If white BLM people tell you to raise your first, or to support BLM, just say: "No, because it would be cultural appropriation." by suckitreddit in whatever

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When asked to raise your fist, raise your hand. Right one. Around 45 degrees, palm straight.

Bill Nye the unqualified guy by Vigte in funny

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It is literally on his website: "Bill Nye, scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor". I even highlighted the word for you, so that you can not pretend to miss it.

We are being forced by our server company to remove a big sub from saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Thank you for your honesty and openness; However, we all know that the precedent has been set and the deadly countdown has begun. This little (and seemingly harmless) act of censorship will not pacify the aggressors. Oh no, it will only make them hungrier, and eventually you'll be forced to remove all the "undesirable" content, essentially turning this place into a desolate version of reddit. So, are you going to take any action to prevent future bans (or, rather, to prevent future attempts to make you and us bend the knee)?

Peer Into the Past With Photorealistic Portraits of Roman Emperors by [deleted] in videos

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If you are into this kind of stuff, I highly recommend taking a look at Mikhail Gerasimov's facial reconstructions. They are superb.

Christian traditional housewife looking for tradwife communities. I came from Reddit to escape political correctness and feminism. by ApronedWife in Introductions

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If you are serious, you are better off joining an offline community (there are plenty) instead of wasting time on the internet; after all, younger mothers tend to have healthier children. But you are just another boring LARPer, so go fuck yourself.

Performers in Scotland could be punished for playing ‘offensive’ roles under a new hate-crime law. by Skuly in politics

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Are they burning the "offensive" books yet?

How a 4chan Post Helped Solve a 25-Year-Old Math Puzzle by magnora7 in whatever

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What's wrong with that?

Daughter of ExxonMobil CEO goes full Socialist, vowing to redistribute her mommy's wealth. The BIPOC LGBTQ Proletariat on Twitter responds with their Venmo usernames. by JamalGinsberg in politics

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That's actually great. It makes 1% poorer, while not making any leftists richer (all the recipients are gonna waste the money on Gucci belts/Che Guevara T-shirts/Funko Pops/you name it). So, it is a win for any reasonable human. Hopefully, more woke onepercenters will follow suit.

Red Bull Just Purged High-Level Execs Who Pushed for ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ by sproketboy in news

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Get woke, go broke. However, I urge you not to take this event as an incentive to start drinking Red Bull (or to increase your consumption of it). It is still overloaded with sugar and caffeine; switch to water/tea/hibiscus instead.

Ugly, piece of shit, garbage human kneels on toddler's head in support of BLM. by suckitreddit in news

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Well, solitary confinement is a kind of hell on earth as well. I don't even know which is worse - a death from a shank or spending one's whole life in a tiny concrete cube.

Ugly, piece of shit, garbage human kneels on toddler's head in support of BLM. by suckitreddit in news

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Given that he molested the toddler before this, his lifespan in prison is going to be rather short.

Disney in major financial trouble (07/9) by BigNoseFloyd in whatever

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The news of a corporation as vile as Disney slowly going underwater are very pleasant to read; however, I am almost certain that they have more than enough lobbying capacity to receive a "too big to fail" designation and get a hefty bail-out.

The same people who say we need to "stop with the anti-semitism" are the same ones who will support anti-White rhetoric as free speech by EuropeanAwakening in SaidIt

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"Constantly ushering constant attacks on one group of people" is a problem, you say? How come all the top posts on your little plebbit page only concern the niggers and the BLM movement, then? So, disliking blacks is fine, but disliking jews is crossing the line? How does being a shabbes goy feel?

The same people who say we need to "stop with the anti-semitism" are the same ones who will support anti-White rhetoric as free speech by EuropeanAwakening in SaidIt

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Calling your opponents "morons" in the very first sentence of your post is not a great start for any kind of discussion. Why would any sane person engage in a conversation with someone who considers their opponents to be irreparably mentally deficient? Do you really think that your point is best conveyed with low-grade insults? Do you ever stop and think that maybe YOU are the main virtue-signaller around?

Important Article on the Origins Of Critical Theory in the Frankfurt School by AFutureConcern in debatealtright

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Frankfurt School is indeed one of the centerpieces of so-called critical theory (along with French postmodernism of Foucault, Derrida and the likes). Your list of the School's main figures is fairly good; however, I would add in Jurgen Habermas, Franz Neumann and Friedrich Pollock (yeah, all Jewish).

The top Orthodox funder in Russia, Constantin Malofeev, runs the Tsargrad TV network with former KGB General Leonid Reshetnikov... Tsargrad platform features Dugin and Alex Jones. by Jesus in conspiracy

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I mean, Dugin has been VERY open about his adoration of Putin, so it is not a surprise. And Alex Jones has, unfortunately, turned into a useful idiot for russian propaganda (I don't think that he is too much to blame - the things could've turned out differently, if it wasn't for this bullshit massive deplatforming)

GenderCritical sub still showing up on /s/all New. Is that intended behavior? by rdh2121 in SaidIt

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You are trying so hard to turn Saidit into Reddit; however, Reddit got your little echo-chamber safespace banned. Don't you notice a contradiction here?