Looking for a place where you can have an honest opinion. by Wherearethesane in Introductions

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Everything is transphobic these days, it doesn't mean anything any more. It's a term nutters use to attack people with common sense.

Maya won - Gender Critical views totally free to be expressed in the UK by gloom in GenderCritical

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Superb news, about time we saw a little UK common sense.

GenderCriticalGuys has been banned from Reddit by HP_Lovecat in GenderCritical

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Of course it has. It wasn't afraid to stick to its guns and point out how absurd the trans philosophy is. Sex exists, and it can't be changed based on how you think you feel. We really need to start calling it Gender Dysphoria again, and let the screwed up kids move on to another fad, like being goth or something, and to get transsexuals the help they need and deserve.

This is why women are unlikable pieces of shit (and always will be) 👩 👩‍🦰 by Brent_Kaskel_Pussy_F in testing_sub3

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I just scanned your reply. I couldn't read the whole thing without losing brain cells. You're obviously young and inexperienced, so I will taper my response. Women like nice guys - I am one, and women really like me. Sure, young women make bad choices, but so do young men. I'll let you in on a secret - when girls say "I want a nice guy" then date a wanker, what's really happening is low self worth is driving them to make bad choices. Being horrible to girls is a dick move. Saying stuff like "be with me instead, I'm nice, and if you don't you're a bitch" only further makes them feel devalued.

I assure you, if you are a strong, considerate and empathetic male, you won't have any problems finding and keeping women. Just don't think being placid and gentle is enough, girls don't want to be dating Captain Boring.

And don't base your success on being able to say "I've fucked 3,000 girls" either - that's weak as fuck. You need to base your success on how strong your relationship is, now how many girls you've disappointed.

I feel really sorry for you. You're spectacularly out of touch with reality, and the saddest thing is, you'll blame anyone but you.

This is why women are unlikable pieces of shit (and always will be) 👩 👩‍🦰 by Brent_Kaskel_Pussy_F in testing_sub3

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Makes massive post attacking women Claims women pretend to be oppressed

You, sir, are a sexist, misogynistic asshole. No wonder women don't like you! I hope when you grow up you're nicer, for your sake as well as everyone else's.