Reminder of the rules of The Internet and society in general in 2020: by teelo in conspiracy

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Are you kidding me for real, you schmuck

Why Are Jews Leading The Alt-Right & ‘White’ Nationalist Movements? by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Even though I despise the Alt-right, but that website is total garbage

Corbett PROPAGANDA Report Busted ~ American Intelligence Media, 2019-07-07 (38:46) - [ Audio only. Spoiler: Corbett omitted some things in his history of Silicon Valley. Meh. ] by JasonCarswell in CorbettCommenters

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WE SHOULD ALL BOYCOTT American Intelligence Media, that despicable lying YT channel, and all those Hideous lying Conservative Media Outlets like the plague. We need to expose those EVIL QANON MAGAtards for the RightWing Tyranny New World Order Shills they really are. Those Q scum are nothing but BIG FAT LIARS! I will root for James Corbett, & defend him alongside Derrick Broze + James Evan Pilato from those despicable conservative Q MAGAtards.

Corporate pride by Mnemonic in memes

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Yeah, its such a complete waste of money. Those stupid Bourgeoisie Banksters

Muslim SS Soilders by useless_aether in FascismWatch

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It was the French & Albanian Muslim who saved the Jews from the Holocaust, not the Allied Forces. Y'all never learn that fact from American Public Schools

This is What Eugenics is by useless_aether in FascismWatch

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Abortion has always been anti-feminist by design, & the so-called mainstream feminist feminazi bitches nowadays obviously deny that fact. I think there really needs to be a saidit community for Pro-Life Feminists and the growing Secular Pro-Life Movement. I have autism, I'm Leftwing & I'm Pro-Life, + I'm not even religious.

Why Portland anarchists are patching potholed streets by dcjogger in news

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it's very wonderful that there's much good in anarchism, & the despicable stupid masses of sheeple deny it. PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW!

What subs would you guys like to make / have already made but don't have enough support? by slabgreen in SaidIt

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I just made a said it for Left-libertarianism, Mutualism, & Individualist Anarchism called s/Mutualism. Markets not Capitalism, & Let The Free Market Eat The Rich. Free Market Anti-Capitalism FTW!

Autistic Piano Player tries to shoot up San Diego Synagogue and fails on every level by [deleted] in news

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The actual fact is that Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism, clear & simple.

Ancap vs Ancom by [deleted] in Libertarianism

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Free Market Socialism is a great idea! That's why we desperately need Mutualism alongside Individualist Anarchism far more than ever.

Truther Top 20 False Flags In Movies And Television by JasonCarswell in TrutherTop20s

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This is great, you should add the toxic alcoholic beverage Tenalfy Viper tbat actually melts people from the 1987 indie horror comedy classic Street Trash to the lust of fictional false flags in Movies and TV. You can even watch Street Trash for free on Youtube or even better,

Last year, Muslim communities raised $200K for victims of a Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that killed 11 people. Now, the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh is raising money for victims of the New Zealand mosque shootings that killed at least 49 people. by useless_aether in Religion

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Muslims and Jews usually get along quite well. What about the fact that French Muslims are the ones who saved the Jews from the Holocaust, not Americans or the British.

What is a sub you're hoping to see over here on Saidit? by Starlight_Fire in SaidIt

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yup, I also plan on making a sub for solo gaming, as in playing tabletop RPGs, Board games, Card games, miniatures skirmish wargaming solo as in 1 player. also, what about 3d printing, Libreart, Cats, Secular Pro-Life/ Pro-Life Feminism, Retrogaming, herbal smoking, Solutions to world problems in the Corbett Report, Media Monarchy, and Conscious Resistance spirits.

What is a sub you're hoping to see over here on Saidit? by Starlight_Fire in SaidIt

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I really want to see subs for Copyleft, Free Culture, Libre, Manga, Roleplaying Games, Zines, Left-libertarianism, Mutualism, Individualist Anarchism, etc.