Both: How can we get more tucute and transmedicalist people on this sub? by Rae in GCdebatesQT

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u/transwoman got lucky getting that username! I'm surprised it wasn't taken!

Yeah, I think you did it right.

Famous gender critical/radical feminist celebrities, academics, researchers, influencers, etc.? Or other famous celebrities that have been called "terfs" because they believe in biological sex? by Rae in GenderCritical

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Thanks! I didn't know about William Shatner, Gillian Philip, or Ricky Getvais.

Famous gender critical/radical feminist celebrities, academics, researchers, influencers, etc.? Or other famous celebrities that have been called "terfs" because they believe in biological sex? by Rae in GenderCritical

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Thank you! I'm trying to put together a list on Tumblr. I'll share it here when I'm done.

Both: Is socialization always binary? by peakingatthemoment in GCdebatesQT

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I don't think there's any way for socialization to be "binary". Socialization always continues; it's a process. I think of it as a person's collective individual and general/cultural social experiences. Anything from interpersonal relationships, brief social exchanges, movies, gender norms, advertisements, work, school, etc. It also has to do with how you are treated by who and why. It's highly complex and not the same for anybody individually. However, some groups of people are socialized similarly in some areas due to their sex, sexual orientation, race, color, nationality, disability status, mental health, income level, etc.

GC and QT refer to socialization like it's in the past because most of the time they are having discussions or debates as to whether a person can be a woman even though they did not experience the same socialization that most girls go through.

Both: If you could go back and be born as the opposite sex, would you? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I like that I have the ability to gestate human life. But yeah. I think I would choose to be male if I could go back.

GC: If two bi humans are in a relationship, is the relationship a bisexual relationship? by Nohope in GCdebatesQT

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Whether people are in a homosexual relationship (or same-sex, if you prefer) or hetero relationship depends on the couple's sex, not their sexual orientation. So two bi men in a relationship are in a homosexual relationship. A bi man and a bi woman are in a heterosexual relationship.

A post in a small South American sub mentioned r/RedditAlternatives and it sent me here by eduBA in Introductions

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Hey, welcome! I'm here because r/GCdebatesQT was banned for no real reason. I'm glad you're here!

Both: Did you identify as either QT or GC, and then switch sides? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I identified as a liberal feminist for five years.

I started when I was 16, had my first boyfriend, and went down an online rabbit hole because I thought I was asexual (really I was bisexual with a history of sexual trauma and also generally just not ready for sex).

I frequented Tumblr often and liberal feminist thought was the first opinionated content I found that appealed to my young brain. I also followed a lot of asexual content and "tucute" opinions were strongly central to both of these things.

Five years later a "terf" slipped through my block list radar and I somehow followed her. She posted a mundane shitpost about the inanity of gender identity and I felt my psychological world become literally flipped upside down.

For three days I remember walking around the house stumped and with a pit in my stomach realizing exactly how bad womankind has it and understanding women's oppression for the first time.

I swung too hard in the other direction and tried to life a life of ideological purity as a "rudefem" radfem. I was angry constantly.

Then I came across r/GenderCritical when it had 3k subscribers and an entirely different climate. They helped me even out and become more analytical about things.

Now here I am!

Both: How do you feel about pronouns? Are they are a courtesy or a right? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I consider it a courtesy, not a right... But like, I think it's a dick move to intentionally call someone pronouns they don't prefer to their face.

I use preferred pronouns when I'm talking to the person or people who might be close to them. Especially if someone passes, I'm not about to "out" their trans status to people they might not want to know.

However, in the absence of the person or people close to them, I'll generally refer to the pronouns attributed to his or her sex/how I percieve them.

I think they/them pronouns sound clunky. Also the first thought that comes to mind is, "oh, so this person believes sexist stereotypes and/or spiritual feelings makes someone a man or a woman/not a man not a woman..." But, still, I'll use these pronouns out of etiquette and avoiding confrontation.

SaidIt mod rules by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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I'm worried about trolling.

QT: can we stop with the violent rhetoric? by GCurious80 in GCdebatesQT

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Thank you. I'm glad to hear that.

Also, welcome to our little community!

Off Topic Friday (Saturday edition) by Rae in GCdebatesQT

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Thanks! TIL.

Off Topic Friday (Saturday edition) by Rae in GCdebatesQT

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I have a question for everybody. Who the fuck is Spez? I've seen him mentioned on Reddit in subs like r/WatchRedditDie.

Welcome Reddit refugees by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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I'm u/clever-science

I might just try it anyways. Not in attempt to start a new permanent space on there or anything but link people to here and the discord link when they try to find us.

Also apparently this site does have a mobile app but it's layout is super weird. Still makes it easier to click around I guess.

SaidIt mod rules by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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You should just go mad with power and delete everybody's comments. XD

Welcome Reddit refugees by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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My fat thumbs are definitely having trouble navigating this site. I wish there was an app!

Thanks for the invite.

We should make a list of users to invite much like we did when we made the sub private. I hindsight I kinda wish we freezepaged that thread...

Edit: What will happen if I just try to start a new debate sub on Reddit? lmao 🤷 I have a VPN. I'm assuming being shadowbanned will be my consequence. Not sure how shadowbanning works.

ALL: Can trans folks be TERFs? by Elly in GCdebatesQT

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I guess from the standpoint of people who call other people TERFs, yes trans people can be TERFs.

Which comes across as a different sort of sad to me. Trans people being called "trans exclusionary" for wanting their own spaces separate from women, for wanting to be counted in diversity quotas, etc... for essentially wanting trans people to be recognized as their own distinct group with needs and goals different than women. It's not being "trans exclusionary" to want trans people to have these things.