Swedish scientists prosecuted for finding that most rapes are committed by immigrants by Fourth_stage in debatealtright

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I don't know what the fuck the 'alt-Right' is

but I know Sweden has far more socialism and cancel culture when comapred to the USA or when compared to their Nordic friends Swedistan is something of a shithole country, remember when the entire nation was having cry baby hissy fits when Trump tweeted 'Last Night in Sweden'?

They act like Drones unable to think at times, like 'Law of Jante' idiots, they are far more hive-minded maybe even worse than some programmed Asians who are unable to think for themselves. Sweden thinks itself an expert on dealing with islam yet knows little of the islamo books, the 4th wave Swedish socialists they can not describe the life of the mohammedan who founded islam or never read the culture of rape, terror, jihad and pedophilia inside those shit islamo books like the Quran or Koran.

Is Gab the worst website ever created? by fschmidt in nonmorons

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Facebook or Instagram may be worse than Gab but As I understand Gab was a 'free speech' site not done very well but it offers people a place to talk but it projected a certain 'vibe' look at its lay out. While people were getting baned on facebook etc Gab steps in and it was there to seduce certain types. Then facebook and reddit started banning conservative posts as politics got heated, you had the pissgate and impeachment and Russia Russia Russia stuff, Antifa BLM propaganda on the news. Gab comes in while they are getting banned and saying prayer for speech. It was used to attract the Boomer Q-Anon Donald praying types who got banned from Facebook, reddit, instagram, and twitter. I understand some went to Voat some even tried saidit and other sites, but Voat was weird and scary for them back in those days, it was rooted in Libertarian and a little Rightwing 4Chan culture was there, Trash-Talking upset them, the chaos of voat Infuriated QAnon Boomers ...some even got scared and ran back home to reddit for more abuse even after they got banned. The Q-Anon thing was an online cult and they also love Nostradamus, israel, and "the end times", the gab prayer and 'Great Awakening' meme culture was a perfect fit for these cult types. Everytime a mass banning happens Gab grows, for example they once had only a few hundred thousand users, then after the bans on Corona deaths or Covid vaccine or bannings of fans of Jair Bolsonaro's party, the Social Liberal Party, millions more start moving to Gab, the Brazilian leader for example has an official Gab account

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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Good luck if you are trying but you should also learn the political lessons as to why so many sites fail, stacksity is a 404 503 error, hubski dot com is empty, snapzu dot com changed to a weird spam picture site, social media video site Vid dot me dead, frizbee.co nothing happening now blank page, tildes dot net is a ghost town, Ruqqus dying etc

Free Speech Reddit Alternative? by fschmidt in AskSaidIt

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Gab and Bitchute are there, Bitchute is starting to censor, there is also minds, telegram, odysee and medium. None of these sites are like saidit or reddit, they are more model on the facebook or youtube forumale. Poal could be an option other than saidit but it does censor and its culture changed to more Q-Anon Alt-Right after the Voat exodus, notabug.io even though it claims to be free it easily gets hijacked by bots, degenerate spammers and shills, Ruqqus will be dead soon and should not be on the list, the dot win community are the next big than after Saidit.

2007 Youtube had A LOT of antisemitic videos and upvoted comments (that are now scrubbed). by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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There is Vidlii that wanted to keep the old youtube vibe https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=m7oRqmJE5bs

your favorite female author? by RuckusChan in books

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Anyone read the book based on the trash meme called....What the actual fuck Canada? https://imgur.com/gallery/uf3YE 'Engel'??

Rachele Mussolini wins most votes in Rome city council election by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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She or the party insists surname is a ‘burden’? Daughter of the jazz musician Romano Mussolini, youngest son of Benito Mussolini, who was the Fascist Dictator of Italy.

Ruqqus is Officially Shutting Down by Rastafoo in news

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The Voat is dead 2014 - December 25, 2020 DEAD , it won't be coming back https://saidit.net/s/MeanwhileOnVoat/comments/71gj/voat_to_shut_down_dec_25/ but every once in a while you see old user names pop up with some old left-over pages and code and they try to give re-birth to some voat clone.

Ruqqus is Officially Shutting Down by Rastafoo in news

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A terrible pity because it had potential, Saidit has moral and principle and they have none. They at ruqqus didn't have the same Q-Anon crazy Libertarian base and Nationalism and Alt-Right posts as voat. I guess it was 'something' one time, ruqqus could have been soemthing and it was more about the memes.... but then came the censorship and bannings. https://saidit.net/s/SaiditAlternatives/comments/2l0e/make_a_ruqqus/ 'Ruqqus is ass, they ban everyone'

The downfall of Ruqqus is well documented on saidit

Then conversations were leaked across socialmedia of Ruqqus admin hanging with transexual weirdos on discord and talking shit about their own site, hating on their own user base. Then voat went down at Christmas and the voat culture arrived...kind of.... Ruqqus refuses to change its culture with new users, nazi commie rules are enforced to fight new users and it implodes due to Voat's exodus? https://saidit.net/s/whatever/comments/72ex/ruqqus_implodes_due_to_voats_exodus/ they did however at first mostly ban a group 'SoapBoxBanHammer' which I seen way back in the day at voat, I never understood their 'soapbox' agenda, they did have bots and they would troll, shitpost but they were also a mob or mafia and ran one of the most powerful upvoting downvoter mafias on voat and could destroy a person's karma or vote ability or post ability or they could promote their own shitty posts across the front page....I don't think many really cared that soapbox was banned the user base at voat itself mostly hated 'soapbox', I'm not sure where soapbox is now maybe at phuks?

More bug and server and technical issues Ruqqus down - "We are having account issues with our host. Ruqqus is down while we resolve these issues and/or move hosts." https://saidit.net/s/SocialMedia/comments/6c0n/ruqqus_down_we_are_having_account_issues_with_our/

QUOTE ' Nationality the Dual Citizen? "American" https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Ruqqus The internet is a terrifying place for your average normie, filled with differing opinions and neverending lulz guaranteed to redpill anyone easily susceptible to words online. Over the years, many websites have come and gone to cater to those wanting to talk about whores and niggers tonguing their anuses. But Reddit rose above the ranks, ushering in a new era of internet speech, until they didn't. In comes Ruqqus to save the day! Adam LaDine✡ had a dream in 2017, to create what Imzy once was in his own kiked vision. But he couldn't just create a Reddit clone and advertise it as Reddit with pro-Jew tendencies, he needed to figure out a way to sucker in a userbase dissatisfied with the state of Reddit at the time. Lo and behold, Adam had cracked the code! Just say it's a "freeze peach" website and you'll have your audience in no time at all!'

Ruqqus is going to embrace deletions, bannings and censorship? https://saidit.net/s/ruqqus/comments/5iao/ruqqus_is_going_to_embrace_deletions_bannings_and/

A buggy website 504 and 503 errors https://saidit.net/s/whatever/comments/7ose/503_service_unavailable_ruqqus_is_down_how_long/

who is Adam LaDine?

1 Month ago they start censoring Corona propaganda or Covid questions on behalf of reddit https://saidit.net/s/ruqqus/comments/8clh/massive_reddit_movement_to_ban_all_dissenting/ deleting user names, banning people and erasing their entire posts

Has neo-Orientalism killed our ability to sense the limits of Western influence? The failure of Afghanistan should open our eyes to the fact that we don’t really know other countries and cultures at all. by Chipit in WorldPolitics

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I am aware of it but never use it...and I guess everyone has opinions like everyone has an asshole...but here is my asshole opinion on my dislike of it. I hate using that term, never use it almost ever. It is a vague unclear 'term' but I like to be precise with the English langauge, when English is used in a shit Inaccurate Undefined way the language it becomes a language with no meaning. I have never ever used this term because for me it's a shit outdated term used by old pretentious farts from modern Britbongistan but I like the old term 'Mohammedan' or like using a term like Hindu radical or Atheist extremist or Sunni jihadist or Shiʿite terrorist because it actually defines something, I like a description like Tokyo-Shintoism because that also describes something exact, a people a religion an exact region. A while ago the city of Constantinople fell and was hijacked by Low IQ inbred islamist jiahdi mohammedans, rapists and terrorists and imperialist and bandits who prayed to a Moon-god al-Lah came attacking from Turkmenistan the culture of Greece or Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire is lost, the place would never be the same once there was islamist occuption of non-moslim land. The place of Afghanistan also used to be Buddhist, they were Macedonian, the followed ancient Persia religion or European Greek religions, they were influenced and conqured by Sassanids and Mongol, the 'Orientalism' thing is a really dumb ignorant term to describe Egypt, the Siberians, Greece, China, Russia, Aramaic culture, Manila Philippines, Ainu of Hokkaido, the Hindu of India, Thai culture, Afghanistan or ancient Mesopotamia, they are not all the same peoples. The word Orientalism is as stupid and meaningless as Eastern-Homosapien-ism, it has very little meaning.

Has neo-Orientalism killed our ability to sense the limits of Western influence? The failure of Afghanistan should open our eyes to the fact that we don’t really know other countries and cultures at all. by Chipit in WorldPolitics

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Mohammedans are not typically oriental they are from the Sandbox, the ones blowing up shit in Thailand are Orient, some are Congoid Negroe muslim jihadis, some are Desi from the Indian sub continent, others are Albanian in Europe, others are African Negroid type

Wars of the 2020s and 30s. by yoke in videos

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This vid is ok a times but other times is retarded and is shit, it puts India alongside America which it is not, if anything India is non-alligned, anti Anglo-British Empires and leans Russian and did during the Coldwar and is now part of Brics. The spooks and war mongers still run their shows, the ColdWar was shit for many with CIA and KBG spooks doing killings on both sides and sending nations to ruin. The British themselves have huge influence in US politics, its possible Zionist Jews and Suaid islamist Mohammedans have subverted the USA, their Masonic friends with old roads to Rome, London and Babylon who hate the US constitution and fucking the USA in the ass.

Why Bible Accurate Angels Are So Creepy by Enza in Religion

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The Cherubim is pretty interesting and cool, a story of a flying animal human hybrid without doubt the Roman and Greek changed the Cherubs to Cupids....and do the Masonics have their own gods or the Mormons or the Babylonian Talmud Angels and other 'Bible Inspired' sects?

Most People STILL Don't Know This!?! [The CIA origins of the Taliban] (11:56) ~ HighImpactFlix by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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I remember that smug asshole bill o'reilly shouting down Vets, screaming how dare you! when they brought up the fact that during Reagan and Carter's time missles and guns were being shipped in to support mohammedan jihadi islamist terrorists...This guy was one of the worst Neo-Cons that cheered as little Bush when the NeoCons went into Iraq for his bullshit war, bill o'reilly was screaming at Vets calling them communists or Liars or said they were lairs using Soviet propaganda by saying the CIA spook clowns were running guns to the Taliban just like the did during Irangate, he basically called US Soliders traitor Soviets for read true parts of history. The neo-liberals and regressive left have only learned from the Neocons and now push their own fake reality distored version of history.

The corruption in the country of the United States of America, I think its been going on a while. All those Pentagram symbols, the All Seeing Eye shit, the Grotto and Shriners, the rituals from Rome, Arabia pagans, the Jewish mystic links to Masonic clubs, London and mystery Babylon....the Epstein stuff is starting to expose what was really going on, the whole homosexual balckmail butt fucking human trafficking club has been around a while, they these global elite type probably had clubs in Home in New Orleans before there were VHS and digital camera phones, back in those days it was eyes cut out from paintings hidden in the walls. Not all of the clubs might have been truly corrupted back in the old days but I think the 'Dollar' was corrupted and the USA prostituted and sold out a long time ago.

The basic principles of Stoicism. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Ok, thanks i guess

What is your opinion on the Texas abortion law? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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It's the final stage of collapse. Last stage of the 'mouse utopia' experiment...the beautiful ones. There is a video the "Behavioral sink" by John B. Calhoun.

What is your opinion on the Texas abortion law? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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Not sure why this is 'Alt-Right'...the AltRight thing seemed like a fake phrase on day one with fake taking head clowns but back to Abortion. I don't get the whole baby making business thing or abortion industry, for me its mostly a non-issue but I don't see why any of this should or could be Tax Payer funded... How will taxes of the USA and the Western world be spent?

These days its sometiems an idea of popping out kids and expecting the US tax payer to raise them. However I would not support an extreme Communists system, China's Birth Control, One Child Family Planning Policy is far too extreme but I do however think some countries could do with a little social control, the dirt poor third world 'shithole' countries, the ones that have far too much poverty and kids sent to a life of child labor inside corrupt countries where women are the baby maker machiens and continue to pop out 8 or 9 or 10 kids.

I also don't understand the West sometimes, its glorification of degeneracy in the media, crime on tv, booze and drunks, the worship of killing the unborn baby, it seems kind of hendonist selfish and cruel. Why fund the mistakes of these idiots when any idiot knows if you fuck you can make kids, they don't want to take responsibility for their actions so then want tax payers to fund Abortions. I don't know what is the true answer, it seems the West is lost these days or stuck in some sort of decline. I also understand that for every issue there may be exceptional circumstances such as a deformed baby threatening the life of the mother or someone getting pregnant after crimes and rapes, so there should be unusual exceptions where a government helps fund something but stupidity and bad lifestyles should never be tax payer funded. I don't however see why US Taxpayer money just fund abortions for the lifestyle of hedonists, drunk and stoners get rewards and thearpy, getting their abortions funded, reward bad behavior with funding for people who do not take personal responsibility when they go fucking. Maybe some of them they could be made give up the child for a small fee and given to couples who are unable to make kids, so why fund their abortions when they screw about and have sex around the place like some copulating animals in some jungle? What is really weird is how the Big Globalist Food Companies got into the business and are now using human abortion cells and putting them into Foods as 'flavors' HEK 293 Cell can be found inside Kraft Foods Campbell Soup, Solae and Nestlé.

magnora7 speaks. (is on an internet break, and fine) by Node in SaidIt

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ok then.... this place won't collapse?

Biden orders declassification of Sept. 11 investigation documents by Drewski in politics

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Free missiles for the Israeli they 'Greatest Ally' only give a shit about themself, free guns, USA responds and bombs the jihads plus they give little care for the goy or cattle even if their friend is a 'Shabbat Goy'. The Arabs and Muzzies were probably dancing since they are taught to hate the infidel or 'kafiruna' many of them pray to and follow the life of the war monger pedophile jihadist called mahomet and they think their Moongod al Lah is real, if you read any translation of that shit book the Quran or Koran you might come to understand its an even more fucked up religion.

CEO Of Fact-Checking Website Snopes Suspended For Lying by 10ztalk in MediaAnalysis

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Clownworld continues regardless

Ruqqus bans 30+ guilds for 'Violence Advocacy' by Drewski in censorship

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WTF happened?

EU report about alt right humour by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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Alt-Correct culture?

Germans scientists say that Vitamin D increases the immune system by 3-5 times and is better than any vaccine. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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So no more lockdowns?

2 white supremacists refuse to empty black womans trash, so she does it herself as they watch by Kesomak in news

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the Real Wakanda?

I Thought Racial Pride was Bad. by Tarrock in politics

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Capoid Khoisan extermination, Congoid Negroes from the Niger Congo have killed Capoid Khoisan for thousands of years, this tribe and ethnicity almost ruled all of Africa. https://www.city-data.com/forum/africa/1992902-genocide-khoisan-people.html Congoids and Negroids exist, Police when they find a body they know if a long dead victim Yellow, White or Black, its how forensic Cops knows a victim simply by looking at bits of its rib cage or tigh bone or skull.