Wouldn't it be cool if we asked questions about things other than Reddit/Said It or Politics? by theFriendlyDoomer in AskSaidIt

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Also, I greatly appreciate the lack of downvotes in Saidit

Isn't it a breath of fresh air? No one is getting instantly buried and shamed, even when everyone else doesn't agree with them. It's so great.

Leaving Reddit for trying erase women. by hylia in Introductions

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I think the fallout of reddit shitting the bed is going to bring us back to the early internet age. I feel like the main reason it became so hivemind and corporate is due to the sheer size. I'm willing to bet everyone splintering into 5+ different popular image boards will help keep populations relatively small and keep those early 00's characteristics.

Hi All. Today is my 9 year cakeday on Reddit, but I was banned from R/conspiracy for posting info on BLM, so I'll be posting here from now on. by Left_Reddit in conspiracy

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Pretty sure it's not your PC/Connection. Apparently their servers just can't handle the amount of traffic they're currently getting due to the bans.

What do people you know IRL say about the ongoing protests/riots? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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I'm sure a lot of white people would agree. It's crazy that they're pushing away the people most likely to help their cause just because of their skin color, it's just fighting racism with racism. All those white people that are on the side of equality are just feeling disenfranchised and out of place (just as some black people do). But it's just giving white racists more fuel.