In less than two years, America has lost the executive, legislative, judicial branches to corruption, while other checks – the media, the criminal justice system – remain badly damaged. (Today is the day to mourn) by allie in politics

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“Lost to corruption”

Because the it was totally not corrupt or better before 2016.

Reminder that Kavanaugh once ruled that an American citizen could be disappeared and tortured in a CIA Black site and had no legal recourse against the US government. Remember this when he suddenly whines about the rights of the accused by allie in politics

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Mate he should be not confirmed because of this not because of allegations. Having him MeTooed without any evidence opens up a new Pandora’s box.

This website is pretty smooth feeling for a reddit alternative. by vozycozyx in whatever

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I love the insightful/ funny voting vs upvote/ downvote system.

It is CRAZY that reddit bans Qanon subs but is completely fine pushing incest porn by Riva in frontpage

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Reddit also tolerates /r/AgainstPedoHate

Net giants 'must wipe extremism in hour' (Google, Facebook, Twitter face EU fines over extremist posts) by Vigte in WorldNews

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Anything that doesn’t meet the politics of the elite. In fact we’re being governed by extremist politics and “extremists” are bringing it back to the Center.

Who runs voat/pizzagate and voat/greatawakening it's not pretty... by MaryIsLuciferIsis in greatawakening

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Voat is filled with edgelords who think using slurs will keep out the “normies that killed Reddit”. It’s not a moderation problem there but a community one.

/r/greatawakening (Q) has just been banned for no reason. by Orangutan in greatawakening

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It looks like better servers and I prefer this UI to overVoat.

Reddit announces political threat detection team and "trusted reporter" system by d3rr in MeanwhileOnReddit

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When I thought if it was possible to hate the admins more than I already did. Literally shilling for war.

Welcome to! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Signed up today. This looks like a better system than Reddit. Kind of like how OSRS is to RS3.

I’m concerned about keeping “extreme content” away. As long as it’s keeping out credible threats of violence, and the doxxy behaviour, I’m fine.

How is this website going to prevent a repeat of Reddit?