14 years old by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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All the wars in the past century were solely fought by Jews?

Looking through the braincels archive and I'm amazed at how many people were on that sub by sneako in RealIncels

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Where are you finding /r/braincels archives?

Was Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes incel? by sneako in RealIncels

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Suzie liked him though. He reads more like a closeted homo.

Femcel fucks gigachad and gets suffers tremendously for it by greybeard in RealIncels

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They're literally doing what they accuse incels of. Being entitled, but to relationships instead of sex.

14 years old by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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How come white people never count all the people they rape and kill in all the wars they start in their tally of "the crimes of a race".

use s/incels by AnimeRespecter in Incels

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I thought that shut saidit down

The Return of the 90s Web by magnora7 in whatever

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What does coronavirus mean to us incels? by SaintCurrycel in Incels

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Alot of us are about to get hit on for the first time in our lives.

Are escort prices dropping? by boringcel2 in Incels

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I haven't seen them fall yet, I think foids are still in cope mode.

This is what goes through women's minds when they see Chad. by [deleted] in Incels

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Jesus Christ...

The final blackpill that made me hate society by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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As much as I hate women, I'd have done the same thing. You should have filmed it and taken pictures of it though, along with filmed all the people that laughed at you and didn't help you.

I'm not judging, I wasn't there and I'm sure it was a stressful situation. I'm just saying if you had it would have been an awesome blackpill, and it would have humiliated normies by reveling their ridiculously cruel nature that they endlessly accuse incels of having. This reminds me of an incident that happened in China that humiliated normies over there.

There was footage of a truck driver accidentally hitting a toddler. After he realizes what he had done, he backs his truck over her to try to finish her off. Reason being is that the way lawsuits for personal injury work in China causes pretty much anyone at fault for an accident to be completely ruined, so it's better if the person you hit your car with dies, than lives.

All the people in China clutched their pearls for months, as if this type of dehumanizing shit doesn't happening daily in their neo-liberal pressure cooker that values profit over people.

My point being is is that it fucked mentally with the nomries over there for months because they know damn well they've done shit like that in the past.