BLM's millions unaccounted for after leaders quietly jumped ship by IkeConn in Schadenfreude

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It's thugs protecting thugs, nothing surprising here.

r/AntiWork vs One Greasy Boi by Tiwaking in WatchRedditDie

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Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's ethical to work salaried employees over 40 hours per week with no compensation, but with the large base r/AntiWork has, this is the best they have? Pathetic.

r/AntiWork vs One Greasy Boi by Tiwaking in WatchRedditDie

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Let's be honest, most of these people who complain about worker exploitation are just lazy pieces of shit who can't hold a job due to poor work ethic and attitude.

Fat Faggots - The Democrat SoyFaggot Problem by Thegayrabbi in whatever

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Democracy is a garbage system, I prefer conservative dictatorship. Everyone is celebrating early and saying it won't happen, but eventually democracy and feminism will cease to exists and I can't wait.

Toxic masculinity is when men *shuffles deck* don't wear coats by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Been there, not fun.

Cuddle Therapy by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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'TransGirlKatie' Here's another soy infused bitch of a 'man' and I use the term man lightly since these coward men are the reason we have no traditional values left in society.

Toxic masculinity is when men *shuffles deck* don't wear coats by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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More feminazi propaganda to further their matriarchal control.

If hospitals are getting overwhelmed we need to repeal all these laws immediately, they are literally killing people. by Canbot in conspiracy

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Everyone is panicking about the impact COVID patients have on hospitals, yet they fail to realize just how much money these hospitals make off people's suffering. They have more than enough money to combat the problem of capacity limits.

Iowa won't enforce OSHA vaccine mandate before Supreme Court ruling by Drewski in pushback

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The CDC is 100% responsible for the economic problems caused by COVID-19. Their guidelines are the reason for staffing shortages.

You should appeal to incels by yabbit in SaidIt

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Incels are right in a sense, they are correct on a sense that life is 100% determinant on your physical looks. The whole women hating thing, though justified, doesn't cover the entire issue.

Major Life Insurance CEO Admits 40% Increase in Death in American Workforce. Three times greater than the last 200 years by JustLookDontDismiss in news

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This is why we have a rise in fascism and communism within the United States. If both sides worked together to bring down this corrupt liberal machine, it would be heaven on Earth.

What are your honest thoughts on Bernie Sanders? by mortyposter in politics

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He's a coward who appears to be pro working class, but has done nothing for the working class in all the years he's been in power.