Tavistock gender clinic forced to shut over safety fears by ku_va_nr in GenderCritical

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Has anyone here lost friendships and other relationships due to being GC? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It wasn't a woman's group in the first place if they let "trans women" in

My girlfriend is becoming increasingly transphobic and I don't know how to help her realise by jet199 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Just got my seven year old reddit account banned yesterday for saying Gen Z gender politics are bullshit. Banned for having an opinion.

You know you're the bad guys when you ban people for stating facts.

Florida says there's not enough evidence in The Science, bans Medicaid from covering transgender treatment by iamonlyoneman in news

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Transgender treatment should be psychiatric, not physical.

TikTok Doctor Performed Breast Removal on "Trans" 13 Year Old Girl by Peak_Condition in GenderCritical

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that's just straight up child abuse, as evil as raping children.