Here is the amount of people you have to minimize for. Good luck! by Squo in environment

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Minimize until you live in a prison cell, or recognize it.

Creator Of Global-Warming's Infamous "Hockey Stick" Chart Loses 'Climate-Science' Lawsuit by zyxzevn in ClimateSkeptics

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Yea cuz they can't say overpopulation even though it's directly linked.

Fox News Personalities tell Trump "We don't work for you" After presidents latest attack on Network by IamRedBeard in AntiTrumpAlliance

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LOL, yea they do work for him. It's all a game to those rich people. This is a psyop to make you think media doesn't work for trump, but they do.

U.S. has denied entry to some because of others’ social media by magnora7 in news

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This generation is dumb fucking tards, saying they will bomb America then getting banned is racist, fuck off idiots. You are dumb enough to have social media and say anything, get banned. It's just terrorists complaining how they can't get a fbi contract to attack at this point.

Is it time to buy a fuel cell car? You may not see one pull alongside you any time soon, but they're far from dead. "Toyota is launching the second-gen Mirai in a couple of years, moving it from a limited production car to full mass production with much lower cost to assemble" by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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I don't have a car. Checkmate environmentalists. Maybe you should have 10 kids and buy a van? Surely that is green, lmao.

Driving your suv to buy a impossible whopper is fucking dumb. by Squo in unpopularopinion

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Fuck off if you think I'm going to decrease my life to make room for more idiots who will then have 5x more idiots. Guess we will all like in sheds and eat dirt, fuckin a.

Why I think this website and subsaidit are a terrific thing by JohnleBon in conspiracy

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Conspiracy has been garbage for a long time dude. Everybody used to know about double speak and psy ops, they didn't handle tencent as well and becoming the donald. Doesn't help people like me are banned.

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew pictured inside Jeffrey Epstein's mansion by Mnemonic in conspiracy

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Going deeper, god told us to live on the land and not to absorb it, what did we do, we increased population to a point we have resources falling out.

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew pictured inside Jeffrey Epstein's mansion by Mnemonic in conspiracy

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BTW Jews use slaves much like the Muslims treat women, like objects. You are considered a goyim if you aren't jewish. Just like you are considered women as a muslim, they can murder women without recourse. Jews are rat liars and should be eradicated for violation of IDPD. Planetary doctrine of becoming a world capable of inteplanatary acceptance and integration. Surprise, jews are least tolerant people around. If you can get a jew gf your good, but if your female, don't screw a jew.

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew pictured inside Jeffrey Epstein's mansion by Mnemonic in conspiracy

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It's called slavery, the jews never stopped doing it. They started it in America, nobody else was on board. Took an actual war to end it. Fucking niggers, we have your backs. Quit with the bullshit nigger stuff anyway, your not all gangsters, you all came from a very high class society and why you developed jazz, which is awesome. Recognize your real history, it's not the streets, it was serving jews.

Update on Julian Assange from John Pilger: by salvia_d in conspiracy

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It's mostly like all jails, confined for 23 hours, fed shit food. Let's not sensationalize that part since he's famous, he doesn't deserve better than any other inmate. They all deserve better.

He fucked up, should have used his anon skills and shed info while being accurate like he does anyway. Not saying I'm against the dude, but even high security people don't know every option or mitigation tool. Bless him for proving yet another conspiracy of our shitty mafia government to be right.

In conclusion, Nobody wins elections without being mafia, that's why they use those machines and cheat all the time. The best way to fight it is to become self sustaining.

My idea for saidait or anyone like it, steal my idea. by Squo in IdeasForSaidIt

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The integration like snew does aka, notabug, plus the dissenter idea of commenting on censored things. Revealing censored comments like snew as well. Use the api to allow cross commenting like mobile apps use for reddit but double submit, one for saidit, one for reddit, then use the parent comment of anything on the api of reddit to be shown to avoid confusion. Hope this makes sense, I've heard you have a wonderful programmer here.

Why Reddit is losing its battle with online hate by portcity in WatchRedditDie

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No such thing as AI, it's not learning anything, just following an algorithm, and saying it learns is very loose, more like trial and error and it can't even tell why something worked, so it's more like a calculator than AI. Instead of inputting every equation into a calculator, you program a script to do it for you, then that is known as AI, in reality it has no intelligence at all. Until they evolve an "AI" to make it's own script it's just a computer.