Youtube deliberately broke the ability to sort by new/date hurting untold number of content creators because of "The event" by Evilphd666 in conspiracy

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For decades there was an almost iron clad grip over media, and we only ever got to see, and grow to love the created personas they deemed necessary.

Now, the danger is clear, there are some really talented folks out there, that can, and are producing high quality, and entertaining videos for little more than pennies thrown at them. These folks are the threat, along with those that choose to watch; creativity, and critical thinking skills are the 'set apart', I think.

It breaks the line of command and control; gotta be reigned in.

Leftist SJW assaults 74 year-old Jewish man for his MAGA hat – Then all hell breaks loose… by HeyImSancho in SundogsPlace

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It's about time they started getting penalized for their threats and attacks. The way she looks it might not be so easy to find another job, maybe even more so if future employers see this story.

Saidit is becoming an echo chamber by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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censorship doesn't work. In my opinion, what does work, most of us learned from an early age. It goes like this, 'sticks, and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.'

I'm not being a smart ass in posting that, but the fact is, everyone has an opinion, just like another stinky part of the human anatomy.... We don't like the smell, but not too many complain....

To be afraid of words, begs the question of what directed agenda is fomenting the fear, who stands to gain, and who can you simply not talk about? Unfortunately, in our modern world of crazy, sometimes you gotta take a guess, or more appropriately, if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it's a duck.

Ignorance already rules the day, why pander to it?

Just my 2 cents

The EU Just Destroyed The Internet #Article11 #Article13 by Vigte in Europe

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They destroyed it for the EU but we're not far behind.

With all the reddit users coming over lately, I wanted to share something. This is what happened to Voat. by Alduin in propaganda

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Here are my thoughts, I think anything should be open for intelligent debate. My own distaste, dislike, or disdain for how anyone chooses to view any topic, I care not what another's 'position' is, as long as they're able to engage in debate, and it has merit to said belief; it had better be good, but I think all should have their opinion; anything designed to stop it, is truly what's wrong in the world today as seen on tv, and media. I do pick hotbed topics, and I'm definitely in the mindset that our world is in some serious trouble.
To further this thought, as many of my posts vent towards, I do believe we're being turned into a society where we must regularly 'tune in', to see the 'approved reactions' to any given topic, and thus most discussions are formed based off of how we're told to view xyz. I think we're being turned completely reactionary; which is necessary for a "Command, and Control" new order; think USSR on a global scale. It's where we're heading, and I do believe psychological warfare is being used in mass.
My point for this post, is that I hope Saidit, can truly foster a platform void of followers; perhaps filling with people who seek personal enlightenment in our limited experiences here on this temporal world.

*Florida Man does something crazy* Minnesota man "Hold my beer" by Entropick in funny

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I saw this story, and beyond the meth, it was touching.... Death is the great equalizer we all will face; sometimes it just makes sense for people facing it, to take control.

Bernard Sanders announces 2020 presidential bid by useless_aether in politics

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ABOLUTELY, that's why I consider them all corrupt until proven otherwise. Remembering back to G.W.B., most wanted Obama to be the harbinger of peaceful change as we thought GWB would potentially end the world. Obama basically did the opposite of his campaign; didn't stop any wars. With Trump, at least we're seeing the deep state strangle hold; yet the wars continue.

Do you really think there's a chance at peaceful reconciliation with how divided the establishment has made us, and continue to do so?

I think no matter who's president, we're going to see the same degradation we're seeing now; empires collapse.