Why does one have to be kind to animals to be considered a zoophile? by Ontario56 in Zoophilia

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I suppose my argument against that would be that most people who perform sadism against animals are probably more sexually stimulated by the act of causing pain than they are the actual animals. Their use of animals is probably more a convenience to them as there would be easier access and lower repercussions if caught.

Of course I'm sure as you say there are zoophiles that are indeed attracted to animals that are also sadist, particularity if they self identify as zoophiles and the assumption isn't just being made from their actions or news reports.

That being said, as I don't particularity enjoy the thought of rape or rapist, I'm also not very thrilled by idea or actions of zoosadists. I am of the opinion that zoophilia can be healthy and enjoyed by all as long as all parties are having a good time.

Also sorry for my late reply to your late reply :-P

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Welcome by catlover1019 in Zoophilia

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Quick question. When you say:

"Don't be an elitist prick: Don't claim that someone isn't really a zoophile, unless they admit to hurting animals on purpose and are unrepentant."

Are you implying that hurting animals is required to be a zoophile? ( I'm referring to physical pain here, not any theoretical ethical issues. ) If not you may want to make that more clear.