Thoughts on the Term "Marriage Equality" by mvmlego in Bisexuals

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I don't think I've seen this "marriage equality" term, but it sounds quite non-specific and stupid. I wonder if it's been introduced because the term "same-sex" is considered hate speech to the more fragile elements of the gender-dysphoria lobby?

As you say, "marriage equality" sounds like it could refer to equality on the basis of some other potentially controversial characteristics: inter-racial marriages, inter-religious marriages, child marriages, "marriages" conducted by a cult leader and not recognised by the state etc? In the UK we also had the "civil partnership" precursor to same-sex marriage, where two men or two women could have a state-backed proxy wedding ceremony which conferred the same permanent legal aspects as marriage. Both "marriage" and "civil partnerships" are now available to same or opposite sex couples in the UK – so does "marriage equality" refer to this kind of conception?

When people deliberately make language more confusing to others, there's usually a dishonest agenda afoot.

They're waaaaaaaiting by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Boak. I hope I don't get flashbacks to that manky female chest rug while I'm trying to eat my Christmas dinner!

But on the 'democratic' side, I suppose I could call "him" and get her to scrub down my roasting tins afterwards? That thatch can probably tackle the trickiest of oven staining, all in an ultra-green, carbon-neutral, WEF-approved manner.

Can you pinpoint when nominally gay civil rights organizations stopped caring about LGB causes and became all-TQ+ all the time? by cure_osa_disorder in LGBDropTheT

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I remember doing a school project for my Politics class when I was 14, centred on how homophobic the UK was. This was like 1997. I consulted Stonewall and various other LGB organisations, and reading the collected literature and writing up my project made me feel a lot better about my teenage same-sex attraction. Stonewall's advice was actually useful to me!

A year or so later I could admit to close friends that I was bisexual (in all honesty I had no idea this was an actual "legitimate" sexual orientation until I was like 15 – I'd thought I was just a weirdo failure at being both gay and straight). And so full of youthful confidence and inspired by a desire to meet other LGB teenagers, I was on the cusp of contacting my local LGB groups – only to find these had now all suddenly become "LGBT". This must have been like 1998-9? I immediately researched the "T" and was totally creeped out. And I mean totally. As a 15/16 year old girl I couldn't understand what this T had to do with me or with same sex attraction in general, or why I was assumed to be on board with the "liberation" of whatever mental delusions these unfortunate T people possessed? The T's presence has actually put me off ever joining any LGB groups until very recently, as its aggressive posturing and undermining of the LGB's needs has never sat well with me. My teenage girl instincts were that these Ts were predatory and potentially dangerous males and not to be trusted around girls my age, and I've always held the "LGBT" movement in utter contempt since it chose to prioritise these delusional malcontents over protecting its own youth. But I guess I'm preaching to the choir here.

So in my opinion: the rot all started in the late 90s. It's a very good lesson in red lines and never accepting the thin end of the wedge from the "just be nice" lobby.

“‘Bisexual’ (men) is just code for insincere gay man” by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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I've had the female version of this in that most of the people I've come out to seem to conflate what I'm saying as "I'm just a whore who will get off with anyone to gain male approval". Like if you're a bi woman you're essentially straight, and your same-sex attractions are just a bit of fluff to titillate the men you are obviously more interested in.

Seems for bisexuals of both sexes, our attraction to males is taken as being the serious one, and our attraction to females viewed with suspicion!!

Why do you guys think this might be? Some kind of subliminal misogyny?? Or is it that monosexuals might be genuinely intimidated by us? As in, with straight/gay there always exists a sex where there can only be platonic feelings – but that's not true for us. We can literally fancy anyone (standards permitting obviously) – and maybe that's a fundamentally frightening idea for monosexuals?? Like they lack the imagination to understand the appeal of both sexes so they just assume we're delusional or outright lying?

The truth that the woke crowd has forgotten. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Amen to this.

Men's bodies are sexy and beautiful, and women's bodies are sexy and beautiful. The only time this is not true is when those bodies have been butchered in homage to some perverted narcissism that denies biological reality and presents Nature as some disgustingly venal consumerist choice that can be altered at will.

Transgender uncanny valley is not sexy and beautiful. It's deranged and scary - and loathsome in every possible way to someone who appreciates the natural beauty inherent in all physical forms of both sexes.

The trans identity movement is making me feel judged for being gay. by sk8student in LGBDropTheT

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There's definitely the potential for that blowback. That organisation GLAAD did surveys tracking social attitudes towards the "LGBTQA community" and found in the US that the 18-34 age group experienced sharp drops in "acceptance". But their survey did not granulate between the LGB and the T so that data is not so useful. It suits the agenda of organisations like this to blur the lines, so that when people find out that eg. psychopathic male-bodied rapists who LARP as 'women' are now being housed in female prisons (see recent case in the Irish news) - that they can ignore scrutiny of these insane policies and conflate them with the gay rights movement to try to bounce folk into silence under pain of being branded a 'transphobe bigot'. So most people do not speak out necessarily against the T, but they do curate that growing anger in silence - until the day something happens to make them aware that they are actually in a majority position and that everyone is angry - and then they will attack right back with extreme prejudice. The T are launching a full assault on women and gays via their denial of the reality of biological sex, but the impact on gays is less immediately obvious to most of the general public and GLAAD, Stonewall and all these treacherous woke Inquisitions are claiming to speak on behalf of all of us. They claim our voices. They claim our support. They claim a right to police other people's language and mutilate the healthy bodies of children on our behalf! That means the backlash will blame us too. The people who have always hated us will say we were given too much freedom, we went too far, we're all perverts etc. And the pitchfok-wielding mob might be in the mood to listen to them when they do.

There's that saying: "if you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows".

We need to get shot of the T and make it clear to folk that their increasingly mad agenda does not have our support. It's not fair, and it's not our fault - but we cannot let the crazy people speak for us and over us anymore.

Merriam-Webster Updates Definition of 'Bisexual' by ns_for_work in LGBDropTheT

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Well in the spirit of the pseudoscientific world we all now live in, maybe what bisexuals need is a new woke-sounding word that means 'someone who fancies men with real dicks and women with real pussies'. Like, two sides can play this word salad game of lexigraphical mayhem.

We could call our 'new' sexual orientation 'cissexual', make some tumblr flags and demand our place on the alphabet soup like every other special snowflake community out there. That's how this game is played, is it not?

Aces and Aros by Beth-BR in LGBDropTheT

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Thanks for the link, will have a wee read on my Friday lunchbreak! :)

Aces and Aros by Beth-BR in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, I can accept that asexuality may exist for a very small % of people. There's people born without the capacity to emotionally connect or empathise with others (eg. psychopaths), so it wouldn't be a stretch to believe that true asexuals (as in people born without the capacity to ever feel sexual desire for others) might be found in rare circumstances. I would assume it would be rare circumstances though, as such a condition would presumably not flourish in a species which reproduces sexually - at least in modern western populations where marriage and childbearing have become individual choices?

It just seems a whole lot more likely to me that when most people diagnose themselves with 'asexuality' it is actually just a co-symptom of one of the common conditions I mentioned, rather than being an innate state of being in itself. If the 'asexual' in question has dyed their hair a radical shade of blue or green, then this suspicion is as good as scientifically proven.

Aces and Aros by Beth-BR in LGBDropTheT

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These made up 'sexualities' have no business in the LGB community. The L, G and B (and 'straight' for that matter) are permanent sexual orientations that do not change throughout people's lives. They may be repressed, avoided or denied but they are inescapable and innate modes of desire, intrinsic and universal and observed globally and throughout human existence.

Being asexual is a typical symptom of past abuse or extreme trauma, physical pathology (eg. obesity), common mental ill health (especially depression and anxiety - which are at pandemic levels within modern Western populations) and as such it is highly questionable whether such a state is permanent and innate or is a comorbidity of pathology.

As for 'aromantic' - lol. This is just a trendy social attitude among certain age groups within a handful of Western countries, exposed to the same viral memes on tumblr. And like other social attitudes, there is absolutely nothing intrinsic or universal about it. You may as well state 'being attracted to rich old men with massive bank balances' is a valid sexual orientation - that one at least has a universal pedigree of truth throughout human history.

Adding this nonsense in to the LGB dilutes the core message of equality for same-sex attracted people and actively makes it harder for the LGB in the many socially and politically repressive countries to gain public sympathy and overturn laws which ruin lives.

A person I loved dearly recently came out as trans and I don't know what to say to him. by saragini in GenderCritical

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Don't let yourself or your younger sister ever be alone with this pervert!! Speak to your mother and voice your concerns. If the actions she takes are not enough to cut this creep out immediately then escalate this issue to another trusted adult - someone else in your family, a teacher at school, a friend's mother etc. They will be as horrified as everyone else at what this man could do next and will take your concerns seriously. Men like this hurt people. Society is NOT on their side!!

And seriously - the police should also be informed of what this man has ALREADY done - what you have said here should be formally reported to them. Other young girls in your jurisdiction may well be at risk from this budding sex pest (or could even have already been flashed at/stalked/groped - or worse) so please have courage and speak up before anyone gets hurt by this sick freak.

Has anyone here EVER thought this? by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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When it says "at level 3 you can cast magic missile", I assume this just translates to "with enough wokepoints you can abuse and harass women and gays on twitter while pretending to have the moral high ground"?

Scottish government Hate Crime bill would change definition of "heterosexual" and "bisexual" to make them more FLUID... by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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We'll see. Scottish people are not going to sit idly by while the Tories take us into a hard brexit pariah state status while they plunder us openly. But neither are the Tories going to give up their last resource-rich colony without a fight. It was always going to come to this one day, but I used to think the international community might care enough to intervene when that day finally came. But I now see that was very naive of me.

And lol - here was me planning on moving to the Irish Republic! My work are happy for me to take my job (and taxes) over the water and move. I know Ireland has many a problem, but it does at least have a future.

Scottish government Hate Crime bill would change definition of "heterosexual" and "bisexual" to make them more FLUID... by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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The other 'progressive' parties (Labour, LibDem, Green) are even more nakedly incompetant and also support gender self-ID and the whole wokist mania - not just in Scotland but across the entire UK. Then there's the nutter Tories, who have been despised in Scotland for decades and are at the moment tearing up the NI peace treaties/EU withdrawal agreement so they can implement their disaster-capitalist hard Brexit vision and enforce whatever weird authoritarian kleptocracy their monied backers want.

I've always voted SNP (except for a while when I lived in England and voted LibDem). But I won't vote for them again on point of principle (after lesbian SNP MP Mhairi Black accompanied that drag queen 'Flow Job' into a primary school in Paisley to implant trendy gender confusion in young kids' minds and then had the absolute gall to call the voters who objected "TERFs" and "Jeremy Hunts" still scunners me!!) but there's many in Scotland who are genuinely terrified of what the UK parliament are about to inflict on Scotland and the SNP are the only ones tuned into that wider constitutional mood music. Unfortunately they appear to want to do f-all about it - like all parties who've been in power too long they have become arrogant, corrupt and lazy. Dangling the perpetual carrot of independence to their true believers while doing nothing to achieve it. And why would they? Blaming the English for all that's rotten in Scotland has always been our national sport. One that allows the venal and corrupt Scottish politicians to stick their snouts in deep at the trough.

Mind you, the thought of being in an Indy Scotland with these SNP cretins at the wheel makes me wonder about independence - redefining human biology and drawing up their 'Hate Speech' bill to outlaw dissent or criticism of anything that hurts people's 'feelings' (the SNP's 'Hate Speech' bill is to replace the medieval Scottish blasphemy law which was used to persecute witches and religious non-conformists, ironically enough). It's as mental as anything that the wokists have done in Canada.

The UK union is obviously chronically deranged and indy Scotland sounds like it would be a total nuthouse too. So basically whoever governs Scotland, common sense and political sanity have long gone in this part of the world. It is extremely depressing! :(

A swedish woman asks college students if she can be a man and then asks if she can be Japanese. Double-think ensues. by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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It's the straight up pride that these people take in telling her that they'd accept her as a man that I find the most terrifying thing about this video. Big smiles, full confidence, no worries that they're doing the Lord's good work so they think that makes the lie they know they're telling inconsequential. They truly think they deserve a pat on the head from big brother for their obediance to the cult. Then later they realise that they've just been played and made themselves look like clowns. Intellectually vacuous, morally cowardly, politically snivelling clowns.

It makes me beg for the friendly asteroids to take out humanity and get it over with. I bet the cockroaches can honestly acknowlege which ones of them are male and female at least, so it seems they'd have a head start over 21st century Western democracies.

"It's complicated in French", yeah no shit. by artetolife in therearetwogenders

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This is certainly a helpful flowchart! I'm actually a mathematician by trade, but doing this kind of social calculus breaks me out in a cold sweat. I will study these rules and try to be more French. I guess if you get it wrong you just give your victim a cold-eyed stare and a dismissive Gallic shrug?

"It's complicated in French", yeah no shit. by artetolife in therearetwogenders

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Yeah, as a native English speaker getting the right form of tu/vous is social minefield enough. I can't imagine the French being down with this Anglophone wokist assault on their whole language and culture - they don't have much respect for trash American values at the best of times. Nobody in France is going to listen to foreigners abuse their language like this. I mean, it IS bad enough for hipster Americans and Brits to butcher English, but I cannot even imagine having the sheer bloody gall to stand up and tell another country that they've all been speaking their structurally-gendered native language 'wrong' for all these centuries.

UK's first Pride train staffed by all-LGBT+ crew makes its first journey by rouge_tropical in LGBDropTheT

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All this rainbow flag branding everywhere feels so oppressive to me these days. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but when I was a small-town teenage girl in the 90s, coming to terms with same sex attraction being a 'here to stay' thing in my life - I always felt comforted by the rainbow pride flag. It reminded me that there were other folk out there in the world like me and one day I could go somewhere else and find them. But now it makes me shudder when I see that flag everywhere - in Tesco, in Nationwide bank, on my M&S sandwich, on recruitment emails sent to me promising how LGBTQWTF folk are appreciated by their inclusive company values (aye very nice - but do you include blokes in dresses in the women's loos?). I hate that flag now. All it stands for is the fetishisation and commodification of LGB people's lives by woke virtue signalers and publicity-hungry corporations. It's totally exploitative, totally dehumanising, and totally gross. It makes dancing bears out of each and every one of us.

I feel so sorry for LGB youth today. What a horrible time to be a teenager with all these corporate whores mostering your identity, selling it back to you and then telling you what you can and can't think as part of our 'community'.

Differences between the transgender ideological movement and the gay rights movement. by notdelusional in LGBDropTheT

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I think the main one for me is that the gay rights movement was a genuine grassroots movement, led by ordinary people who were genuinely brave in making a stand and risking threats, violence and social ostracism to push society forward. It was another non-violent civil rights movement to make Western democracies fairer societies to live in, and that notion of fairness and equality was something everyone (including conservatives and straight people) could respect and aspire to.

The 'transgender' movement is not respectful or democratic and doesn't seek the consent of the society it operates within. It seeks to bully, harass and bludgeon anyone that opposes it and because it has the backing of powerful vested interests it can do so by public shaming or economic punishment. It is not a grassroots movement - it has been suddenly surgically implanted as an idea internationally at the same time by co-ordinated lobby groups who have already co-opted national governmental infrastructures with shady laws (which are still largely unknown to the man on the street). It is an elite faction foisting a full frontal assault on the existing rights of others by non-democratic, immoral and corrupt means. It is autocratic and degrades everything it touches (eg. medical ethics, scientific rationalism, history, biology, linguistics etc).

It's also interesting to compare the 'spiritus mundi' of the gay rights heyday to that of today. The gay rights progressivism I would think is related to the post WW2 vision of building a better society (and maybe the Cold War need to show that Western democracies were free and fair and superior to communism?). It was successful partly due to the optimism and positivity of the young people of that time to make that progress happen, and the fact that everyone back then believed in Western democracy. The 'transgender' movement made its sudden big gains after the economic crisis of 2008, when ordinary people across the West were becoming more scared, angry and disgusted with their political class. It's fundamentally motivated by anger and alienation - rather than hope - and possesses a post-modern nihilism that is arrogant and domineering.

Young people today in the West are being economically squeezed like never before (by a political class they largely didn't vote for) and their ensuing rage and desire to punish others is being co-opted by bigtech perverts and corporate kleptocrats to maintain their control of the system. At heart, I think a large part of the youth of today want to wage a war on the Western democracies that they think have hurt them, failed them, and stolen their future. These young folk want to destroy all that remains of that failed Western tradition for the 'greater good', and elites hope that these people will be placated by unisex toilets, pronoun policing, and witch burning JK Rowling on twitter.

We all need a revolution but what we'll get is more anti-women, anti-gay and anti-intellectual persecution while the mob burns down our libraries.

Found meme on Instagram. Proves non-binary is just people opting out of their own gender vs trying to actively defy gender stereotypes. by Criticallacitirc in LGBDropTheT

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I'm a former field archaeologist and have studied anthropology and ethnography. I got curious one day and looked at a website claiming to show the historical pedigree of 'transexualism'. After all, homosexuals and bisexuals appear across time and space whenever human beings are present - because same-sex attraction is an innate part of the human experience. So what about transexualism? Clearly the TRAs crave that same stamp of historical legitimacy.

Well, let me spare your time and report that every single claim this TRA website made was 100% garbage!! There is no reason to believe that any human society or culture has ever recognised more than the two sexes that actually exist.

The main TRA case-study purporting to show historical transexualism is the much-misused Native Americans and their so-called 'Two Spirit' identities. This concept as reported in modern English-language culture is willfully misrepresented bollocks. Insofar as this 'Two Spirit' term is even meaningful (debatable as there was never a single mono-Native American culture), it refers to a cluster of non-typical gendered behaviours - mostly relating to either same-sex attraction/prostitution or ritualistic shamanic roles. In no way does it imply these societies actually literally believed men could ever become women (or vice versa), and it is horseshit to claim otherwise. It is obvious why same-sex attracted people might be understood as atypical of their prescribed gender roles - so obvious that that's why the modern LGB got lumbered with the T in the first place. And the animistic/pagan ideas of pre-modern human societies need to be understood in their proper context. These peoples lived close to nature and imagined a world full of terrifying nature spirits who could be propitiated with ritual mediation and sacrifice. Shamans walked with those (variously male/female/androgynous) nature spirits and were at times their literal human vessels, and so as such they were not regarded as typical males or females, but as something much more - in a ritualistic capacity anyway (shamans were usually allowed to marry and produce children like anyone else - although sometimes celibacy was imposed for specific roles - for some reason blacksmiths are almost always regarded as having freaky powers that needed ritual containment and sexual purification before they could begin their smelting work!). Maybe this ancient idea is similar to how modern Catholic priests are understood as definitely being 'men' but have celibacy/asexuality imposed upon them in a ritualistic capacity? To be close to their Christian god and become the spiritual 'father' of their flock means that they must sacrifice their male sexuality. Nobody thinks that in doing so that Catholic priests become women in any way - and yet it's a similar farcical distortion to imagine shamans as transexuals.

The other 'cases' of historic transexualism as gathered by this website were even more flimsy. With only one exception, the 'transexuals' were all examples of extremely pathological body-hating Christian sects who believed in mutilating their breasts/genitals in order to achieve greater spiritual purity. Or they were examples of male prostitutes who dressed in women's clothes to flaunt their wares. And the one exception was in Byzantine Egypt where high-ranking bureaucrats could nepotistically insert their daughters (if they had no sons) into plum political positions as long as those daughters agreed to behave as men and stay celibate - the upper class gerrymandering its own privilege is as old as the hills. But transexualism is not.

None of these ancient or historical cultures literally thought that adopting these 'unusual' gendered behaviours made men or women become the opposite sex, or that such a thing was remotely possible. Such an idea is very recent indeed and is tied solely to the twentieth century's discovery of hormonal drugs, and is yet another reason to look on the TRA lobby's claims with utter contempt. Transexualism is a very modern and very Western mental illness that has been mutated into a dangerous social contagion by the powers-that-be: attacking gay rights, bullying women, and foisting disgusting medical and psychological abuse on unwitting children.

[Rant] I wish the original meanings of bisexual and pansexual was brought back by LasagnaRossa in LGBDropTheT

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So as I understand it, in the new acronym soup there's no longer a Stonewall-approved sexuality to define those of us who fancy both men and women. Or those of us who only fancy the same sex. Like all same-sex attracted people now are told we must fancy transfolk or else we're evil 'transphobes' who will be excommunicated from the church of LGB??

Are straights allowed to keep 'heterosexual' to mean the opposite sex or are the wokescolds now redefining that for them too? I can't remember if 'straight' has its own little flag now for the corporate 'anyone can be queer' Pride money-grubbing.

But I'd LOVE to watch the gender wokesters demand that straights must consider mentally ill role-players as their life partners! Lol. The day the gender cult starts berating straight men for not dating transvestites with lady-dicks is the day this whole assault on reality comes crashing down.

In the meantime I'll stick with the oldspeak meaning of 'bisexual' and the knowledge that 2+2=4. And wonder if there's mileage in creating a LGB dating app to purposefully exclude all transfolk so those of us who are 'cissexually-minded' can live our lives in peace and only date people we actually fancy...

Aargh, so tired of being preyed upon by the trans mafia as a bi girl by GCurious80 in LGBDropTheT

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Sounds like a budding rapist, whatever bullshit gender patter he's spewing out at you. Whether gay, straight or bi - nobody ever needs to provide reasons for why they decline sex with someone. People who pretend not to understand this prove themselves to be abusers who are already attacking their victim's sexual boundaries and self-confidence. Today this man is using a bullshit gender slur on you to try to force you into sex with him, but who knows what such a basketcase of delusional woowoo is capable of tomorrow? I wouldn't leave any beverages that you intend to consume anywhere near this predator. And stick close to friends if you're out and about and he appears. Men like this are inwardly angry, overly entitled, and very dangerous to others - whatever 'gender identity' they choose to costume themselves in.

BBC Distancing Itself from Mermaids, The LGBT Foundation, The Gender Trust, and The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (cross-posted from by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I read something on twitter yesterday about how the BBC has just issued official 'guidance' to its employees on how they should include their 'preferred pronouns' on their email sign-offs. The BBC are still actively pushing this gender bullshit at anyone they can, starting with their own staff.