WatchRedditDie posts should link out to reddit alternatives. by JamalGinsberg in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'm still breaking my reddit addiction, honestly the reddit sync user interface is a lot more pleasant than saidit. Anyone know if saidit has more pleasant UIs comparable to sync?


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Yes and this isn't Bill's first recent interview in which he's smiling giddy like a kid in a toy store. I saw him actingnlike this anfew days ago on morning NBC Today Show interviewed by Savannah Guthrie. She was asking serious questions with a sombre demeanor and Bill is just smiling giddily. Some people speculate it's because he's all Asperger's but he's never acted like this before. Unless it's the kind of nervous reaction that some of us doofuses would get like accidentally laughing at a funeral.

Pedogate researcher has 27 minute dead-man switch youtube video after being murdered by magnora7 in corruption

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Possibly just Hollywood branching out into social media, contriving stories to keep everyone mesmerized & distracted from the real world.

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions by Riff in funny

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Is this a younger Gus Johnson from 3 years ago?

Novichok by useless_aether in funny

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Saidit seems quite strange. The link you said was relevant has nothing to do with the "funny" picture you posted.

Yet I do understand the mission of saidit, which is well outlined in the link you provided.

Change my mind by magnora7 in funny

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Ouch. The truth hurts. And kills.

reddit propaganda - r/politics now and then by useless_aether in propaganda

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Yup. That's why I came to saidit. Reddit has been egregiously compromised. Please,, please stay real.