Hackers Take Down British Prime Minister Theresa May's Website in Protest of Julian Assange's Arrest by TheWebOfSlime in news

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The Internet is the Wild West to anyone with ability to purloin data and those who know how to creatively interact with that data and use it towards useful ends. Point being everyone, everywhere is constantly getting hacked and China is no exception.

The are spiders that crawl all small businesses looking for exploits and are looking to get servers to drop all their tables to see what everyone is keeping in their databases. Not only that, there are code crawlers that scan everyone's code and attempts to decompile it.

Your own devices are still vulnerable to Vault 7 tools and then some. Every single bluetooth device is compromised by the Blueborne exploit and is feeding your data into virtual drives so that when your Internet is not in use, all of your files are fed through a hidden device within your modem.

Short answer... you only hear about what the news wants you to know about.