Reddit has become ridiculous by Fruitsi in Introductions

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I have also been on reddit since 2012, usually lurking but contributing from time to time. You are right about the lazy mods, they will rather just ban or lock thread without any justification. I guess the ego trips more than compensate for their lack of any agency in their real lives. Hoping to leave all that behind and start afresh here, always willing to listen to diverse perspectives while I am here. Have a great day everybody.

How Joe Rogan’s Hugely Popular Podcast Became an Essential Platform for “Freethinkers” Who Hate the Left (Left is turning on Rogan for not supporting censorship, at one point use overtly right phrases etc, attack him for every controversial guest ever, proving 1st line true, which they mocked) by Vigte in whatever

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It was a good run but that seems to be the natural progression of any highly-trafficked discussion forum, first you get the migration (at that time from Digg) of the first adopters, usually relatively open-minded and civil. Then the mass adoption gathers steam and the low-hanging extremists (both left and right wings) drop their markers and shit all over the place. Cue the next migration of sane minds to the next untarnished forum.

Hi, I'm sick of reddit by Darkri in Introductions

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I am sick of the liberal bias over at reddit.