Would this community here be accepting of weebs from Reddit? by Randomacts in SaidIt

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Sorry but Mastodon is not even remotely a replacement for reddit. It is a lot closer to twitter ect.

Would this community here be accepting of weebs from Reddit? by Randomacts in SaidIt

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Okay cool. This website is currently my first choice for premade websites to move to. I'll keep discussing this with others as an option as things crumble around us lmao.

Would this community here be accepting of weebs from Reddit? by Randomacts in SaidIt

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It is more a question of your rule #2 and if the site or I guess you as the admin would consider a lot of what weebs joke about as 'porn'.

Perhaps I'm being too careful about this after being witch hunter by reddit for so long...

While a /r/anime or /r/manga over here would undoubtedly have lots of discussions the meme subs might be more at risk. While we do have discussions in the memes it isn't as much.

Well I'll let the people know over at the discord know that you at least don't straight up hate weebs lmao.

[Meta] Not a whisper has been spoken about this but Reddit Inc. is about to strike a 150 million dollar deal (potentially 300 million) with a Chinese censorship powerhouse... prepare for HEAVY censorship. This is a very serious privacy matter you ALL need to be aware of! : conspiracy by useless_aether in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yup I'm here as well right now to investigate for the weeb community as reddit has been seriously cracking down on it to the witch hunt level.

While I'm aware and don't expect the need for having actual hentai subs we are having issues with completely SFW posts outright perma banning people from reddit. I'll have to see if such a community fits with the rules and what is wanted here but we don't want to go to voat so I'm hoping that there is a possibility that we could fit in here.

Well I doubt that we can get the whole 400k users over here as that never works with a community transfer I think that it would be a win-win for both communities if our idea of what we want match up.

I mean my other plan was seeing if someone could spin off a voat fork and just use that lol but an established community with devs that know what they are doing would be a lot better.

Edit: I feel that it is important to note that I'm not a moderator or anything of the sort from that community that I'm talking about however I can poke the mods if this seems like a good option to try.

Also we wouldn't get all 400k people here... I would say 10k would be the most I would expect but more likely a lot less at first until it gets traction as moving a community is hard.