Ironic how guys who were mentally too weak to handle the blackpill, are now thinking they can give us advice on how to "escape" inceldom. by Lifecantrulysuck in RealIncels

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The blackpill predicts that an incel who lucks out and gets a romance, will not be treated well.

This guy is a good example of what typically happens when an incel beats the odds and ascends. He got a GF through his Youtube channel after many years of looksmaxxing, gymmaxxing and educationmaxxing (he has an advanced degree in STEM). And guess what happened? She ended up physically abusing him, and he didn't even try to defend himself because he was scared of being falsely accused of having initiated it, and she cheated on him with a stereotypical jock and then left him. He gave her a lot of money too, although not as much as his parents wanted him to.

When a Shy Girl Says To Just Be Yourself by Fluidfig in RealIncels

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I've been called weird/annoying/creepy for literally being myself.

Removed AnimeRespecter as a mod by trident765 in RealIncels

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Maybe he should be given a second chance as a mod if he apologizes. It does seem like he has contributed quite a bit to this place.