Raccoon Cafe in Korea (1m43s video) - You CAN Domesticate Raccoons by [deleted] in whatever

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I spent a summer in an area that had a lot of raccoons (and opossums, but that's another story). In the late spring you come across young 'coons near the body of their road kill mother. Of course we'd take them back to the barn to feed and otherwise care for them until they were old enough to head off on their own, which they always did.

On several occasions someone tried to tame one but it always went badly. These 'coons wanted nothing to do with humans and would bite and scratch you if you weren't watchful.

So when I see vids of placid raccoons being handled as pets it always leaves me wondering. Perhaps certain species are more domesticatable than others? I've asked the question several times but have never gotten a answer. And yes, I would like a raccoon buddy.

Why do we pretend women are good at programming, science, and engineering? by sneako in AskSaidIt

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I did hiring for IT for decades. Not once did a chick hired for a programming or sys admin position stay in that position. Either they left or they ended up doing support or they did documentation.

Some of them were quite smart and I bet they were top of their class but the aptitude and temperament necessary to sit in development meetings and then bang out code all day, or properly administer a system, was just not there. Nor the interest. Man they hated that shit.

A few quicky showed themselves to be back biting bitches who wasted no time ingratiating themself with the c-suite and angling for some cherry position where they could basically be bullies. I generally tried to sideline these when I realized what they were doing but wasn't always successful. Never underestimate the ability and ambition of some chick with her eye on the prize.

Over the years I've worked with women who were very capable and competent and a pleasure to work with. So I'm all for women in IT. But support positions only. And never ever as a team leader. Oh gawd the carnage.