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I actually noticed that on the phone app waiting in a parking lot, but I thought it was just shortened for the size of the phone screen version.

Now I can say "I remember when fun, was funny".

Seems poignant, given the times we live in.

Google influenced 2018 midterms, shifted millions of votes to Dems – new research by Vigte in politics

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It's RT, so keep your bullshit-shields up. The author of the study is the guest, at least.

To be clear, it is only studies regarding 3 districts all in California and 3 search engines, however I think its pretty obvious that he's got some good points that likely apply to larger scales.

How Joe Rogan’s Hugely Popular Podcast Became an Essential Platform for “Freethinkers” Who Hate the Left (Left is turning on Rogan for not supporting censorship, at one point use overtly right phrases etc, attack him for every controversial guest ever, proving 1st line true, which they mocked) by Vigte in whatever

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2nd paragraph, they claim:

Harris bemoaned a “world where people are having their reputations destroyed and their careers threatened for tweets they sent as teenagers,” though he didn’t specify whose reputations had been ruined by their teenage tweets, and Rogan didn’t ask him to clarify. But the implication was clear: Holding people accountable for what they say and what those words do is an offense far worse than saying cruel, racist, and divisive things in the first place. The reputational damage done to the utterer is the real social problem, not the more diffuse damage done by the utterance.

Then they do exactly that for the rest of the article, attacking him for every controversial guest he's hosted).

At one point, they use a plainly Owen Benjamin (right wing stnad up comedian and live streamer) insult:

As a podcaster, the 51-year-old Rogan is basically what you’d get if a less-neurotic Marc Maron and a less-manic Alex Jones had a baby who looked like a muscular thumb.

It's hard to tell if the author is a crypto-Rightwinger, whether the left has been stealing memes from the right and/or watching their content/studying their enemy.

Reddit admins confirm banning users for posting both the manifesto and the video by useless_aether in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Welcome, to you too u/Beholder!! Glad you're here, we can only stop the madness by working together!