Remember when we actually posted stuff from Tumblr? by IX-Hispana in TumblrInAction

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The Tumblr porn ban was as much a flash point causing our current timeline as was the killing of Harambe

Were you someone who was always against trans ideology or was there a moment where you peaked? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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I can't point to any one thing to call the peak, but there are a few.

1) Not really a peak at all, but I just observed trans rhetoric and behavior over the years from various outlets like the original TumblrInAction. Nobody with the truth on their side needs to act the way trans activists do. They deny empirical reality, exhibit obvious signs of delusional narcissism, rationalize away obvious fetishism, invert their own ideological narratives on a whim whenever it's convenient, act abusively if you aren't 100% on board with affirming and celebrating everything they say or do, and so on. Worse still, they prey on lonely, often mentally ill teenagers online, acting eerily cultishly. This subsaidit is full of examples of all of these things.

2) I learned about John Money. He coined the terms "gender" and "gender identity" (words I have since endeavored to stop using, but still slip out out of habit at times); The experiment he used to derive the whole idea of gender as completely socially constructed and not a psychological extension of human sexual dimorphism, in addition to being horribly inhumane and outright illegal in one respect (he made case study subject David Reimer and his brother, both children, simulate sex acts on each other and recorded it), discredits that very idea. He, and seemingly the entire psychological establishment, just pretended otherwise and kept going with his narrative.

3) One of my least favorite archetypically trans behaviors is their tendency to invade online social groups, gun straight for moderation positions, and reshape the whole group around celebrating themselves; You can't voice dissent under threat of banning you or destroying the group altogether if it's sufficiently widespread. I thought my small, private, extremely niche group of best friends would've been a safe haven from this, but I was wrong. A member who had been dormant since the beginning suddenly became active, came out as trans, and started influencing the whole rest of the group to the point that I had little commonality with them anymore. I could've tried putting my foot down and removing him the moment I sensed incompatibility, but I try not to mirror behavior I hate in others under the pretense of "it's okay when I do it." Now that uncritical trans support has become the de facto litmus test for moral purity in spaces and among people that aren't explicitly right wing (which I also don't belong with, because thinking for myself has led me to become very heterodox), I don't even know where to find friends anymore without running the risk of others ejecting me over the trans issue and sending me back to square one.

Am i the only one who really hates the "As long as they aren't harming anyone, why do you care how people identify"? argument? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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I find it analogous to religion: You should be legally allowed to believe anything, but anyone who demands that I celebrate narcissistic behavior and vocally agree with denying empirical reality is making a social imposition on me; That's when I start to care. When the same people infiltrate and destroy communities, groom teenagers online, or openly fantasize about raping their political enemies, that is harming others and I am justified to oppose such behavior.

Why does the left fight for trans rights but not incel rights? by sneako in TumblrInAction

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The point is we want humanity to use our unique intelligence to see through our base predispositions and create a world as free from the unforgiving harshness of nature as possible, not to be captive to them and view such harshness as insoluble (or just). The fact that you and I are communicating right now is the result of a synthesis of hundreds of technological and social developments which never occur in nature. The anesthesia used to relax my body enough to surgically implant a pacemaker inside my heart is unimaginable to humans as little as 500 years ago, let alone animals with no capability of high cognition. Do you think I deserve to be dead because I have a neurological condition which causes wildly overactive vasovagal responses which cause asystole?

Am I saying we should have a system to harness women as sexual chattel for men who have failed to attract a partner? Of course not. What I am saying is that we shouldn't view evolutionary reality as morally prescriptive. Besides, most incels aren't inexorably hopeless and irredeemable. There are poor, ugly, socially awkward, and even violent, overtly misogynistic men with wives and children. A fifteen minute stroll through any Walmart should disabuse anyone of the notion that romantic and sexual success is only achievable by the genetically gifted of humanity. A lot of romantically challenged men don't even identify with that specific subculture, and don't deserve to be unfairly lumped in with them too. Most of them can be helped (even if they do need to take action on their own end, a socially oriented goal necessarily requires help from others), but the first step toward that is to not dehumanize them and act like their suffering is a good thing.

Why does the left fight for trans rights but not incel rights? by sneako in TumblrInAction

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I don't think this is the case. If it was, we'd constantly see public trans community supporters being outed for privately wishing ill upon them. I'm sure this has happened before, but it's not widespread. Not everything is 4D chess.

Will the ban have an affect on people changing their opinions on the social justice ideology? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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Yeah, I don't even think impugning humanity is necessary here; This is a purely a matter of compounding numbers. I'll just make up some numbers in the ballpark of plausibility for sake of illustration:

Say r/TiA had 1,000,000 subscribers. Of that million, we'll say 20% are bot accounts. Then 20% of the real users are dead accounts which the owner never logs into anymore. Of the active accounts, only 50% log in to Reddit regularly. Of the regular Reddit users subscribed to r/TiA, only 10% make a point to go to r/TiA regularly. Of the regular r/TiA users, only 5% are willing to make an account on a separate web service for the sake of doomsday community migration. Of the new s/TiA users, only 10% bother to log in to Saidit regularly.

Using those estimates, that population goes from a million to 160, which is actually slightly optimistic since I don't think the number of users online here at once ever exceeds double digits.

Will the ban have an affect on people changing their opinions on the social justice ideology? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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The simple truth is that censorship works. Nobody would use it, nor care to protest its usage, if it didn't. If thousands of people are now no longer able to post counterarguments to a position on one of the internet's most prominent forums, and millions of readers are no longer able to see what those counterarguments are, it's impossible to reasonably conclude that the counterargument would gain popularity. As for the Streisand effect argument, that objectively isn't happening. Even if r/TiA2 hypothetically would be allowed to exist, merely moving subreddits is enough to lose over 90% of people. Having to move to this site means we're down by an amount closer to 99.9%.

You also can't argue that the silent majority agrees with us even if they can't say so on Reddit, because we have no idea what a silent population thinks, or even how large it is. If they voice an opinion for us to gauge, they're no longer silent.

how did you nibbas feel when tumblr banned porn by yelgy in TumblrInAction

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Holy shit, I'm not the only one who does this! Not specifically on Tumblr, but sharing cringey fetish art to sadomasochistically spread the cringe around was one of my favorite roles in a group chat I was in for a few years. Giantess Sandy Cheeks sucking up cars through her dick was by far my favorite.