Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul. by The_In-Betweener in quotes

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Courtesy of Haile Selassie

Just listening to this: Bad Brains -- Yes Jah - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzHLrFZany4

Living in times when things are slow People don't know where to go Jah will always be there

People just suffering everywhere Hold on don't despair Jah will always be there

Yes I know, yes I know It's hard to make a way so hold on Children, hold on What is true, what is true Who the cap fit is who will wear it So move aside, oh evil man Move far from here

Yes Jah love Yes Jah love Yes Jah love Shine very early in the morning Bright like the moon in the evening

Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul. by [deleted] in quotes

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Going to repost this

For the first time in the history of our country, the government has brought criminal charges under the Espionage Act against a publisher for the publication of truthful information. This is a direct assault on the First Amendment by The_In-Betweener in conspiracy

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Is the Trump administration willing to commute the sentence of Assange as the Obama admin did with Chelsea? Not even sure if these charges will hold up in court.

Coverage of this momentous occasion:

The US espionage act charges against Julian Assange for publishing leaked classified information showing US war crimes is a massive attack on media freedoms and free speech. The poison is out - we always knew this was what we were really fighting. - https://twitter.com/CraigMurrayOrg/status/1131674105281949709

The Department of Justice just declared war––€”not on Wikileaks, but on journalism itself. This is no longer about Julian Assange: This case will decide the future of media. - https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1131657973745496066

This is a deliberate effort to establish a precedent that can be used to prosecute journalists for doing their jobs and publishing information that embarrasses the government or exposes wrongdoing. - https://twitter.com/AdamSerwer/status/1131657048037515266

Countless organizations confirmed that Julian #Assange is a journalist. It is undeniable. A journalist, registered. A publisher, awarded. The case against @wikileaks is a threat against investigative journalism, globally. - https://twitter.com/avilarenata/status/1131656818835509248

Julian Assange has just been charged with 17 new counts under the Espionage Act. None of this is about 2016, the election or allegations in Sweden. This is about attacking journalism and the public's right to information about war crimes done in their name with their dollars. - https://twitter.com/jeremyscahill/status/1131655366742290433

The issue isn't whether Assange is a "journalist"; this will be a major test case because the text of the Espionage Act doesn't distinguish between what Assange allegedly did and what mainstream outlets sometimes do, even if the underlying facts/motives are radically different. - https://twitter.com/steve_vladeck/status/1131654501562224640

All those who spent the last 2+ years proclaiming to be so very concerned about attacks on a free press will now have to decide whether they really meant it, or whether - due to feelings about Assange - they will cheer the Trump Administration's frontal assault on press freedom: - https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1131658856264818689

Trump’s Justice Dept has charged WikiLeaks publisher with violating the Espionage Act for publishing secret US documents from ten years ago. This strikes at the heart of the First Amendment and puts all journalists in extreme danger. - https://twitter.com/FreedomofPress/status/1131654344074498048

It's sick to watch liberals cheer the prosecution of Assange by Trump's Justice Department, headed by William "Exonerate the Iran Contra Criminals" Barr, as though this prosecution is not a massive attack on press freedom, rather some gotcha about the 2016 election. It's deranged - https://twitter.com/jeremyscahill/status/1131658424725450753

There is no way to dodge the direct implications of the Assange indictment for every journalist who covers military, diplomatic or intelligence affairs. Read this thread on why "this is a worst-case, nightmare, mayday scenario." - https://twitter.com/bartongellman/status/1131670357885235205

It doesn't matter if he's a journalist, the legal rationale for prosecuting him could have been used to say, prosecute newspapers for exposing Bush's network of secret torture sites across the world. - https://twitter.com/AdamSerwer/status/1131659847609532416

The Espionage indictment of Assange for publishing is an extremely dangerous, frontal attack on the free press. Bad, bad, bad. - https://twitter.com/chrislhayes/status/1131660186429599744

Dems who want revenge on Assange for 2016 are cheering the Trump DOJ inventing a brand new theory to criminalize journalism. Even though the new indictment again has nothing to do with 2016. Certain segment of bootlicking Trump sycophants also joining the celebration. Sick - https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/1131676972302655494

R.I.P. by The_In-Betweener in ConspiracyPhilosophy

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An homage to the recently departed.

"Stanton Friedman, famed UFO researcher, dead at 84 Social Sharing - Friedman credited with bringing Roswell Incident to mainstream conversation" - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/stanton-friedman-ufologist-dead-1.5135588

A nuclear physicist by training, Friedman had devoted his life to researching and investigating UFOs since the late 1960s.

Friedman "officially" retired last year but still booked speaking engagements "because he loved talking about UFOs," said his daughter, Melissa Friedman, who works for CBC News.

"Dad was curious about anything he didn't know about. He was always asking questions about how things worked.

"I think it's rare for someone to stay so engaged and curious and open-minded for a life that's that long."

In a 2011 interview with CBC News, Friedman said most people agree with him once they hear the evidence.

"Despite the false claims of a small group of nasty, noisy negativists, most people accept ET reality even though they think most others don't," he said.

"I check my audiences and find at the end of my lecture that about 10 per cent of the attendees have had a sighting. But 90 per cent didn't report it because of a fear of ridicule.

"I am trying to lift the laughter curtain."