🤡🤡🌎🌎 by shtposter9000 in Ice_Poseidon2

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fuck is wrong with ur fingernails u dirty bitch

EBZ back in the closet, NEVER FORGET this EBZ Roast by Debacle in Ice_Poseidon2

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That's the guy who made this


Contont 💤💤💤💤 by ElevenToesUp in Ice_Poseidon2

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This shit looks like some loop from a 24hr lofi beats to study channel

Alright how do we get this lowlife arab scumbag SeppTheMuslim out of this place? Nigga mad he aint allowed legally back into Syria by FelonMuskRogan in Ice_Poseidon2

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Hand him a live grenade. That shakey motherfucker would drop it

Captain Cuck saying to kids "I'll beat you until you like my little pony" Ehhhh? by [deleted] in Ice_Poseidon2

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Call the police

I'm (kind of) watching the Ice Poseidon stream. 300 Andy. Whining constantly thinking somehow the audience on Mixer will be different than Youtube. Took me 5 mins to get nammed from chat. What a failure. Imagine watching, yadda yadda. Ever seen a car crash and ignored it? by FuckTheViewers in Ice_Poseidon2

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we need to send some positivity in the chat to keep him focused. He came to mixer to escape the negativity and toxicity of the terrorists trying to ruin his life

I couldn’t keep this in anymore...Hampton Brandon was pressuring me to convince my bf to fuck him in the ass :( he said if I didn’t convince him, the TTD gang would come by and steal all my bf’s underpants and sniff the shit out of it, I’m scared 😟 by bunnymochi in Ice_Poseidon2

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Attention seeking bait number 3992482 from this cunt. She's worse than an EThot. At least they are open about it. And this one thinks she's actually funny too. Please Neck.........

Shoulders knees and toes should be stretched often.