Is Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Peak Of Bethesda Fame !? by Nikolaarkan in Gaming

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One of the things I love about Skyrim is that I can go months without playing, then pick it back up without trying to figure out where I left off. Other RPGs are more difficult to pick up again like that.

Content on the Home tab by SierraKiloBravo in SaidIt

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Another thing that can be done is turning off the NSFW option. That got rid of most of what I didn't want to see without having to change the home tab. It'll only work for one of the new communities though.

A professor held her student's baby while giving a 3-hour lecture so the mother could take notes by SecretlyHistoric in GoodNews

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Not sure if you actually read the article. The professor was a woman who strapped the baby to her back. She was also walking around in front of the class and mother, actively lecturing. Any fondling would have been both difficult and visible.

Wth is this ice poisoning thing & why are all the posts on new so strange by astronautrob in AskSaidIt

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Is there a way to not see the s/incel posts? I'm not subscribed to them, but would prefer to not see their posts at all.

Immediate Uproar Follows a New Study that Says it's Okay to Eat Red Meat by Kangbanger in SundogsPlace

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Everyone seems to forget that moderation is the key. Eat what you want, just make sure it's in proportion.

Teacher takes in sick student to help him get kidney transplant by SecretlyHistoric in GoodNews

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I see that you're new here on Saidit. Please respect the Pyramid of Debate.

Wife Left This Overweight Middle-Aged Guy But He Decided To Change His Life And Become A Bodybuilder by SecretlyHistoric in GoodNews

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People leave each other for a variety of reasons. If the article had a quote from the wife saying that she left him because he had become overweight and lazy, that would be one thing. Her leaving might have been for a completely different reason. We don't know.

Seeking someone who is knowledgeable and experienced at importing into the US to help me answer some questions I have and maybe guide me a little by mbavl in kratom

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It sounds like you need a broker. The major carriers all provide brokerage services. Google fedex, ups, or dhl brokerage and start from there.

Starry Nightmare: Mount Dora hits homeowners with new fines for mural by dcjogger in news

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Are you kidding me? They painted a beautiful mural. Now they're being fined for it. Ridiculous.