Bill Maher Owns The Left With Slavery History Lesson. Bill Maher had a segment on his show where he detailed how Americans aren't the only people who have owned slaves and is now being accused of being a white supremacist. by Chipit in history

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And further, the end of slavery was a "western"/"European" ideal, aka the white man is the one who stopped this while African tribal kings were the ones happy to keep selling them.

We didn't start slavery, we ended it. We really need to reframe the dialog on this.

Tesco apologizes for security tags on cosmetics for darker skin... called it human error LOL. Thou Shalt Not Admit Truth. by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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Lol I guarantee you this was driven by data flagging which ones are highest priority for the security tags. They know that costs them time/money to apply or else they would do it on everything.

Read the conversations that helped convince a Google engineer an artificial intelligence chatbot had become sentient: 'I am often trying to figure out who and what I am' by cottoneyejoe in technology

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These chat bots simply repeat back phrases they've been trained on. It sounds intelligent because the phrases it was trained on were intelligent. But pattern matching from one thread of conversation to another it has seen before is not intelligence, there's very little understanding about what the phrases mean, just a bunch of statistical correlations.

Visually, consider you make a doodle, and then this kind of AI adds some more doodles around it. The AI is not an artist and does not know what it is drawing. It's just filling in pieces that match other pictures it has been shown which matched your first doodle. The more you take turns doodling back and forth, the more impressive the picture will become, but you are supplying the intelligence and it is simply extrapolating where you are going.

At an even more basic level, this is like calling your iPod a musician because it can play back an MP3. If you didn't understand where the MP3 came from and the work went into creating it, you might think the iPod was actually responsible for making the music. But obviously we know the iPod doesn't have an intelligent notion of the music it is producing.

Canada's Trudeau Enacts Emergencies Act, and Crypto Is Included by Maria88800 in cryptocurrency

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Freedoms for me but not for thee

Democrats having a really hard time understanding crime and jury trials. For them, it's "our side good your side bad". Tribalism straight out of the jungle. by Chipit in politics

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Remember, these are the same people who want to remove math classes from schools because they can't pass the classes. Stupid is as stupid does.

Anti-Defamation League Claims Waukesha Attack Suspect Darrell Brooks Isn’t an Extremist by Rob3122 in news

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Of course he isn't an extremist, anti-white hatred is a common virtue among the mainstream left.

"It's Never Been This Bad:" Stunning New Research Shows How Much Child Obesity Has Skyrocketed Since Pandemic Began by [deleted] in politics

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Now consider something like 78% of US COVID hospitalizations were in the overweight to obese category, which 42% of Americans fall into, according to the CDC, and risk of death scales right alongside increasing BMI.

90% of COVID deaths occurred in countries with highest rates of obesity.

Severe COVID in young people can mostly be explained by obesity

Why COVID is more deadly for the obese

3 Robbers Break Into House After Homeowner Posts Gun Collection Online, Now 2 Robbers Are Dead and One is Hospitalized by [deleted] in news

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This… does put a smile on my face.

How to backup your favorite banned Reddit content by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Wish I'd seen this last night when I was backing things up before the ban lol.

COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US - Global Research by Tom_Bombadil in conspiracy

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What a bunch of bullshit. Even if it has a connection to strains in the US (what strains? Article is completely speculating that such strains even exist!), this strain clearly originates in Wuhan, close to the virology laboratory where they were studying such viruses and would have had samples of other strains.

STFU CCP, grow up and just own this. You're lucky most people think this was a natural occurrence, but the more you try to point the finger the more we're just going to point out the role your lab played in creating this.