Rancid Reddit is an Orwellian Cesspool of Usual Suspects by dragonslayer in conspiracy

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I decided to pick a fight with the shills at Reddit at the the Abby Martin AMA:


The Empires Files is an excellent show. Your work embodies the true spirit of ethical journalism.

It really exposes the cruel reality of U.S. empire, and it’s allies. I doubt that most Americans would be surprised by your coverage of the actions of the U.S. government. However, I was blow away by your coverage of the reality in Israel. It is truly mind-blowing, and something that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians
Israel is clearly desperate to suppress your coverage. Have you had any unusual encounters, or interesting situations that didn’t make it into your reporting that you’d like to share?
  Do you think that the US concerns with your coverage was the primary factor for the attack against Telesur? Empire Files: Constituent Assembly Dictatorship or Democracy in Venezuela?

Alex Jones claims to have lost everything that he had on YouTube. Has YouTube indicated that it would take your reporting down?
Have you uploaded any of your reporting content to Dtube, or BitChute, or GitHub; as a backup?


Media Roots Rocks! Keep fighting the good fight! Respect!

Welcome to Saidit.net! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Eliminate PizzaGate?!

Pedogate is a global crisis (PizzaGate is D.C.). Everyone should have easy access to this information. I agree that it's hideous, but that's the point. The public needs to be aware of this ongoing disaster, and be able to recognize the signs.

The reason it's unpopular is all of the MSM flack. Please don't suppress information.

Who believes in conspiracies? New research offers a theory by The_In-Betweener in ConspiracyHeadlines

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I think that these conducted to try to find ways to condition evidence theorists who are looking into conspiracy's and "reform" or "condition" these folks back into complacency.

It used to be easy to suppress evidence theorists before the internet, because they could be ignored. Now they are trying to understand them to better develop strategies.

Activist in Action ~ Using a Tank to Bring Down 5G Towers! by useless_aether in conspiracy

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This man is a hero!

Rancid Reddit is an Orwellian Cesspool of Usual Suspects by dragonslayer in conspiracy

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Abby Martin is doing an AMA today at 4pm CST (20 minutes). It will definitely be worth watching the shill horde descend on that.
This is interesting timing.

Reddit’s majority stockholder is Advance Publications.


The president of Advance Publications is Donald Newhouse (1929- ). Per Wikipedia, Newhouse’s father, Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr., was born to Jewish immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and began the family media business. His mother hails from a Jewish silk tie merchant. The Newhouse clan has been at the publishing game for nearly a century, acquiring smaller newspapers nationwide.

Not cool.

If they determine that brigading, vote manipulation, harassment, bans, post removals and/or astroturfing are insufficient to counter certain news stories or ideas (“threats” in newspeak), then they will resort to more extreme measures to ensure that only Kosher-approved talking points from their masters and corporate media/Lugenpresse owners remain on this thoroughly corrupted Reddit platform.

They've recently turned up the heat.

TNN Takeaway: Reddit is a rancid cesspool. Saidit.net is up and coming, and I am contributing posts there now. Support them and alternatives as long as they are on the up and up. Boycott, avoid and badmouth Reddit at every opportunity.

Say it loud! Amen.

"The Streisand Effect" concerning: "An update on the FireEye report and Reddit" by Tom_Bombadil in conspiracy

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We can only hope that this turns into a PR disaster for corporate Reddit.
I can't help but wonder if this is a distraction from the Gaza genocide.
The UN human rights group states that Gaza will be literally unlivable by 2020. Israel plays 4D chess...

Saidit features you might not know about by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This is great info. I appreciate the day/night mode button. This feature should be present on every forum based website. Unfortunately, this would let people unwind and sleep; which may affect the corporate bottom line. So it's unlikely to catch on.

Awards all around!

John Deere Just Swindled Farmers Out of Their Right to Repair by useless_aether in news

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My brother was a manufacturing engineer for John Deere for about 5 years.

He would describe the serious quality issues that they had, and how they often shipped product that had defects of functional flaws. Also, in his opinion many of the aftermarket components were much better quality than John Deere's OEM.

This article does not surprise me at all.