Can you explain why gender identity does not exist? Don't cisgender people identify as/feel like they are the sex they were assigned at birth? Don't other animals identify as their sex assigned at birth due to lack of cognitive ability to identify as anything but their own sex? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Ok, I’ll have a go at this:

1 - I can’t answer this unless you explain what “identify as a man” means. I don’t believe in gender stereotypes, so to me “man” means “adult human male” and nothing more. It doesn’t mean a masculine person or a person who likes cars or any other “male” stereotype. Personally I don’t “identify as” anything. I am the sex I am, that’s just a fact that says nothing about my personality, likes/dislikes, or intellect.

2 - Sex is OBSERVED at birth. Excluding intersex people (a tiny tiny minority) biological sex is an objective, observable fact.

3 - What is the “wrong body”? Do you think that if a woman is masculine, she’s “in the wrong body”? I don’t - I think it’s completely fine to be a butch woman, or a feminine man. Butch women are not less female than any other woman. A feminine man is no less of a man than any other.

4 - I have yet to see a definition of “gender identity” that doesn’t boil down to gender stereotypes. And I don’t believe that gender stereotypes are a good thing, I think they should be rejected. I am a woman because that is the sex that I am, not because I conform to feminine stereotypes. If I started conforming to male stereotypes like wearing men’s clothes and, I don’t know, fixing car engines (?) that wouldn’t make me a man.

The horror! This transgender student was deadnamed in class, and his mom wants school boards to do more by Femaleisnthateful in GenderCritical

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Imagine being so privileged that seeing your old name on a screen is “worst case scenario”

An offering of some of my favorite links used to argue facts with TRAs by CaliforniGinger in GenderCritical

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Thank you for this! The Transparadoxes especially is a great read