RFK Jr, I don't know if your father and grandfather would be for this... by Jesus in conspiracy

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The average age in the USA seems to be 12 and the average IQ seems to be 10.

DevDiscuss: We Bust Some Myths About Linux by [deleted] in Linux

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George Washington didn't say Fascism or Communism was the answer to tyranny.

Holidays Look Difficult With Rising Cases in Europe- Boris Johnson says by format in WorldNews

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Bump stocks were banned yesterday, silencers will be banned today, and pistols will be banned tomorrow.

Tyranny always grows.

There is no maximum tyranny.

There is nothing to stop the police state now. There are no free countries that will speak up for liberty. There are no churches or morals. The president, courts, and Congress won't protect you.

The elites are going all the way now.

Jews were warned to leave Nazi Germany, but Jews ignored the warnings and said that the Germans were civilized.

Doing nothing in the Soviet Union was illegal.

Tyranny leads people to give up. Tyranny means that people must be corrupt and pay bribes to do anything.

Millions of lives in police states have been wasted.

If prisons are so wonderful then why do prisoners try to escape?

Driving growth with cutting-edge identity platform - CRN - India by jackforbes in TechSec

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Libertarians must be obsessed with freedom now.

The globalists don't need you because the 1% will have robots soon. The ruling powers don't need taxpayers or profit when the elites will steal all the land and wealth of the world.

Thomas Jefferson said that government grows and tyranny tends to yield.

Statues are being torn down.


Will the elites liquidate the 99% like Khmer Rouge did?


The Nazis and Romans razed resisting cities to the ground.


Americans may not support illegal immigration, wars, tyranny, and debt, but the globalists are driving up the debt to pay off Americans with welfare.

Anyone who resists the police state will be arrested or killed.

The ruling class will either nationalize property or buy the stock market and federalize the police.

Would anyone be surprised if the ruling powers dress Biden in a military uniform and abolish Congress soon?

Tyranny leads to struggle sessions, show trials, death squads, concentration camps, and lampshades.

The USA and cities will be renamed, the US flag and national anthem will be changed, and Year Zero will be declared.

History always ends the same.

Biden’s dual assault on China and Russia may backfire as it is pushing Beijing and Moscow closer together by Drewski in WorldNews

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The collapse should be obvious to everyone now.

Mandatory vaccines and gun confiscation will need to be the line.

Dying of the flu is bad, but being forced to get a vaccine that kills you is murder.

Go out and buy as many guns as you can today. Research ghost guns, 3D guns, and blackpowder guns.

Tell your friends that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and the elites are trying to kill off the 99%.

Set up a firing range if you have any land and train everyone you trust how to use guns.

Buy ammo, gold, canned food, water, and rice. Be prepared.

History always ends the same way.

It's All Just Displacement by jet199 in MediaAnalysis

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Those who praise tyranny are mentally ill.

seo-title by topsmartservices in Antiwar

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When the elites shut down the Internet and wall off the cities, you will know that the globalists have started liquidating the 99%.

Just look what is happening in Myanmar, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands to see your future.

Doonesbury once spent two weeks of comics ripping on NASA and the space program (keep going to the next page to see them all). by Chipit in Comics

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The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but nothing will change because Americans think everything is just fine.

Situation Update, Mar 22nd, 2021 - FINANCIAL red alert: The currency collapse has already begun by christnmusicreleases in finance

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An astonishingly sweeping, radical movement to level cities and states is underway, propping up the failures and pounding down those that have been successful. Most everything is being federalized. The role of cities and states as we have known them – as laboratories of democracy – is being eviscerated. It’s being financed by both the United States Treasury and the Federal Reserve bank, which are now joined at the hip in fiscal profligacy.