Slow motion of a scooter rider face planting a car by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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Town's mayor shoots a man then fatally shoots the man's wife during an altercation at a shopping plaza by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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He took 2 shots; the man got winged in his side abdomen then the woman started towards the mayor and he plugged her

Hitchhiker is hit by a motorcyclist who was clipped by a car. Hitchhiker was turning 22 the next day. by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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Watch the video recorded by monitoring cameras and released by social networks on Monday morning (6), which shows the exact moment of the accident that killed the young Nicole Lima Teixeira Old, 21 years old. The collision occurred around 8:00 am on Rua Conselheiro Dantas, in the Sagrada Família neighborhood. Nicole would turn 22 tomorrow.

According to information from the Military Brigade, the accident involved a Hornet motorcycle and a walking vehicle, a Pajero. The truck attempted to access Rua Conselheiro Dantas on Rua Teresa Moraes when the collision occurred with the motorcycle, which traveled in the main.

The two occupants of the motorcycle fell, but the hitch-hiker suffered serious injuries and could not resist. A 50-year-old pedestrian, who was waiting to cross the street, was hit. She was attended by Samu and was sent to Pompeii Hospital.

Woman falls over a balcony after quarrelling with her husband, DOA by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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Susana Sharifova, her husband Abulfas Bakhshaliyev and his children, who committed suicide by throwing herself out of the building in the center of Baku several days ago.

The woman, allegedly subjected to torture, is happy in the photos.

Recall that the relationship between a 31-year-old woman and her husband was violated, and often there were conflicts between them. A couple of days ago, the family was again involved in a conflict, and the young woman's younger children and her husband threw themselves out of the boat at home.

Her head was seriously injured by concrete and died while being taken to hospital. At present, Abulfas Bakhshaliyev is detained by the police. He told the police that Susana had psychological problems.