For any lesbians on this sub: Giggle, the female only app, added a dating feature for us. by 11mile_house in GenderCritical

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This app was mentioned here a month ago to be avoided.

All GC Subs just banned? by respectmyidentity in GenderCritical

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I recommend getting the word out about saidit so that they can join us here.

Get GenderCritical Unbanned? by TheInfernal in GenderCritical

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Even if they did, I'm never returning to reddit.

The one reason we all can't speak our minds is cancel culture. Cancel culture was created by so-called progressive democrats. I've only ever voted Democrat in my life, but I just can't support that anymore. Don't downvote till you've read please. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Are you telling us not to vote? Seriously?? This isn't just about who becomes the president, but also who will become supreme court justices, congress members, house of representatives, local officials, and federal judges.

COVID isn't my only reason for voting for Biden, but it was the first to change my mind about voting third party. The majority of my family members are in health care (nurses, physicians, health departments) who are constantly swamped with COVID cases, and they are keeping me updated on how our local hospitals are doing. JFC, it's not a 'liberal hoax'. My other major reason for voting is because of BLM and my utter disgust for how poorly POC have always been treated in the US. I'm voting this election (as I always have) and I recommend everyone else does the same.

End of this Always Sunny clip made me think how it could never fly if it was made today by herecomesthesass in GenderCritical

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I learned so much from the episode about the DENNIS system so I can avoid men who do that.

Any of you ladies have any knowledge/thoughts/advice on birth control for a teen? by Yayme in GenderCritical

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Disclaimer: I'm only in my mid-to-late 20s and not a parent.

I don't trust men my own age to wear a condom without complaints when asked so I would highly recommend other forms of birth control as a backup for her. From my experiences and my friends, a lot of young girls are heavily pressured by their boyfriends to engage in sexual activities before they are ready. "If you loved me you would...", "It doesn't feel as good if I wear one...", "I'll leave you if you don't..." and other manipulative bullshit. Obviously you should still strongly encourage her to use condoms 100% of the time, but it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to STDs and pregnancy. I was sexually assaulted by my first boyfriend (I was 14 & he was 18) which prompted my parents to get me implanon (hormonal implant in the arm) since I told them I thought I was pregnant. I was too ashamed to tell them the truth of what happened and most of my friends had similar experiences of their own so it seemed normal to me at the time. Talk about consent, red flags to look out for in relationships, and how she can always trust you to be there for her. Catshit already gave some great advice on other birth control methods, but I really wanted to add in talking about consent and that it's okay to wait.

The one reason we all can't speak our minds is cancel culture. Cancel culture was created by so-called progressive democrats. I've only ever voted Democrat in my life, but I just can't support that anymore. Don't downvote till you've read please. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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I'm a huge supporter of Bernie and democratic socialism in general. Before COVID and our current government's handling of it I was planning to vote third party. I can't stand Biden, but I'm going to vote for him. At this point, I can only hope that Biden picks a qualified VP pick due to his age and concerns about dementia.

Do we know the effects of puberty blockers on childrens' bodies? by blackrainbow in GenderCritical

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Google "puberty blocker sterility" a bunch of articles popped up.

"“Puberty suppression hormones prevent the development of secondary sex characteristics, arrest bone growth, decrease bone accretion, prevent full organization and maturation of the brain, and inhibit fertility,” Hruz, Mayer, and McHugh write in a Supreme Court brief filed in the Gavin Grimm case. They go on to list other possible side effects of cross-gender hormones, oral estrogen, and testosterone, including sterility, coronary disease, cardiovascular disease, elevated blood pressure, and breast cancer." (I'm an Atheist, but this is from a Christian news website).

"FTMs who transition as tweens, as many now do, will be sterilized and will not have eggs to bank. Uterus removal is recommended after several years on testosterone..." and here's a different quote from the same article "The biggest challenge is the issue of fertility. When young people halt their puberty before their bodies have developed, and then take cross-hormones for a few years, they’ll probably be infertile. You have to explain to the patients that if they go ahead, they may not be able to have children. When you’re talking to a 12-year-old, that’s a heavy-duty conversation. Does a kid that age really think about fertility? But if you don’t start treatment, they will always have trouble fitting in. And my patients always remind me that what’s most important to them is their identity."

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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I peaked trans in high school (early 2010s) when multiple friends of mine started identifying as transmen after becoming obsessed with yaoi from tumblr. I've never been comfortable with porn of any type so I didn't get into it. They all were able to get onto hormones within a few months of socially transitioning at school, and last I checked one had a double mastectomy at 18. Most are now 'non-binary' or de-transitioned now.

My most memorable experience with a TIM was during college and I posted on r/GC about it years ago. I was taking a Women and Gender studies class, and my professor only focused on trans theory because her pre-teen son was a TIM. So she had her friend (also a TIM) come into class one day to 'educate' us on what being trans is like. Overall description: He was in his 50s, wearing a mini skirt and heels (over 6ft tall), blue eye shadow and bright lipstick, bald (wearing a wig), with a slight beard. Classic Autogynephile.

He talked about how he was secretly a lesbian with his wife at home and he was a stereotypical macho man at his job as a manager in construction work. He never planned to come out at work because he enjoyed doing this in his private life only (he said this himself). I was already radfem at the time, so I was constantly sharing the 'wrong' thoughts the entire course (mentioning how puberty blockers would sterilize children, the negative effects of SRS, social contagion for being trans). Of course, my prof said none of what I said was true so hopefully the other students looked it up for themselves. This same prof asked me how I was born since I mentioned that my mother is lesbian and married to a woman. It was hilarious since a bunch of other students jumped in to explain how lesbians can have kids and were shocked she didn't know considering the course she was teaching... We learned zero things about women's rights or anything about women in that class.

How did Trans get so popular so fast? by Narrator in GenderCritical

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I couldn't agree more. All of my ex-friends who now identify as transmen were obsessed with yaoi.

We should brigade r/strugglefucking for being exclusive by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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I'd like to think we are above stooping to their level and we should leave reddit to rot.

To all the men already here by bananasaft in GenderCritical

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You have seriously been my inspiration since I joined r/GC, and I'm so happy that you are here.

Radical Feminism is failing because it’s too racist (part 2) by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I noticed that as well. This entire post feels malicious. I have been with r/GC daily since 2014, and I would have dropped this group in a heartbeat if I honestly thought racism was being allowed in this group. The most questionable post I've experienced was discussing how to physically differentiate between males and females aside from sex organs, which was shut down incredibly quick saying we don't allow body shaming here. There have been multiple posts about TRA and their blatant racism, which has been heavily criticized here for being racist.

The only example she provided of us supposedly being racist isn't even from us, and the rest are links to comments asking for proof. That example is from a fascist vegan account @gab, which I have no idea why that is being attributed to us. It's like blaming us for alt-right groups posting here (saidit) who we are not affiliated with, and we have literally no control over other saidit groups here. In addition to all of this, our mods are equal members of this community and they are in no way 'leaders' for radfem groups. Hopefully, this is a misunderstanding of how saidit and spinster websites work but I'm rather pessimistic.

Anti-porn hub campaigner has pet killed in campaign of harassment by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I have never owned a cat or outdoor pet, tbh. Is it typical to find your outdoor cat dead on your porch or on your property? I feel like if it was a regular animal attack (bird of prey, stray dog, etc) then it would be apparent that's how it died and this wouldn't be a twitter post. edit: the kitten was outside in a screened in-porch and there were signs of forced entry.

Liberal men are full of it. by Questionings in GenderCritical

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Men might have high standards when it comes to who they date/marry, but they have practically zero standards for who they will have sex with. Hence, 'doesn't matter, had sex' meme.

Anti-porn hub campaigner has pet killed in campaign of harassment by jet199 in GenderCritical

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It wouldn't be the first time a man killed a defenseless creature in order to intimidate women.

Can We Make Gender Critical Into a Protected "Religion"? by koalayoga in GenderCritical

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I'm an atheist but I'd join in a heartbeat if there was a women's only feminist religion. No idea how to go about getting it started though.

Newly created Gender Critical Radical feminist Website by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Were the mods involved with this? We need to be careful before giving out more personal information to unknown sites since there are people actively trying to dox us.

Conversations about Pornography? by JennyCritter in GenderCritical

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You're not doing anything wrong, it's just that most men care more about their orgasm than the women being trafficked and abused in porn. Also for some outlandish reason, a lot of people equate masturbation with watching porn and therefore if you are against porn then you are against masturbation. You gotta ease them into being critical of porn so that they don't automatically shut you out as a 'prude' or 'conservative'.

I've had the most success talking about PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) and how it re-wires men's brains to seek out more intense types of videos. Not to mention, that the average age to begin watching porn is 12 years old for boys, which is terrifying to think that they are getting their 'sex education' from there. Then, I slowly introduce the topic of how child porn has been allowed on pornhub despite the now-adult women begging pornhub to take down those videos. For example, Avri Sapir who had videos of her on pornhub when she was toddler being raped which took days to be removed (you can find her story on twitter). Usually, after talking about all of this they are more receptive to discussing the negative effects of porn on women as a whole.

I think we can all do our part by refusing to date men who watch porn and by sharing these views with the women around us so hopefully they can do the same.

Transwomen on Reddit Porn by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I can't stomach the thought of even searching for or watching porn.

Not my gendercritical by DustyKitten in GenderCritical

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I loathed all the posts/comments in r/GC with "As a man..." or "I know I'm not supposed to post here but..." it was usually heavily upvoted with women falling over themselves saying men were welcome to post at GC. It didn't use to be like that and I'm hoping s/GC doesn't do the same. Men do not belong in GC for that exact reason.

Can we bring back /r/trollgc and /r/itsafetish by deity in GenderCritical

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It's private now.

Argument with boyfriend last night about Reddit's censorship of women, and he called me a transphobe by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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You are better off single than with a man like that. You're not a bad person or crazy for caring about other people. You deserve better.

A few words from a moid... by moid_scrote in GenderCritical

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I seriously hope the mods consider banning all men from participating here for all the reasons you mentioned. They can talk with each other in /r/gendercriticalguys (which was not banned).

Over 1k subs in less than a day! How to spread the word? by lolreallyno4 in GenderCritical

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I kept visiting all of our sister subs and other radfem subs (just to name a few: banfemalehatesubs, pinkpillfeminism, terfisaslur, lgbdropthet, itsafetish, gendercriticalguys, trollgc, pornfreerelationships) trying to find word about where we moved, but found most of them had also been banned or made private. I found this site on banfemalehatesubs before it was banned.