Hello Saidit. I am a Reddit immigrant coming here because I am tired of Reddit's obvious censorship of ideals they don't like. by CoolestInDaPark in Introductions

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I just joined the same way. I hope this blossoms into what Reddit should have been. This is the only way to truly send the message against their hate and racism, as well as maintaining our freedoms.

Do you know anyone who's had coronavirus? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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Yeah, presumably. My godsister came down with all of the symptoms and they were afraid she wasn't going to make it for nearly 2 weeks, but it was early on when Covid was barely on the radar in her area, so they never tested her. Luckily she pulled thru and is just fine now.

Russians truly do not give a fuck by useless_aether in gifs

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Clearly, Russians not giving a fuck.