior.

There have been other times. Like once he went into some sports store (he fishes) and the TIM is running around, atwitter, saying can I help you with this or that, almost like girlcrushing. He was like, what, are they following me around because they think I'll steal shit?

I just told him what was up with that TIM. They were fishing for a "thank you maam" or something like that. Hopefully he didn't call him dude or guy and cause a human rights event.

I call fellow women dudes all the time based on context. It matters, less so to the trans.

Roe vs Wade has been, functionally, overturned. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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I will say, through my reproductive career, that I was focused on one thing, and that was not being a handmaid.

If I didn't want it, and was fucked by having to incubate it, I'd try anything to get it out of me. And it that failed, I'd probably drink the shit out of myself, smoke a lot of pot, and do whatever substance as the other body in there is an involuntary parasite. It would become ward of the state at birth, and I would never hold it. If it came around 18 years later, I'd be like, I didn't want to have you and my medical information is thus private. You are not part of my family. Fuck off.

You treat me like a nonhuman, well I'm gonna act like one.

How can I make the Texas abortion law disaster all about meeeeeee by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Can you imagine some post-menopausal woman saying this? Or an infertile woman?

Reminds me of what happened with SO at his lunch the other day. He goes into this sandwich place, and there's this TIM trying to act like they're 25 with the "hawt" outfit, stretching out, being overly femme in pointing to the sign, "well would you like this one or that one? I recommend this one."

He's just thinking looking at this guy, hey, you're a guy. Quit flirting with me. And the TIM keeps pressing on with the antics, "oh do I pass? Can you say ma'am?"

My co-worker transitioned overnight by ekb88 in GenderCritical

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At my old work, some TIF transitioned maybe overnight, maybe not. It was so stressful being around her then because you'd be on pins and needles. Like, I say "dude" all the time at work as a universal, so I called her dude. Good thing it was "dude."

These people are delusional, 90 percent of them.

Roe vs Wade has been, functionally, overturned. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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I almost banned this, but let it stand so we could talk about some myths here.

First, I avoided pregnancy with 1980s technology, but many people did not. This still holds true today. You can go to the abortion subreddit, or multiple other social media, and you'll hear people getting pregnant with IUDs in them.

Second, there is no judgment of the situation. It's a hard and fast line. I do not wish to co-house my body with a parasite, albeit a potentially profitable one. I'm not here to make babies.

You know after a MA that seeing a visible fetus is not unheard of? The little feet, hands, eyes. It's probably a separate life. You know what? I don't care. It is a parasite and I, or any woman, has the right to be rid of it.

Clean up another tim suicide scene today, warning: deals with topics such as human trafficking. by terf41percentjanny in GenderCritical

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Did the teens leave before the cops got there? If not what do you do? Do you have authority to lock the door?

There's a kiwifarms investigation which purports that Chris Chan may have been manipulated into sexually assaulting his mother by a young cis woman by JasonNecks in GenderCritical

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OP, go ahead and post the kiwifarms link here. We don't ban Kiwifarms. They were the best friend to r/gc when Yaniv screwed GenderTrender and Murphy, and their Chris Chan stuff is legendary. It's actually their name.

Post the link so we can discuss, ok?

Laurel Hubbard exits Olympic competition early after failing on all three attempts by Hera in GenderCritical

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What's a Woman? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It should go through unless whatever she's saying is making people report.

I am a crime scene cleaner who hit peak trans when I realized just how many suicide clean ups are tifs, and Tims, part ama part exposition, tw: gore and sucide, and CSA by terf41percentjanny in GenderCritical

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Check out meowmix.org and kiwifarms. He not only had it, but sent pictures of it to randos and "love interests" on Twitter. (The picture of the latest, which we call "poopgina" is on Kiwifarms. As far as neovaginal disasters, it's about a 9.

Trigger warnings and all, but if anyone wants to see it's right here. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/jonathan-yaniv-jessica-yaniv-trustednerd-trustednerd-com-jy-knows-it-jy-british-columbia.49790/page-1054#post-9483065

2017 pronoun law unconstitutional to long-term care staff, court finds by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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When they say "LTCF" in county or state speak, I've always assumed it is a county or state facility. But on the meta, yes it involves broad conditions.

Medicare will pay for 28 days in a short-term rehab facility. After that, no one's paying for any full ride SNF unless it is Medicaid. Which is, basically, when you have no options.


I am a crime scene cleaner who hit peak trans when I realized just how many suicide clean ups are tifs, and Tims, part ama part exposition, tw: gore and sucide, and CSA by terf41percentjanny in GenderCritical

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Everyone who reads this post should be aware of the latest in the Jonathan Yaniv saga.

Yaniv got SRS in early January. He has since complained about his "clitoris" falling off, though he claims now that it was "buried" underneath what he now calls "two vaginas" as a skin graft grew between them, but he's still all about telling people he thinks he has a chance with that he wants to "eat their cheese" and how everyone starting from GenderTrender and Meghan Murphy on up to Kiwifarms and now meowmix.org.

I doubt JY does it like the OP says though. My guess is that he just keeps eating whole chocolate cakes as a diabetic when he needs a sugar fix and accidentally 41's himself that way if the neovag doesn't go full necrotic first. Chances are someone in OP's profession will eventually end up there, throwing all Jon's perversions literally into an incinerator.

I am a crime scene cleaner who hit peak trans when I realized just how many suicide clean ups are tifs, and Tims, part ama part exposition, tw: gore and sucide, and CSA by terf41percentjanny in GenderCritical

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BTW OP, is your father still living and do you have any contact with him directly or thru sibs? Are u still in touch with sibs?

I am a crime scene cleaner who hit peak trans when I realized just how many suicide clean ups are tifs, and Tims, part ama part exposition, tw: gore and sucide, and CSA by terf41percentjanny in GenderCritical

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Thank you for this very educational post. Top 10 ever of what I've seen here, on ovarit and RIP, our old r/gc.

2017 pronoun law unconstitutional to long-term care staff, court finds by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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By the time an elder goes to SNF long term, it's usually for fecal incontinence or dementia. Often both.

But even with both, most women are going to be able to recognize that the roommate has a dick. That's IT. If they want to room with someone then find someone without a problem sleeping around strange dick.

2017 pronoun law unconstitutional to long-term care staff, court finds by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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We were at r/gc when this came up, and from that time to this, I'm wondering WHY. Why this population.

If they're LTCF in California there's usually fecal incontinence plus memory issues! So you know what, FINE, call them "Jessica Yaniv" instead of "Jonathan" and don't say in front of them that they're a "he."

But expecting that fat, deranged, and actually SRSed person to share a room with some woman is ridiculous. Unless it is his mother.

2017 pronoun law unconstitutional to long-term care staff, court finds by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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San Francisco TQ. The pronoun crowd. That plus I think he's helped gay guys out with pesky surrogates. In fact if you're a surrogate in California you really have no rights. Except abortion. One of these days someone's just going to shout their late-term abortion and how they did it to escape these controlling men.\

Wi Spa Shero speaks! by BEB in GenderCritical

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This apparently is who the "transwoman" is.


Look man, as it's this way I'm not going to stop using the community pool. If there's a man in there I'll just yell WTF and grab my shit...and march right over to the MENS! You heard me, the mens. And say "SCUZE ME WOMAN HERE. There's someone in the women's showing their penis who won't leave, so I figured I'd be safer with y'all in this stall here."

Because that's actually the case.

There is something exhibitionist and creepy if you're exposing cross-sex genitals. There is no negotiation here. These TRAs like to say that their state is like a Black woman's and this sister is like HELL NO.

Ever notice that it tends to be OG post-op transsexuals or people like Blaire who openly say "yeah I'm a biological male" that tend to portray the most confidence, that largely seem to have it together?

They've accepted that they may be post-op, but still be "read" as a transsexual, i.e. someone who was born male. Most people who get this are not a significant part of the threat here.

Or there's people like Blaire. They fascinate me actually, because they're like every TIM's fantasy of "passing." And they are there on their platform saying hell no, they would NEVER go into a women's locker room let alone a SPA that requires anyone seeing their penis. They made it work with their gender dysphoria and their penis and the whole point for them is to NOT BOTHER OTHER PEOPLE WITH IT. Because obviously, dysphoria. Out of all these blokes, it's gonna be THIS ONE that'll get the most "wounded bird" stuff instinctively and they're calling bullshit.

Penises have long been a problematic category. Like in well every station of civilization. I mean, you do not get to identify out of not having a penis any more than I get to identify that I do not have a right hand. It is just standard civilized behavior to expect that to be covered up. Because obvious historical reasons shared by the class of any person with said organ capable of said destruction.

Wi Spa Shero speaks! by BEB in GenderCritical

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TRAs are attempting to shut the sister down because she says she is a Christian. However look she is also a sister and her church may well be a Black church.

This whole thing could have been well avoided. Like if you've got tackle just wear a swim skort or whatever. Choose to not expose it at all. And I'm sorry the excuse that it's just semi-hard and that has nothing to do with the brain UH UH.

LA TIMES editorial on Wi Spa incident: “No one has the right to feel comfortable all the time” Translation: women's spaces are for naked men and if women & girls feel uncomfortable around naked men, well, it's on them. We are watching the rise of Rape Culture as the Accepted Norm in real time! by BEB in GenderCritical

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I've been thinking of what would I'd do if a TIM/man walked his naked dong into the locker room at my community swimming pool.

And what I'd do is go "OMG!!" real loud and get my shit and then run! Right over to the MEN'S.

And I'd yell, "WOMAN HERE! There is an individual showing his bare penis in the women's area and ALL THINGS CONSIDERED I figure I would be safer with YOU GUYS."

Segue into one of their crappers where I get my freaking sundress or whatever. May or may not drop the dripping swimsuit but meanwhile I'd be all in there going like "there were 8-year-old GIRLS there! That is someone's daughter. No I saw, it was half up. Thank God you're normal."

Anyone says anything? I was nonbinary-genderfluid for the day.

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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I did a proton for a friend maybe six months ago without the phone number. Mine's a bit older (also no phone number).

Sometimes security options go more analog. Old school. If a signup can't be done through VPN, that's really strange considering that even Norton is bundling that now.

But still, Tukanota is now saying they get your IP but don't retain it.

Therefore you could go to a public library terminal or Kinko's or whatever and log on with not only their IP but the device's ID. If they did retain it, they now have info on some other wifi and device.

And if IP is the sole concern, you could just duck into Starbucks or McDonald's to use theirs.

I think it is a real shame that we are talking using these deep encryption tactics because of genuine political persecution. How can I see what's going on with WiSpa, women beaten in the street by these transactivists and not see this? The whole state of California now making it so that 300 TIMs can sachay into women's prison? There are only two women's prisons and only seven TIFs that have expressed ANY interest in transferring to a men's (they will renege on this interest guaranteed).

The raging helplessness I feel.

We lost the battle in mainstream SM years ago sister did we not. That is why we are here.

Blue states, the battle is lost. Anywhere liberal really has turned it over to the transactivists. It's like we're George Wallace yelling "segregation forever" if we don't want naked pulsating cocks of people we do not know next to the hot tub or doing hot yoga nude in our sauna.

And separately I told SO all about Laurel Hubbard yesterday. He REFUSES TO BELIEVE THIS STORY IS TRUE. He literally thinks it's just an Internet rumor because if it isn't then "the whole world is going to look at that and laugh!"

Well we've been counting on that since 2014, whereas the whole zeitgeist since has been to NOT laugh. Don't laugh at even the most ridiculous examples or how they act in the most ridiculous ways. And when you do, expect an army of cancel culture that might even infect your congress critters' office meaning that you can't send them a US Mail with a return address--which is the correspondence they tend to elevate. Nope now we have to have conversations about how to even get our message to you so you don't see us as Russian spam or worse.

At this point some radfems from r/gc would be like well wrongtoy, what does it come down to with you? Like this issue versus abortion?

Way it stands, some states have the nads to have enacted actual statutes saying some things are based on biological sex, not how you feel you would prefer to not be your biological sex. They are doing so especially around Title IX and sports. This is supposed to be an "originalist" court, and the original opinion was that discrimination be banned based on biological sex.

So I'm for anyone with that kinda power who can push that argument. Even though obviously we disagree on abortion. Other things.

Even if someone is 80, 90 percent right I will stand with the 10 and 20 when something is wrong. Like this.

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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Can you sign up through it via Tor? Or even some VPN if Tor blocks it? If they're not a US VPN, then the US would have to ask the government under which this VPN is to intervene.

Protonmail now asks for a phone? That really sucks.

Original Wi Spa shero holds a press conference, promises to sue! Could Wi Spa have been the Stonewall of the Biological Reality movement? by BEB in GenderCritical

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Let's get that video up. Not just here. Any Twitter sheros out there who have this video? Because if I get it on Twitter I'll be passing it on.

BTW that lady's video is all over my unrelated conversation with a bunch of dudes on a sports site who want to wounded bird any TIM. I'm like GTFO you don't have to suck them off in any manner do you, you're making that emotionally my job, and you appear to be relating to them more. Hehce be a man! Handle it!

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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I have not heard about them. Which doesn't mean anything bad, but more people seem OK with protonmail. Does this particular service have a feature that protonmail does not?

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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It's possible to layer them, or it was.

At a point, I was into all this, Tor, i2p, layer-over-layer with VPN, anonymous accounts everywhere, encryption. What you say is true, and if I felt risk my optimum tool would probably be NordVPN + Proton. Nord isn't US and no less than Josh Moon of KiwiFarms vouches for it. KF is the ONLY REASON that we knew about Yaniv, remember, because every SM was shutting us down with the name of HIM. GenderTrender/WP, gone. PeachYogert on YT, gone. Mumsnet thread, gone. Then WP went in and edited 4thwavenow.

Remember those days? Well it is important to realize that Twitter was banning respected educated people like Meghan Murphy and Lindsay Shepherd and about 100 more of us for this guy. I myself was bounced in 2018 from Reddit Admin for Yaniv, but now we see Reddit admin includes people like Amy Chancellor. If Yaniv hadn't gone full Yaniv with his racism (like calling Sikhs racial names and saying they don't bathe or whatever) and then targeting women of this ethnicity, the tribunal might have just made him $6,000 richer. Who cares about women. Who even cares if you're a pedo. But racism, that's bad.

Clownworld isn't it?

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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Well I'm doubly angry because of that recent video by some WHITE BRITISH MALE that he had just gotten surgery in LA and was now identifying as KOREAN. And specifically, Ji-min, the first name of his boy-band K-pop crush. That's what set me off initially with these guys so I'm on fire. You all were mad about last summer and Black Lives Matter, you'd be hitting the roof if it's a video about some white guy trying to be "Sambo" and here you are telling ME to be charitable? One generation back from mine, we don't know what relatives we have who are unaccounted for and we hope that they and their ancestors are dead frankly. Because we are talking about North Korea here with forced labor, gas chambers and all of that to present day.

That's my history and this fecking asshole with $150K to burn comes in to surgery, comes out looking like he's Joan Rivers having gotten in a bar fight, he misprounces the three words of Korean he actually says, and he's full Korean because he IDENTIFIES and that's his pronoun. And he's enbie, just so he lets you know.

Yeah, like men are full women when they say.

At times like this, I always think of people like Blaire White. Rose of Dawn. Miranda Yardley. Toni Roche. Catlady789 got banned today on Twitter, but before that them.

They're all trans and besides Blaire, not conventionally attractive. But I gotta say if I saw them in the bathroom today, I could live with it. Because all of these people aren't going flashing their balls or their Jonathan Yaniv enhancement and wanting fishing compliments. They've already made it clear that when it comes to biological females, they're not one! Blaire won't even go in the locker room because of pre-op status. I mean here, you see them at least caring and genuinely kinda getting it, you know.

For every one of these trans-allies I know, or maybe you know, how many are sincerely crazy? Zinnia Jones, who does enemas to simulate pregnancy and brags on SM? Morgane Oger, who attempted to have a rape crisis center shut down because they wouldn't bed TIMs right next to females? Oger's former friend, Jessica Yaniv, now convicted of one charge and facing four more criminal ones plus a whole entanglement of "he said/she said" slapfighting while calling their local firefighters 30 times in 14 days for them to extract his carcass from the bathtub? There are so many, aren't there. Onision and his prior non-dysphoric, female "husband" that he lured as a minor. Kat Blaque and the droning about how BDSM is so kewl and real wammin should want to be slapped to test boundaries. Even their notion of abuse isn't ANYTHING like what most women experience. Maybe not even most men.

I will not be voting for any federal Democrat in 2022 and 2024 despite having been with them on covid and now with them on climate. It is my opinion that these issues, while politicized, tend to get more rational discussion and thus can more be left on their own. The consequences however of an Equality Act foisted by these like-minded individuals has a very significant and predictable impact.

There are enough states that have passed enough legislation that at some point this issue ends up in SCOTUS if those states don't concede. And SCOTUS has decided nothing about gender identity that's more pressing than "Aimee" gets to wear your work skirt and call herself "Aimee" because just as women can wear pants, men can wear skirts. At some point they are going to have to deal with Title IX, the biological discrepancies that inspired the "sex" designation, and how that squares with gender identity. God, I hate them so much in all other ways, but Amy Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh might do their bit to protect women after all, while of course descimating their right to abortion.

I said it at r/gc, I'm not big time 2-party because I've thought both were just structures that feminists had to work through and work around. There aren't any friends there. All the "stuff" for trans people is 95 percent for TIMs anyway.

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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I personally use ProtonMail but have heard Guerilla is good too. I would not use tor, per se, given another alternative because many places do block Tor relays. Many places (windscribe etc) offer VPN for free or free trial or cheap.

Small things you can do to fight back by BEB in GenderCritical

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Here's a small thing. A smaller thing than what you said, but every little bit helps.

For the past 15 months or so I've been very active on this political annex that came out of a sports board. And I have discussed and am discussing this issue now. Everyone's like, "oh, she's the only one that's OBSESSED WITH IT" and I'm like "because I'm the only one WHO IS NOT A GUY HERE."

Cue the transactivist. He comes in crying, saying that he refuses to leave his house, in METRO SEATTLE, unless it is at 3 AM because of "transphobes." Which he of course labels me as. I'm like, Bub, I'm a thousand miles from you at least for one. And even if you lived down the street from me, you think I'm going to make a special trip to TERF you out? My whole thing is to avoid having any contact or confrontation with you.

I pointed this out to these guys as kinda a long timer by now: You guys would have ripped my pus-sy out if I'd said anything like this, probably in a more misogynistic way than I just did. But this MALE comes in crying and being more p-like (sorry I realize this is not feminist but I'm REALLY ANGRY) and you just let him ACT LIKE STEREOTYPICAL BEYOND P because he doesn't have one and then you do this wounded bird thing, men?

You're so sorry that this person might do what, not take their meds? They feel so bad that they can't leave their house unless it's the middle of the night? Who the hell is paying for the house or is he living with MOMMY because MOMMY sees you as her long-term health care plan when she starts to go downhill? I can already see what someone like this does when confronted with having to build a wheelchair ramp or even contracting for this. This guy probably can't even call Roto-Rooter for his mom after he shoves his ass-tampons down the toilet.

Oh and then the 41 percent. Well cry me a river. How many young women between the age of 12-24 did not swallow an extra Tylenol or cut themselves or try to starve themselves to death or whatEVER shit? Probably more than 41 percent over that period of time in some areas, I reckon.

What's the general consensus on sexuality being a choice? by SexualityCritical in GenderCritical

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Well, it sort of is.

By this, I mean that when I was in my teens, i had some thoughts about girls. By the time I got to college and guys were interested also, those feelings went away.

So for me, anyway, I'm glad I didn't have any experiences. Not to say it would have been a bad thing necessarily, but it just wasn't true for me. Just like everyone who has an experience with a woman, a lot of them really aren't lesbians.

I wish the same logic could be applied to trans. Especially in their youth.

Ovarit is a mirage, right? by HOA_At_The_Moonstone in GenderCritical

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I don't know. I like both. I do feel that people who are disappointed with Biden (Equality Act) and like some things the GOP did (like being against Equality Act and presently the most prominent defense against TRAs) should have a voice to say they feel that way when it comes to this issue.

TiM Young Adult author,"i wish i lived in a world where i didn't have to have sensitive zoom meetings during my period because i'm crying at the drop of a hat *and* incredibly irritable.the next time someone tells me trans women don't have periods im gonna dump a whole tub of period diarrhea on them by BEB in GenderCritical

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Sounds like Jonathan Yaniv. He insisted that he had periods before his SRS. He put pictures of the post-SRS out on Twitter, publicly, trolling Blaire White about how this bleeding is "something that us girls do." Last week, wait for it, he went to get it waxed somewhere. Even though it was purulent and granulating as per his pictures.

Sounds like that guy who was I guess post-op who hung out in debate sub. Made it a point to carry to the loo a big bag he carried feminine supplies in...just in case "someone needs."

Sounds like this other TIM who blocked me over Twitter because I defended some trans teenager who has this account "pass or not?" There's a whole subreddit where TIMs discuss that, which is public after all.

The results for Yaniv, btw, were 86.5 "not pass."

The other "13.5" need some reality help.

Ovarit? by barnarnas in GenderCritical

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Send this to modmail...

"Gender confirmation surgery" usually does NOT mean genital surgery. Only 5-10% of TIMs in the US get genital surgeries. Hence, "girl dick." by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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I've talked about the (mostly male) sports board I'm on. Well I got invited to their private chat server, used the identical handle, and everyone's like, no way. This can't be her. Your avatar is neutral so it must be fake.

I got a little pissed and just posted the first jpeg that I had at the time. It was from Jonathan Jessica Yaniv's Twitter showing his coin-slot pussy.

The room went silent. You could feel them moving away.

A day later, I replaced it with a flower and apologized to the person who invited me for doing that.

But "you can't tell...not even gynos can tell...it's exactly the same..."

Gender critical feminists warned Reddit about alleged predator Aimee Challenor but they were banned from the site by BEB in GenderCritical

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At least Blaire White talked about this on their latest about Chanellor. About r/gc in particular.

Nah, BW isn't a "she." But I can't see them upsetting me. If I met this person in the bathroom and they were acting normal, it's not like I'd ever know. And they're not post-op and don't go into anything but that.

Ohio professor who rejected transgender pronouns can sue university: U.S. appeals court by TheOnyxGoddess in GenderCritical

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Chase Strangio to the rescue.

Colorado baker sued again, this time for "gender transition cake" by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Actually, the baker said he would sell them a premade cake, but would not make them a custom one, nor was he comfortable going to the gay guys' reception as a paid cake-cutter, giving the groom the cake to feed the groom and such.

And when he said no, said baker got harassed by self-described Satanists who wanted a dildo cake wedding or something.

Not every lane has to be for everyone. I would never go to someone strictly Orthodox and demand that he work on holy day and on top of it his staff turn on/turn off lights and all this shit, even though personally I think their customs are ridiculous! While I think much of religion is ridiculous, it is still a fundamental US Right. Not every single case is a religious person turning off the gas pump when you come or declining you water or a trip to the bathroom! Get over yourselves progressives!

Colorado baker sued again, this time for "gender transition cake" by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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I didn't support the gays either.

They get married in civil court, that's fine. If they want a ceremony or whatever that extends into people's rights just like any other deal.

I wouldn't expect every person who's 100 percent Muslim or Orthodox Jewish to be down for what I want for my wedding. Nor when I could have an abortion, would i expect a Catholic hospital to handle it. There are multiple other lanes available that have no problem w/working with you. Pick them.

Colorado baker sued again, this time for "gender transition cake" by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Well ya, at this point I'd just take the passive aggressive approach.

You want this cake? Well here's the standard price for it. I'm gonna go along, say I really tried, use their organic ingredients, get paid early. It's pretty goddamn easy and un-sueable to fuck it up. I'd fuck it up, go over there and grey rock it. Go ahead assholes, give me bad yelp reviews.

You can't make ppl work for you for your intimate party shit. Get your own people. I'd say that about everyone.

Chase Strangio Quote of the Day: "So much violence against trans people would be eradicated if people could just accept and celebrate their sexual attraction to trans people. Your obsession is so often born of your feared desire." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Here's a picture of Chase. https://i0.wp.com/parentsecurityonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/FEATURE-Chase-Strangio-Allison-Shelley-SCOTUS_LGBTQ_062.jpg?resize=790%2C400&ssl=1

If she's whining about not getting more attention personally, well there's several reasons for that. One, he doesn't have a dick. Two, if he got one, it would not work. Three, most women do not want to date even "cis" guys that are several inches shorter than them.

The initial purpose of dating is to find someone not just sexually compatible, but compatible on any other metric that people want. Most gay guys and straight women wouldn't give Chase a second look even if she were non-trans.

I kinda enjoy her going off on Twitter around all this, because the more that she does, the more everyone peaks #superstraight #supergay or #superbi.

Chase Strangio Quote of the Day: "So much violence against trans people would be eradicated if people could just accept and celebrate their sexual attraction to trans people. Your obsession is so often born of your feared desire." by BEB in GenderCritical

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But I don't have any attraction to trans people. I just don't. Buck Angel looks objectively hot from a masc perspective but I don't do pussy. I just don't. Nor am I interested in engaging with anyone who thinks their penis is female. I'd be engaging because that person thinks he's a male.

That's my own sexuality! I don't date women and NO ONE SAYS I'M HATEFUL so why should it be any different? NOT ATTRACTED TO WHAT I'M NOT ATTRACTED TO and if people aren't attracted to me too, that's totes fine.

The Democrats are determined to destroy women's rights/safety,privacy,dignity/sport - Violence Against Women Act will allow some self-id in correctional facilities and force females to strip search TiMs - F the Dems. by BEB in GenderCritical

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I brought it up at Ovarit (https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/23699/i-m-not-sure-i-ll-be-voting-dem-in-2022-2024-sorry) and the response was largely positive.

The skeptics were people who said this cannot be my hill, because of climate change, or racial justice, or abortion.

If Dems really care about these things, where have they been for 30+ years on each single one? It's not like the 1994 crime bill geared toward Black people happened under a GOP, it was just more acceptable that it happened under a Dem. Let alone the Lewinsky situation. And since, it's just been, here, let's make sure there's an abortion clinic in your state where you have to pay $800 to get $100 worth of meds.

The Dems are the ones prioritizing these TIMs, specifically the TIMs they know, who are mostly affluent and entitled. Until they stop doing that, I will not stop looking for an alternative to them or not supporting them. It's your party Dems, and way I see it, I don't even get a chance to have a conversation.

I've been a registered Dem since 1982 and still am btw, but as long as the Dems continue this charade, for which I fully blame them for, I'm not voting for any Dem on the federal level unless it is crystal they're onboard with gc. That's my issue, women's issues, and I'm sorry that gets in the way of other legit issues, but that's the way I feel about it.

Today's Senate Judiciary Hearing by WildApples in GenderCritical

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i missed the live. Is the video available to watch anywhere?

Edit: video may be watched here.


Why do you choose to post here instead of Ovarit? by usehername in GenderCritical

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That was the policy of the old r/gc. The new Ovarit initially let links through to conservatives sites and now there's a discussion about what is allowed.

Look, we--or at least I--are not down for that.

Here's where you can get to all of the public documents in actual public court. https://adflegal.org/search?search_term=transgender&type=case

If I thought for one minute this would be taken down here over adflegal being who they are on other issues, sorry but I wouldn't be modding here or invested at all. The documents are relevant, and important, no matter who is involved and whoever packages them so you don't have to pay $$$ for lexus/nexus.

Why do you choose to post here instead of Ovarit? by usehername in GenderCritical

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We don't automoderate people to archive every source expressly because someone might click through to conservative sites--when it's been conservative sites that have been providing 80-90 percent of any critical coverage. It's been conservatives like adflegal.org who have and are taking this issue to SCOTUS. It's not like people are going to try to archive all 24 or so documents in a single in a complete record for an internet post (and in the format they have used, archives have failed anyway).

We are not going to impede access to documents like these or gender-critical reporting in general because the source is conservative and disagrees with us, or most of us, on other issues.

Pantene (shampoo) features transgender "girl" in ad - Twitter says NO (is the tide turning?) by BEB in GenderCritical

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We just bought a huge bottle of Pantene. Will not be buying the product again.

Abigail Shrier (IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE) was on Tucker Carlson last night about Planned Parenthood becoming a Gender Factory by BEB in GenderCritical

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What a world in which Hannity, Carlson, Kavanaugh, Barrett, ADFlegal.org are our closest allies on the issue, and the ones with the megaphone.

Even though we agree on little else.

Oh F me - the Republicans are going all out to defend women's sports (Senator Paul questioning Biden's Ed Sec nom., who is doubling down on TWAW) by BEB in GenderCritical

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Newsom already passed it in California. Here's how CDCR (prison system) is interpreting it.


So OK then! Before you had to have surgery. Now it's prohibited to ask about medical treatment. If you say you are, you are. Half of the 1,200 TIMs in prison said they wanted to go to a women's in 2019 and that's when the rule was that you'd have to get SRS. Now that you can just say anything and be verbally convincing well why the fuck wouldn't more people try that who have issues in male prison? I mean most males have issues in male prison!

I got all the CDCR evidence on that NFL thread and a guy (not the TIM) is just like "well guards have sex w/inmates too and it's exactly the same and women rape." Guards aren't restricted there and each one is over about 100 people and there's a deterrent effect (imperfect but still effective) of a guard knowing that if there's like semen on someone's shirt let alone a pregnancy he loses his job. His insurance. He could go to jail himself. As opposed to inmates who might get a week's time out in the hole for it.

The ACLU loses its last shred of credibility... by BEB in GenderCritical

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I believe the TIF Gavin Grimm is also on the board.

I started a convo on a mostly male sports board about Biden's first-day trans plans...and well here's what happened. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Nah, it's an old school BB NFL board.

I started a convo on a mostly male sports board about Biden's first-day trans plans...and well here's what happened. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Yeah, the TIM was saying if everyone just got puberty blockers, problem solved because none of that matters before puberty.

He also thinks puberty blockers are benign.

I started a convo on a mostly male sports board about Biden's first-day trans plans...and well here's what happened. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Yeah it really happened.

Step One: The "fiancee" catfishes Jon. All the pictures she sent were photoshopped compilations from the Web. Without even verifying this on Facetime, Jon hones in on the catfish who then tells Jon she's going to be in Toronto for her sick kid, and tells Jon not to come. Not only does Jon spend $2K to fly and stay there, he also brings his mother. Meanwhile someone who knew the catfish told Rebel Media who did show up and confront him. Recommended viewing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cMoLEFmRvM

Step Two: The catfish, obviously not there in the first place, ghosted him and even after coming in touch with Rebel, he goes to a place in BC, calls it Hawaii, and has this video with his mom:


Step Three: The catfish sends Meow Mix a confessional saying she was the catfish and along with it maybe 60GB of texts, plus all the videos he sent her (she sent none back) and all the phone conversations (they were mostly VMs, she participated in one). Points of interest: Jon reveals that he has not had sex ever. He sends a receipt for a sperm bank. That's how the catfish got out, she feigned being pissed about the sperm issue saying she didn't think they were viable.

Step Four: Yaniv pivots to the fantasy that if he has GRS all will be fixed, he thinks. He undergoes the procedure 1/11 and within two weeks is Tweeting about how awesome the paramedics were that hauled him out of the bubble bath he was not supposed to have so soon. And he loves his new gynecologist.

Step Five: Yaniv will probably roll around trying to inveigle Sikh women, in particular, to wax his neo-vulva made from his former balls. Of course he'll divulge all this and some beauticians will point out that the skin is still different. Or they'll recognize his face since it's been Tweeted and YT'd millions of times. Won't matter to Jon, it'll be like "I HAVE A VAG, why aren't you waxing it?"

Step Six: Race is on between the sepsis and tears he's going to develop from shoving tampax in there and using dildos instead of dilators--and his hastening to the BCHRT with a new set of fresh complaints that don't involve waxing the actual balls, and maybe he gets them to do a media ban order, which in that case would bring us right back to 3/18 when most of us became aware of him.

I started a convo on a mostly male sports board about Biden's first-day trans plans...and well here's what happened. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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They got a "brand ambassadorship" that allowed them to push little Dixie-sized Bailey's cups in a liquor store.

Of course there was an uproar. Then there was the pandemic. Jon quit again.

Jon's used his time since friending 13 yos on tiktok and streaming his (nonexistent) DJ skills. He thought he met a girl (19) with a sick kid and fantasized they'd be married--despite never facetiming her. He flew three time zones to Toronto to see the girl and her kid. They had been made up. He then did a video with his mom in a hot tub claiming they were in Hawaii (they weren't) with the mom caressing his hair and kissing his neck while he stuck out his tongue. He allegedly had GRS last month and is now applying to be a UN volunteer.

Ovarit is just as guilty of random censorship as reddit. What happened? by JustWhy in GenderCritical

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So if it were my decision (it's not), I would have removed the meme due to both racism and sexism and then locked the thread.

I started a convo on a mostly male sports board about Biden's first-day trans plans...and well here's what happened. by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Even Yaniv got a job in 2020. He was one of the free sample people at the liquor store. He was always about town before the pandemic eating at places, pestering kids at public pools, and of course talking about how he was going to be the next Amanda Todd if you weren't nice to him.

This guy has the same attitude.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) comes out as sexual assault survivor, but she still supported men in women's prisons. HYPOCRITE. MISOGYNIST. HANDMAIDEN. by BEB in GenderCritical

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I'm not sure the Equality Act can get past the Senate given the filibuster.

Biden appoints 63-year-old autogynephile TIM as assistant secretary of health by gendercritfem in GenderCritical

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Yeah this person when they last practiced specialized in pediatric eating disorders and is now being put in charge of covid. Remember the crap about Scott Atlas being just a neurologist? How is this better?

This is a test created by TIMs for other prospective TIMs to test if they have real ladybrain. Test yourself and find out! by gendercritfem in GenderCritical

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Sixty five questions. I got through 17 before I gave up.

No i can't do spatial relations, but if i did it wouldn't make me a man any more than my sister is. No I don't read faces or remember them all that well, which is what I guess men do. I have never been turned on by my own body so what kind of question is this.

I am an adult female human with a female reproductive system, and that is what makes me a woman.

If someone has a male reproductive system, they're at best a male living as a woman.

Does anyone else lose respect for people when they put their (very obvious) pronouns in their social media bios? by arcticbasket in GenderCritical

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Yes. Like our now vice-president elect.

The fact is that the only thing that stands between the Biden/Harris prior commitment to the "Equality Act" is the same magas many of us don't like, or Republicans, or whatever. The Senate stays in their hands, they back off on this insanity, or at least let the conversation go forward into SCOTUS as will probably happen with Hecox.

I'm not going to sit here for one minute and think that there's one type of penis that doesn't matter from another type when it's there and present with me in a vulnerable state. I don't care if it's Blaire White or Jonathan Yaniv if I have to encounter it in a female setting, and I only respect Blaire more because they've established they would never do that. But the Jonathans will.

Fam, I really need advice on the fIL situation here.EE by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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They have $3M in cash from the ffil's mom, who passed away at 103, to say nothing of the half of the house plus assets they received from her parents when they died prior. They just insist that they wanna be at home, by far their most expensive option, if they did it right.

SO tried spending the nights at his mom, with his brother's wife coming over during the day. Within 48 hours, there were heated calls with f-bombs flying between the two of them because she demanded of him a "day off" but did not wish to reciprocate by sending the brother, her husband, over there to spend the night.

Anyway that night was the first, and probably the only, night I spent at ILs, because 1) they'd removed the cat that i'm deathly allergic to (seriously, it's a 4 to 8 benadryl night after their holidays) and 2) crucially, there was supposed to be a Big Fambily Meeting including the fmil about maybe introducing a respite person.

I show up, and DIL is just like, "His mom has had a long day. This isn't a good time to talk."

Within a couple hours, I'm observing that she's up, eating, awake and alert, and talking to Daddy about their affluent town gossip and Mrs. So and So. Within a couple hours, I'd determined that this would be my last night there ever, or at least for a long while.

So when we had a moment alone, I pulled up my chair, and I'm like, "she's putting in 70 hours a week and he's hit maybe 102. They CAN'T relieve each other. What if either of them gets "flu symptoms"? It could be covid."

OMG, the just no part of her came out in force. Her first reaction was to say what she's paid for him, over the years, look I'll show you my checkbook. I'm like, it's not about that. The second reaction was her breaking into tears (she often does) and the third reaction was to banish me from the whole floor.

The next day, I wasn't there, but the DIL and her husband (his brother) were. The brother was tasked with conveying the DIL's severe displeasure by saying that I shouldn't have done that over her explicit instruction. His reply: "If she didn't do that, then Mom would be making YOU the fall guy. She's only going for having the hired help you've been looking into because SHE got mom to start thinking about it."

There was more conversation, which ended, reportedly, in the SO telling his brother to, quote, "fuck off."

Omg. The hired help the brother found was this lady who sort of knew some neighbors of hers, but she is very much into her Affluent Little Town. This lady is now tasked with working a straight 48 hour shift (to relieve DIL, whom I'll call Baby Jane) and then come in at night to "just sleep there" as the dad will be returning from stroke rehab with a withered right arm and hand at best. They fired SO from all the shifts they'd scheduled him for, because they found a rando off the street to work for $5 less, and less than $5 over legal minimum wage.

Thankfully I wasn't part of the discussion.

Fam, I really need advice on the fIL situation here.EE by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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It is sweet that they want to be together! But they want to do it at home together. SO and his brother talked privately without his wife around, and they agreed that this situation could not go on for more than a month and/or until the ffil returns from the stroke place. If they want that at that time, they'll need professional assistance.

As an aside, i was asked to look up some prices for a comparative chart. The low end was SO working for $25/hour for 12-hour overnight shift--which works out to 9,000/month. The so and his mom talked between themselves, and she's committed to paying him for every hour he spends on them and not just that. afaik, the brother's wife is volunteering, so what they'd pay him would be it.

The high-end? Twenty-four hours of bonded CNA presence through an agency retaining them as an employee (thus avoiding client risk of them being hurt on the property) is over 36,000/month where I live. Going through care.com for an indie, about $29,000 per month.

And that's for one person. For two?

They are 1 percenters who like clipping coupons and talking about what insurance isn't paying for. But truth is, the option isn't for the family to be involved with this for long, not with two invalids needing 24 hour care. They need a skilled nursing facility in which they can both reside in the same room and comfort each other. They need med techs coming by to check their blood levels and vitals. The kids have successfully gotten the cat and the dog temporarily relocated and neither can return until the mom's chemo is done. The cost to stay home is absolutely insane if you're getting help for even one person on a 24 hour basis who at least is bonded and backgrounded. Let alone two.

Fam, I really need advice on the fIL situation here.EE by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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I understand, and to me you've been an extremely important voice in the discussion.

I appreciate everyone's indulgence here, but I just had another screaming fight with SO.

He claims I do this every night. Well I am doing it every night, because since April 21, 2020, he has not had a job. He now feels that he has one with the fmil's "generous" offer of $25/hour for however long it takes. He says it's not going to take 12 hours. It'll take 11. And on top of this will be the things he feels he must do socially and during the day, which is blurring the lines further.

I said, you're not here for 18 hours a day, that will affect our relationship by the first of the year. (Actually, it already is.) It's not the 12, it's more the 18, which you're not being paid for, and which brings down the base rate to $16.50/hour with no real job and no insurance.

I said, we're supposed to be a team here, and you're not acting like it. If you are spending 18 hours there, you might as well be living there. Which is your choice. Look at just what happened today, you had to drive to the city to try to bring the undies and visit him, and apparently he didn't care enough to even put his eldest son on the list. Now our dinner is being cut short because it's 930 to 10 and he needs to take care of their totally optional animal, another hour.

That's your free eight today, right there. No, it doesn't help that you have your mom's card and that you bought your favorite food on it for today. He's like, this is super short-term, but there can't be deadlines. Until when exactly? Until she or DIL doesn't cry or throw a hissy?

The only thing i'm invested in here is him and us. Not their family of origin and specifically and actually not their optional tasks. Your rosebushes are encroaching on the sidewalk, well get your gardener that you already pay to do this. Their dog and their cat? They are optional animals. He does know that professional petsitters will take care of them for $30/day, but so far the ILs are just gifting them with money when they feel like--and even if that becomes more structured, that's still 18 hours out of our relationship.

i'm willing to be the bad guy in the situation, but I'm not willing to be relegated to a secondary component. If he actually wants to volunteer for their cat, their dog, their rosebushes, their friends or other optional tasks, i can't stop him. All those things interfere with the relationship that we're supposed to be cultivating.

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I briefed SO on what his mother said to me, specifically that she believes she will be released as early as tomorrow, that said doctors themselves have opined she will probably be back in the hospital quite a few times. That she believes that he and DIL will collectively care for her needs, that while I appreciate I'm welcome, I don't really have a role so I expect my presence to be minimal.

He's like, we have to take it one step at a time. I'm like, you mean like Covid in February. He could blow up that plan of hers right now by calling her and saying he's out, but he's not going to have an excuse unless it's full time employment, which he is not making a priority. And he doesn't want to make her cry.

This woman grew up totally white privilege, was conventionally attractive in her younger days, and that's what she does, and that's what she expects. No one can say anything against her "emergencies" whether they genuinely are, or whether they are about the cat box having turds out of it that she needs so to clean up so she can resume "wanting to live." She'll just start bawling or screaming and they'll give her what she wants. The DIL is the same way.

SO is pissed, he thinks she is selfish, but how selfish she is is going to be something that he's going to have to figure out by himself. With him over there working for the equivalent of $16.50 per hour (assuming the 8 hour volunteering on top of the paid 12), I'd assume he wants to be better than that for our relationship. She is not going to be better fast for sure and i'm not going to opine that I want her to decline rapidly (although that is surely coming). She might "give" him money for a nice Valentine's Day dinner and if all this malarkey is still going on then, I'll give his ring back. Then or before then.

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Frankly, I see them, or at least one of them, lingering for quite a while. They may piss and moan about how they'll just die without the other one because of emotional pain, but let's face facts, that alone doesn't kill most people.

Their whole goal is to be in their own house tended to by their fambily, of which they're even talking about paying only one. For them, there's no disadvantage in blowing up our relationship; it's not like they especially like me anyway, and the breakup would force SO into living with them, which is what I sense they want. Then they can pay him or not because hell it's a better part of a more expensive region anyway.

SO is saying that's not what he wants, that what he wants is to get a full time job when the "crisis" is over. The crisis is not going to be over just like Covid-19 was not going to be over in February. The choice for me is that if he pays up he gets the keys and he gets to keep his stuff here, but like if you're engaged there's supposed to be more than that. I'll start detaching if there's no time to the relationship.

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DIL is not a biological daughter. She is his brother's former rehab partner that he met when they were in jail or diversion apparently. This woman has not worked a full-time shift since being with the brother, and is currently estranged from her whole family of origin, and is very invested in being the "housewifey" type. She is 65 but very sensitive about it, but we all know she is only a decade younger than the fmil.

The ils fronted their whole wedding and then their down payment for their house. The brother's previous marriage history was to a woman already pregnant with not his bio. The way ILs dealt with it was to encourage them to give up this child to their personal BFFs so they, the BFFs, could get the white infant that they desired and so they, the ILs, could feel good as "godparent" rather than desire to make the SO's sister by doing that themselves. That's philanthropy to them. Anyway after that BIL cleaned himself up and makes enough bank to support her with whatever her volunteering whims are.

I called fMIL when SO left just to see how she was doing and maybe broach the care home discussion. She has TWO types of cancer apparently, with one being tied to why she's in the hosp now (the pain). But she's so confident that DIL and SO will just go take care of her. I asked her about the didy and she was like, well DIL will take care of it (for free). I can't imagine she'd ask SO (who she said a couple days ago would be paid but he wants nothing to do with that part of it) so I see no reason to really go over there, because she said.

The situation was hopeless, so rather than escalate I just cracked a couple of generic hospital jokes, like how the cable sucks there and so do the TVs and how football is doing. That's my latest diversion tactic, when things get too political or personal, you can just talk sports.

This is really going to be a decision for SO. I will expect the full amount of rent, plus his arrears, to come in whether he chooses to stay there or not. She just told me I am unneeded for her, and therefore he needs to sleep alone in his HS bedroom, with his 37-year-old football trophies, and decide for himself if he would prefer that to an actual relationship and an actual job.

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I waited until SO was gone and then I called fmil for a supportive chat.

Really, it was supportive. I told her that we'd bought this flannel snap front housecoat because I heard she was cold. I breached, very cautiously, the issue of how if SO dropped her (or him) it would kill SO and she's like, "Oh that would never happen." She thinks that she can take care of the diaper by herself and if she can't, then DIL will be along.

She divulged that the pain in her back is probably caused by one of the two forms of cancer that she has. I was only aware of one, but whatever.

Then she pipes up with "well the doctors say I can go home." Oh rly. What can I say, I suggested that if it's possible to give us 12, 24 hours. She's also divulged that the doctors also told her she'd be in the hospital for a few more times.

She insists on this, because a hospital is not the dreaded nursing home, and she will be discharged soon enough eventually to the arms of her loving DIL who never has had employment and whose whole existence is being Martha Stewart for her DH and now them, and her unemployed son (which they're supposed to be paying to be there, $25/hr x 12 x 30, that's $9,000 month. Which, frankly, I will expect $2,500 of, because that's about what's come out of my bank account while sponsoring these pandemic delays. Assuming that first month will come at all.

Let me say also that when he was getting the sweet pandemic benefits, the trump eo benefits, all those monies rapidly disappeared because he was paying the harbormaster for his boat. And making sure he paid his storage. He wants to have that shit, that's totally independent and I got stiffed over it.

A month of him sleeping by himself in an attic bedroom last occupied by him in HS 37 years ago might wake him up. Or not. I don't do the housewife thing at all. I'm extremely bad at the domestic arts and not interested in them at all.

I don't feel the need to go sleep with him at that place beyond extremely occasionally, because she's told me herself that she can do her didy and if that's an issue then the hero DIL will do it. Fine then he can deal with his mom's wet diaper at 2 in the morning after assisting her and hoping he doesn't break her or calling 911. Or the ffil at that point.

She's made it clear I don't have a role here beyond the emotional support of SO, whom they would gladly welcome into the fold as a 18, a 24 hour dogsbody because they can offer him the room he lived in "rent free." And frankly, that's because unlike DIL I am not willing to volunteer for free, nor am I'm not interested in being a storage unit. If he's not going to be here ever then he can get his shit out and over to their house and she will cry about how unsightly it is and how it takes up backyard space. I really do not give a shit right now.

I'm not the one who needs their housing or their food. If he's invested in living there over having a relationship, better to know now than later, I guess.

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It does not sound shitty. It's the eventuality for all of us. Both their kids are childless so there's not going to be "someone there to care for us."

Half the time when they call, they are mute about what's going on with them personally, but they want us to check on, bring things to, the other one. They have made it abundantly clear that when one of them goes, the other one will wish and will that they were dead too. That is seriously their plan--there's no plan for them to be separate from each other.

None of them are willing to discuss the obvious option of being placed for some months in the same care facility, where they could share a room, watch each other, and encourage each other in the process of rehabilitation or getting better. They want to do that at home and so far, they are doing it without paying anyone.

I'll last maybe weeks in this situation before boundaries will be put up. SO, if you're not here to further our needs as a team, then really do you want to rent here when they're going to "give" you your 1982 hs room for free? You really want to go down that track for three years, 10 years?

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I largely agree, and I'm trending toward just letting him do what he wants to "help out." I'll go with him for the first couple nights, maybe, to see how it goes but at 8 a.m. I am out of there. No I'm not interested in sticking around and having DIL's home-cooked breakfast and hanging around until lunchtime or later to trim their rosebushes or visit their dog or watch for their packages for free, even though DIL is set and is doing that for free. It's all work to me. If SO wants to go back and be bossed around by the DIL on a volunteer basis.

We see, in our neighborhood, so many cases of emotionally stunted men who moved in with, or never left, their mother's house. Many of these men are our age. If he prefers to be one of them, there's nothing I can do about it, but if he wants to retain keys to the house he'll have to pay the rent to do that. Love does not conquer all, sweetie.

So the newest, and the summary, of today is that fmil is calling him, mentioning that now there's a problem with the knee that renders her nonambulatory, but the main reason is that he's supposed to see ffil (it's his BIRTHDAY after all) and bring more underwear because he is soiling them, allegedly because the stroke place has him on a puree diet. Has anyone ever vomited stomach contents before? It looks like puree and that is not the reason he is incontinent. His stroke is.

I'm just going to wait a month or two for people to come to the same conclusions. They are both currently incontinent at times. Neither of them can walk with any reliability. They sure as hell can't drive. If hero DIL wants to do it for free, that's her issue. If SO invests an extra 8 in volunteering, it is on him.

SO kinda gets it, he wants to snuggle with me at night, he wants to hang around and decompress. The truth is that at minimum, he will have to cough up the rent to stay here, all of it, and not just the discounted rate that's he's further opted in by discounting it another $75. If that money is not forthcoming, then we go back to a dating relationship where he calls me before, knocks for me to let him in, and gets them to pay for all the stuff he has here, or he stores it at their place.

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Complicating the issue is that this family is very genderist. The FMIL and DIL have not worked full-time during their marriages. FMIL's job was to take care of FFIL by being the housewife. That too is a role that the DIL is comfortable in.

They expected me to do that too, and I'm not. I'm actually very terrible and have no interest in the routine domestic stuff at all.

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Oh I have asked this on that subreddit. Many times. More than a few people have said that I should just dump my fiance over this and get on with my own life free of his family. I'm not quite at that point yet.

Our relationship was pretty OK until he lost his job. It's attractive that at least the fmil understands that we need money and the only way she gets what she wants--coming home--is if he/we get paid to afford to "help out." However, with the latest developments here, I am seriously wondering how dangerous this plan is.

We do not know how to lift a vulnerable person. The house has not been retrofitted in any way beyond a handheld showerhead and a bath railing--there's no lift and no outside railings for example. The one thing I can do that SO won't is clean his mom up if there's an incontinence issue and she can't--assuming of course that she can get situated on a bed or chair or toilet first. Which is in doubt.

The mom is in hospital because she caught something from the cat. During our collective phone call, it was revealed that she would be at home, at earliest, Saturday, so don't worry about it for now.

I'm sorry, what? The cat and the dog need to be out of there today then, and there need to be hazmat-certified individuals to go through the house and deep clean it. Not DIL's personal servants, but certified individuals who'll also deal with the hepa filters. How is the house supposed to be ready?

She is on IV diluadid because the oxys and the roxies she has at home aren't cutting it for the pain. The bossy DIL is like, "it could just be a hairline fracture" as if that's trivial and we, the fambily, will just have to "help more" because the most important thing is fmil's feelings, and her feelings are that she'd rather be sick at home and/or die at home surrounded by fambily.

The survival rate for her form of cancer, advanced as it is, is 67 percent overall provided she can tolerate the chemo. For the jnffil, the stroke social worker said the vast majority are released within three weeks to go home, which I assume means being able to eat and do bathroom things yourself.

So as far as they might live? It might be three months. It might be three years. Or 10.

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Since Oberfell, I kind of wonder what rights LGB are missing out on as the high court cases have involved wedding cakes and having religious foster-adopt agencies refuse to consider them.

Well women are routinely refused to be considered at religious hospitals if they need abortion care, so they go to somewhere that does. And if someone refused to do my wedding cake party there's like 20 other people that will.

This isn't oppression. These are ridiculous first-world situations of "microaggression" and "not validating my intersectional existence."

Males being allowed to observe females stripping and then competing with them, that's oppression. Males being put in actual prison or dv shelters with females, that's oppression. There's a thread somewhere here about how them cutting their dick off is oppression, well buddy that's the price of the pool because we're not here to see your shenis, no matter how dysphoric you feel about it.

I don't get why we have to care about transwomen at all. I have nothing in common with them as I'm a female.

Biden vows to make Equality Act a priority within first 100 days by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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You answered the question with the edit.

Biden vows to make Equality Act a priority within first 100 days by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Years back there was talk about making it LGB only.

since all the orgs are now tttt it failed.

Biden vows to make Equality Act a priority within first 100 days by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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i don't either. but i also don't want trump.

jfc what a world in which we're looking to freaking Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh to actually put a stop to this...for the same reasons they want to stop abortion.