Communist House Dems seek list of investors, creditors from Parler over claim Trump was offered stake by scrubking in politics

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No patriot ever said females should not own guns.

Biden May Require COVID Tests for Americans But Not Illegals by scrubking in politics

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We need to educate people.

People are like a carpet. We're all fibers, but we're connected to a universal mat. Even those who think that everything is just fine must sense that something's not right.

Our whole life we've been told that the government is necessary. Looking at the wars, debt, and tyranny, people are beginning to wonder if there's another way. People need to be de-programmed and be reminded about the history of liberty and personal responsibility in the USA and where Americans came from. Americans should be told that freedom is the American way, not Nazism or Communism. There are more than 2 options.

Clean-cut, moral Americans who were taught to hate Communism, be hard-working, be responsible, respect free speech, support religious freedom, defend gun rights, oppose warrantless searches, seizures, and torture must be in a state of shock to watch the USA become Socialist.

Living in the US today seems like a foreign country now that Americans have become apathetic, obese, immoral, and dependent on the government and illegal immigrants have flooded the country.

How could Americans go to the same schools and come out with such opposite beliefs?

Patriotic Americans are really starting to re-examine their beliefs on everything.

Knowing what we know now, one cannot have pride in defeating British tyranny during the Revolutionary War if the US has ended up as a police state.

Americans who were proud that Lincoln saved the USA during the Civil War now really wonder if seceding was such a bad idea. Americans who were told that the US saved the world from Hitler now question how a country with extra-judicial assassination of citizens without trials is better than the Nazis.

Americans who were taught that the USSR was an evil totalitarian regime wonder how a Socialist country with warrantless wiretapping is so different from the Communists.

Americans who were told Saddam was a sadistic dictator are confused how the US can take the moral high ground on anything since we also use torture.

Now the US is lecturing China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran on human rights while we continually bomb and invade multiple countries.

The USA has become an evil hypocrite.

Anyone who works for the government, the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, or pays taxes is supporting this massive fraud.

No wonder Americans are so depressed.

Some people just don't like to have their world view challenged.

Think. Question everything.

Resist. Opt-out. Dropout. Do not comply.

Pass the word.

White House Confirms Illegal Aliens Who are Convicted of DUI, Rape and Drug-Related Crimes Will NOT be Deported by scrubking in politics

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If you go outside with friends and see a pig, line up side by side and give a Nazi salute.

You might be arrested or shot, but maybe the Gestapo will get the message and quit if enough people do this.

The graphic video that convinced the Senate to proceed with Trump's Impeachment trail by mathiasprime in politics

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If Pakistan passed a law that said all Americans must pay Pakistan income taxes, no one would obey the law, but everyone would still be a criminal.

Americans need to have this same thinking about US laws now.

Since the USA is no longer a democracy, Americans do not get to choose what laws they want or taxes they have. Americans have no obligations to obey the law. The government now is no different from the mafia.

The elites have gone insane. They will stop at nothing until everyone is dead.

The government is no longer legitimate. There is no rule of law. The government has lost the consent of the governed.

The time has arrived for people to withdraw from the system.

Drop out.

Withdraw your money from banks, buy gold, and use barter.

Do not call the police.

Go underground and work off the books.

Do not pay taxes.

If swearing is illegal, swear.

If baggy pants are illegal, wear baggy pants.

If texting is illegal, text.

If seatbelt use is mandatory, don't use them.

If loitering is illegal, loiter.

Do not get marriage licenses, birth certificates, gun permits, fishing licenses, dog licenses, driver licenses, or business licenses.

Don't buy health or car insurance.

Don't vote.

The government doesn't obey the law, why should we?

The government is not your daddy. The government is not your mommy.

They can't kill us all.

The government can murder, kidnap, steal, torture, and wiretap, but you can't.


Spread the word.

With a Star Science Reporter’s Purging, Mob Culture at The New York Times Enters a Strange New Phase. McNeil is being judged according to a theory of wrongdoing that presents certain words or phrases as evil by their mere utterance, as with a Harry Potter spell. by Chipit in politics

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Americans are so dead and degraded now that if the US Army liquidates Fargo tomorrow, no one would even shrug.


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When Americans get sent to the concentration camps, will the Gestapo listen to their consciences or to the captains who sign their paychecks?

AZ GOP state senator Paul Boyer upends efforts to hold Maricopa Board of Supervisors in contempt by scrubking in politics

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The collapse of the USA is shocking. How can Americans sleep now?

What should Americans do? What will happen? How do you prepare? How do you resist tyranny?

We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Americans are running out of options. The elites have taken control of the government, media, and the corporations. The 1% will not stop until everyone is enslaved or dead.

The US, like China, is a police state where no one has rights and anyone can be tortured, arrested, killed, or have their property stolen by the state at any time. Most people prefer to ignore it and pretend everything is fine, though.

Americans are too lazy and scared to protest, but even if 10 million Americans protested in Washington, our overlords would use water cannons, tear gas, torture, guns, and prisons to crush it.

Americans could use guerilla warfare and snipers to attack the government and elites, but the government could use the guns, fighter jets, helicopters, drones, aircraft carriers, tanks, and nuclear bombs that the American taxpayers paid for against the rebels.

Americans, like the Soviets, could just give up, drop out, pretend to work, stop paying taxes, and start disobeying the law and the whole rigged system could collapse.

Another option to escape tyranny as conditions worsen is for Americans to just lay low, become stateless and nameless, and wander the world as nomads.

Part of the reason Americans are not resisting now is that they are defeated, degraded, divided, and distracted. Why go out and risk getting arrested and killed fighting tyranny when they have weed, beer, food stamps, A/C, and TV? Young people don't care about freedom because they think living in a police state is normal and old people don't care because they will be dead soon. Only middle-aged people who know what freedom was like and might be still alive for another 30-40 years seem to care.

The USA has crossed the line, but knowing when the revolution starts is difficult because the growth of the police state has been gradual.

Until the government closes churches or burns books, or you get beaten by the police or your friend is shot by the FBI, Americans may not really believe that they live in a police state.

The ruling class and the media have studied history well and have slowly chipped away freedom over the past 50 years. The media plays Americans like a fiddle. The elites can manipulate Americans to give up their freedom easily.

All the government needs to do to get Americans to give up their guns is to use a real or staged shooting and non-stop 24/7 news coverage about the dangers of guns and play slanted stories about the success of gun laws in Australia or Japan to get Americans to register their guns this year and then use another shooting next year to convince Americans to accept gun confiscation and microchip implants.

The media will use stories about mandatory Ebola quarantines or a Russian invasion to brainwash Americans to go to the government concentration camps willingly.

The water and electricity still works and government checks are still good now, but when the US Ponzi economy crashes, riots break out, food runs out, and a civil war and WWIII starts, Americans will wish that they had planned and prepared better.

Americans need to be like the founding fathers now and do everything they can to fight for freedom. Nothing is more important than freedom. Everyone is born for a reason.

The US economy will collapse and Americans will go to the concentration camps, the question is when?

Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

Breaking Video: Jen Psaki Refuses To Condemn Maxine Waters’ Call To Harass Trump Supporters ⋆ 10ztalk viral news aggregator by 10ztalk in politics

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How do Americans deal with hypocrisy today?

You might live in a warm place and own a new car listening to good music with an excellent stereo after you ate a delicious dinner and feel pretty good about living in a free country, but how does being tracked and wiretapped 24/7 feel?

Americans may feel like they are good people even when they commit three felonies a day just by existing.

How do Americans justify paying taxes when their taxes fund rising debt, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, US wars, illegal immigrants, nanny state laws, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, DNA databases, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, chain gangs, boot camps, and Jade Helm?

Americans might feel like they live in a moral country, but how can a nation that tortures and launches endless wars take the moral high ground on anything?

How could Americans not feel responsible for US wars, debt, and tyranny?

How would the founding fathers think about the collapse of the USA?

The American default reaction to hard facts seems to be to not think and to silence those who speak the truth, but facts don't cease to exist because they are ignored.

Future generations will ask why Americans didn't resist when the US became a police state.

One thing worse than learning that you live in a police state is finding out that no one cares.

The only realistic option left for a moral American seems to be to renounce your citizenship.


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Since everything was illegal in the USSR, Russians just gave up. Now we're seeing the same thing happening in the US.

Why bother doing anything if you're just going to go to jail?

46% of Americans Believe Nation Headed for a Second Civil War by [deleted] in politics

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Does anyone feel like the US is the Twilight Zone today?

The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but no one wants to talk about the collapse.

Americans would rather cover their ears and put their heads in the sand.

Now you know how the Germans must have felt in 1939.


Hackers attempt to poison water supply in Florida City by killerjavi98 in news

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The elites want to make everything illegal so they can fill their private prisons and kill off the 99%, but life would be much better if everything was legal and people could travel, make money, go to church, go to school, and start businesses.

Trump Twitter Archive by [deleted] in politics

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Americans don't realize how diabolical the elites are. The globalists didn't crash the economy to make home prices cheap for illegal immigrants or to save money by shortening your lifespan so the ruling class won't need to give you Social Security.

The oligarchs don't care if you are liberal or conservative. The ruling class doesn't care if you vote, work, shop, pay taxes, or obey the law. The 1% just want you dead so that can they steal your property.

The ruling powers want everything, but they don't need you.

Americans are like zombies now that don't know that they're dead.

Rome collapsed in 476, but Romans didn't realize it until years later.

The USA will spiral rapidly out of control in 2021.

There will be several big events in the near future.

Masks, virus tests, and vaccinations will be mandatory.

There will be lockdowns.

Guns will be banned.

The stock market will crash.

The will be inflation and deflation.

Cash will be banned.

The Internet may be shut off.

ATM machines, the power, and water will go down.

There will be starvation.

Biden might resign, be arrested, or die.

The civil war might turn hot.

Concentration camps will open. There will be struggle sessions, re-education camps, show trials, summary executions, and death squads.

Property will be nationalized.

Congress may be abolished.

WWIII may start.

The USA will be renamed. The US flag and national anthem will be changed.

There will be sanctuary cities and secession.

The elites have crossed all the lines and will go the way now.

History always ends the same way.

CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600% Throughout The Election, "Violated Multiple Federal Laws" Peer-Reviewed Study Finds by scrubking in politics

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Oh, evil China, Nazis, Muslims, females, homosexuals, negroes, and illegal immigrants!

Why don't you look in the mirror?

The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state because you are innocent and just a victim?


Xanman - Section 8 (Official Video) Dir. By @WaxBando by BLM_RAPPER in politics

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If the US didn't need wars, welfare, a rising debt, and a police state in 1880 then why does the USA need them now?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Newsmax TV: Will Use Free Time to Shape GOP by [deleted] in politics

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Americans say tyranny is acceptable today because the USA had police in 1980.


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Buying a farm to escape the US collapse will only work in the short-term.

What will you do the elites nationalize property and send you to the concentration camps?