Seems legit by SierraKiloBravo in funny

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Minority investor We-Ahdah B'Abi Iht Zatoye

Request: Baby dying from SIDS by Yellowrecon in WatchPeopleDie

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My wife ended up buying an Owlet Smart Sock. I can't say it's a foolproof idea because it depends on your phone working properly.

Suicide at an indoor shooting range by roger in WatchPeopleDie

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I follow what you're saying. Here, the gun range itself is the difference. If for some reason there existed a "pill-swallowing range" I imagine women would see the same treatment that lone men at a gun range might experience. Gun and pill ranges both would want to avoid being lightning rods for suicides. They likely need insurance, they would face legal or economic consequences if they're a demonstrated hotbed for suicides, and they don't want their employees and customers exposed to people offing themselves. But we don't get to witness policies against women at pill ranges because pill ranges aren't a thing.

Now, if they applied the double standard to purchasing guns and ammo, that would see the same outcry as men vs women buying OTC sleeping pills.

Absolute gender equality and practical application of double standards trying to reconcile themselves within society is fascinating. At least to me. It has now made me want to see a Rick and Morty universe that has pill ranges.

Elderly lady run over by truck (Russia) by PsychedelicXenu in WatchPeopleDie

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It looked like the people who hurried back into their car might've suddenly realized someone ought to stop or identify the truck driver. Dashcams everywhere might solve the ID part but I figured they tried to be helpful (in an emergency, adrenaline flowing, maybe having tunnel vision about what to do next) and catch up to and notify the truck driver.

I could be wrong. I've seen plenty of Russian driving videos where people Nope out of there.

Boulder comes out of nowhere and kills worker by Vengtan in WatchPeopleDie

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Link expired

I've become numb to most videos here. I challenge you guys to show me something worse than Funky Town. by Funkytown in WatchPeopleDie

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A post claimed to show a rat gnawing on a live discarded baby in a dumpster. This is the only link I could not bring myself to click.

Gas thief is electrocuted to death in a spectacular arc by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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I now see the line moving after the fall

Gas thief is electrocuted to death in a spectacular arc by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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Stupid question: Did an overhead power line do that, or is the gas truck somehow the source of electricity?

Very excited to see folks showing interest. by goebbels in WatchPeopleDie

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Refugee as well

Haven't seen any memes here yet, so not sure if this is allowed, but I guess I'm about to find out! by Laser_Magnum in piracy

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I'm on mobile and got the Image Unavailable too. I clicked Comments and was able to see the image on that page. Not sure why though.

TIL that, on average, Mercury is closer to Earth than our next door neighbors of Venus and Mars by Starlight_Fire in TIL

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What a satisfying gif

WWII bomber blown up by its own experimental bouncing "speedee" bomb at low altitude by ElonMuskOfficial in Death

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There is an episode of NOVA on PBS all about this, and about people recreating the bomb. Title was Bombing Hitler's Dams and was once streamable here but is seemingly no longer.

Did you know it's illegal to sell home-baked goods in N.J.? by dcjogger in news

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Along with not being allowed to pump your own gas, I wonder what else NJ prohibits.

What's inspiration behind your username? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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A friend's name in old old Runescape, the one with 2D sprites. It's not a name I'd normally use for myself, and one half of my brain picked it for shock value against the other half. Or something :P

NYPD Orders Google to Stop Showing Drivers Where the Cops Are At by Tom_Bombadil in PoliceMisconduct

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This is similar to a seemingly successful First Amendment argument about flashing headlights to warn other drivers of speed traps.