JKR's new book is being spammed with 1 star ratings on Goodreads by DivaExMachina in GenderCritical

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I just saw that the top comment is a one star review saying if you read the book, he will unfriend you as you are a hateful transphobe. The comment had over a hundred of (that I saw) supportive comments.

I am absolutely terrified of the close-minded, self-righteousness of these young people. We are in for some illiberal bad times.

Young people

As predicted, a US conservative group is using the transgender issue to target Republican politicians in swing states. The US is going to die on the Trans Hill... by BEB in GenderCritical

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Those aren't particularly well done commercials, but I do think if they tried harder using actual examples like the boys winning all the girls track and field sprint events in Connecticut or just showing actual footage of the Rachel McKinnons, Hannah Mounceys, and Fallon Foxes of the sports world (or headlines about Fox breaking a woman's skull and Mouncey breaking the woman's leg, even the findings of the Rugby league) with a voiceover that Biden/generic democratic candidate doesn't care about women's sports and safety would really catch people's attention. If I wasn't peaked, the pictures of Mouncey next to female players would have been enough for me, and I would think twice before supporting a candidate that supported the destruction of women's sports.

"Being tolerant with the intolerant is an act of intolerance." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb by muellermeierschulz in quotes

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How do you know who the intolerant are?

Mermaids organisation suggests J K Rowling caused suicides by turtleduck23 in GenderCritical

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Manipulative and abusive, just like the ideology it promotes.

I’m confused by these stories of post-op TIMs going to gynecologists??? by catawampus in GenderCritical

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Do you just have to put up with these creeps now, or can you fire them as a patient?

Men: "How come women claim they want equality but don't want to do all the hard trade jobs? Feminists just want equal rights without equal responsibility". Also men when women try to work in the trades: by green_olive in PinkPillFeminism

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This poor woman. WTF would possess someone to harass anyone this way?

The Democratic National Convention on Tuesday featured a panelist who identifies as a “nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King” by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I had to turn it off; the second hand embarrassment was strong. I can understand the comments being turned off; people would have had a field day.

The Democratic National Convention on Tuesday featured a panelist who identifies as a “nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King” by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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"Why can’t folks imagine a world without the cops? Why can’t folks imagine a world without prisons? Why can’t people expand their imaginations to include community care, to include an abolitionist future?”

I may be wrong, but I don't think this is a winning message; particularly in the two weeks after a rapist awaiting trial was released due to Covid and proceeded to murder his victim, then the MA Bail Fund paid bail for the rapist who promptly raped another woman.

Seriously - 'The TERF Industrial Complex' by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I don't know if you are serious, but please don't do this. TRAs basically did this to Derrick Jensen several years ago, and it was immature, rude, and just made the people doing it look ridiculous.

Don't stoop to their illiberal level. If there is a question/answer session, ask questions or bring up debate points, but don't make us look as intolerant and unable to rationally address their ideas as they look all the time.

TRA gets what he deserves for being a pervert by marielaney in GenderCritical

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This is a particularly poorly reasoned statement.

Mass. Bail Fund frees another Level 3 sex offender by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I hope these idiots are sued out of existence. The board of this organization is full of privileged assholes who will never have to face the immediate consequences of their actions.

TiF is really pleased to get mistaken for a man by doctors. When TiF is nearly killed because doctors think she's a man it's all their fault. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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This article replacing sex with gender throughout was annoying. Gender is a made-up term. Sex is the real and relevant classification.

Also, women's health has been ignored since time began. Half of the world's population does not have good statistical information on medication dosages, differences in health problem presentation, even reference values. Maybe we should sort that out before focusing on a tiny population.

Biden's first move in office by PassionateIntensity in GenderCritical

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Why does the post say there are 18 comments when only one comment is visible?

According to the TRAs “lesbian culture comes directly from trans lesbians” by bastetkat in LGBDropTheT

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They have solved this problem by transing every strong female historical figure: Marie Curie, Joan of Arc, all the female authors who published under a male name, all Viking women. If history doesn't feature your cult, just rewrite history.

James Younger's life is over thanks to woke judge by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I can't take Vox seriously as a news source, particularly on trans issues. That article is peddling the misinformation that puberty blockers are totally reversible. At best you could claim we don't know enough to know if they are totally reversible.

As a 20 year-old, I feel so alone in my radical feminist beliefs. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It is a lot easier to pander to the critical theory/gender cult than to pass meaningful legislation to address the deep economic and environmental problems we face.

Why are corporations stomping at the bit to stand by the trans cult? It doesn't cost them economically. Same with all the other critical theory offshoots, they just require word salad and social media posts, then they can keep exploiting people, but now there is no class solidarity because every race, sex, genderspecial sees the other groups as their oppressors.

Am I the only one who *kind of* believes in transsexualism as a valid thing? by gencritcurious in GenderCritical

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"If a man has more "feminine" hobbies or personality traits, then they should be allowed to do so without being harassment." I agree, but I don't agree that having hobbies commonly associated with women makes a man a woman. Let that man enjoy his hobbies, but don't pretend to be a woman; just live life as the dude you are as you enjoy your hobbies.

/r/Books is pissed off that historical female authors who were forced to publish under male pen-names are having their work republished under their real names, because apparently it's evil to assume they weren't trans by marmorsymphata in GenderCritical

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Of all the things these TRA idiots do, transing the dead and attempting to erase women's history just infuriate me.

Elle Barbara states that "the T should come first" and renames it TGBLQ during interview at PrideMTL by bellatrixbells in LGBDropTheT

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The L is also closer to just being erased altogether.

Bill That Would Allow Child Marriage Comes Under Fire In Somalia - Horrendous. Read and Weep. by lairacunda in GenderCritical

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This is infuriating.

How do you know that I don't identify as a woman? by Sittingonarainbow in GenderCritical

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I think much of the woke left is made up of incredibly naive young college students/graduates who come from nice middle/upper class families with absolutely no understanding of the real world or how their ideals will be implemented within it.

They think trans people are the most oppressed minority (they just want to pee) without understanding that the bulk of TIMs are autogynaphiles, that half of all trans inmates are in prison for sex crimes, that serious mental health co-morbidities exist in a substantial portion of the trans population, and finally that the trans ideology has the fundamental flaw that it allows bad actors to use the ideology for their own purposes and no one can question them.

These same naive people don't understand that some people cannot peacefully exist in society, but unfortunately, these wokesters won't often experience the repercussions of their actions; vulnerable women and children with few resources will.

Marie Claire: J.K. Rowling's Under-the-Radar Book Series Gives a Clear Picture of Her Beliefs by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Magdalen Berns was a treasure.

Kamala Harris, "she/her" on twitter, is now Joe Biden's veep by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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It was lucky for Biden that the summer Olympics didn't happen. I don't think most people in the US are currently aware of the state of men competing in women's sports. A summer Olympics filled with Rachel McKinnons would have peaked so many people.

Marie Claire: J.K. Rowling's Under-the-Radar Book Series Gives a Clear Picture of Her Beliefs by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Charles Clymer is an abusive man who started wearing lipstick after being called out for his abusive treatment of women, particularly women of color, then idiots celebrated him as brave. He can fuck right off with his poor, persecuted me fantasies.

Massachusetts Bail Fund with free them all mission lets out dangerous offender to reoffend, staff are mostly women by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I am very much for not keeping people with a small amount of marijuana or psychedelic possession in prison, but for the life of me, I don't get the people who want to close prisons. There are some truly cruel and awful people in the world, and no amount of peace, love, and understanding will fix them or stop them from ruining more lives if they are released.

My last straw for being a progressive trans-supportive gay man by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Both Saidit and Ruqqus have relatively active lgbdropthet forums, if you would like to find other gay men.

"Is it okay for me to be a lesbian and not like penises" (Actuallesbians) by oofreesouloo in LGBDropTheT

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That was truly atrocious spelling; these people write exactly as I would expect.

Apparently not stripping in front of TIMs is "transphobic". I never thought that they'd come up with something more rapey than the "cotton ceiling", but here we are. by justradfemthings in GenderCritical

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The bulk of TIMs are autogynaphiles, so even if they are not incels, they are fetishists who get off on invading women's spaces.

TRAs insult special needs moms when they claim trans women are women by AdultFemaleHuman in GenderCritical

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At the base of it all, trans women are men.

Peak Peak: TRAs sabotage their supporters by GuacLettuceBacon in GenderCritical

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I disagree that they want to take advantage of everything we fought for; it seems to me that they want to drag women back to all of those old stereotypes and limitations we broke free from.

Administration's shelter policy invokes TRA rage by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I am not sure I would trust results from a researcher so obviously biased.

Lesbian story pulled from biological woman (actress), given to trans identified male to write. Progress circa 2020 by aka_deja_vu in GenderCritical

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There seems to be some confusion as some sources say she was a butch lesbian and queer and trans sources say she is trans. This could be another case of transing dead people who can't speak for themselves.

New sub: s/musicbywomen by firebird in GenderCritical

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Thanks for creating this!

My physics teacher just announced he’s transgender. by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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A rare one.

My physics teacher just announced he’s transgender. by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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From a Quillette interview with Dr. Ray Blanchard, "When I looked at the relative numbers of autogynephilic and androphilic gender-dysphoric males back in 1987, the autogynephilic cases were already a majority, approaching 60 percent. The proportion had reached 75 percent by 2010, and it might be even higher now." Interview link: https://quillette.com/2019/11/06/what-is-autogynephilia-an-interview-with-dr-ray-blanchard/

Chances are very high that any TIM you come across has autogynaphilia.

Who are some trans people you get along with/admire? by quickbeam in GenderCritical

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I am not saying that every TIM is actively trying to work against women's rights; I am saying that these men perpetuate gender stereotypes of women that are harmful, even when they are not part of the group that has lost its collective minds.

If you can’t accept that people have opinions other than your own, you’re going to alienate every group and end up alone by RoundFrog in GenderCritical

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I do hope that lawsuits will bankrupt a number of these companies.

Creepy support of pedo organization by twitter by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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If Twitter died tomorrow, the world would be a vastly better place.

How do you do fellow women? by avena_sativa_3 in GenderCritical

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What fresh hell is this?

A list of feminist podcasts and channels. by FuriousPenguin in GenderCritical

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Woman by definition is Posie Parker's podcast. It is both a podcast and on YouTube.

JK Rowling: Hormones are conversion therapy for young gay people by dandeliondynasty in GenderCritical

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That is a fancy way to say the parents are homophobic.

JK Rowling: Hormones are conversion therapy for young gay people by dandeliondynasty in GenderCritical

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According to the reporting of staff concerns about the NHS GIDS, parents, not all but enough to be concerned about, were definitely homophobic with some expressing a preference for having a trans child (who would then be "straight") rather than a gay child.

A list of feminist podcasts and channels. by FuriousPenguin in GenderCritical

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Women's Liberation Radio News: Podcast

Total Insanity by LosingMyMind in GenderCritical

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You are not alone, and you probably aren't even the only person thinking the "wrongthink" in the class.

Update on Warrior Cats Author: Children's author sacked for supporting JK Rowling in transgender row by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The series is not hers alone; the series is similar to Nancy Drew with several authors penning the books in the series.

There were over 5 "Karen" posts on r/popular today by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Karen is both misogynist and profoundly lacking in originality.

Anti-porn hub campaigner has pet killed in campaign of harassment by jet199 in GenderCritical

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That is infuriating. WTF is wrong with these men?

Peak trans: tell your story here by Sittingonarainbow in GenderCritical

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