Question Everything by magpie in conspiracy

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Question everything, especially something/someone that claims to know everything... looking at you scientific fundamentalism...

Apollo moon mirrors/laser tonight - and observatory update (self-powered?!) by Vigte in space

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So, a short caveat about this video, it's half wrap-up video, half making plans (and a bit of youtube drama that's... whatever)

Tonight the youtuber will be going to watch the laser shoot the mirrors on the moon. This itself proves nothing, but he did say what I've been thinking for a long time: We did land on the moon, it just wasn't what we SAW on the TV (basically, yeah Kubrick fakes the moon landing, but something DID occur up there).

As for the observatory, after a day of reflection, he comes up with a question: how is the observatory powered? Evidently he saw no power rooms or generators, not even any overt wiring while he was there - and an offhand comment from one of the engineers made him ask some questions.

"Whenever the power fails we have to go up to the telescope and reset some things for it to come back".

Well the telescope has a mercury layer in it and a mercury bearing at the bottom - just like the Tesla tower. It also possesses one of the largest lasers in the world (for shooting at the moon) - theoretically if this laser were hijacked and aimed at something else, it could be devastating (perhaps another reason for the closure?).

My Reddit account has been suspended for 7 days due to my post on Pedophilia and Religion by The_In-Betweener in conspiracy

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Don't waste your time appealing, they don't even reply most of the time.

Japan Aims to Overthrow 32-Year-Old Global Whaling Ban by Vigte in news

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Holy shit.

That was.... amazing. You sir (ma'am?) are a master wordsmith, a true magician.