Huh... /r/joerogan set to private by ThisMyAccount in JoeRogan

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The question begs to be asked. Where's the new Joe Rogan sub going to be? Here or Ruqqus?

Saidit Ombudsman? by PopASquatt in SaidIt

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Ah, s/help looks like it already does that service. Thanks for the heads up, cheers

I saw a lot of Haters on saidit getting their rocks off and salivating at the idea that this intelligent, beautiful, powerful obsession of theirs would take an L (LOL) How does it feel to be wrong about pretty much everything, and still support a broken, soulless, corrupt, criminal u.s. oligarchy? by EndlessSunflowers in pics

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Lol seeing posts like this reminds me of the old days of the internet. We need to be able to make fun of each other. People that take themselves too seriously are such a bore.

Just another Reddit refugee by ThinkerBunny in Introductions

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Welcome! Hope to see you posting your opinions around. The more original thinkers the better.

What made you switch from reddit to Saidit? by Wrang1er in AskSaidIt

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The madness.

Former Digg refugee now Reddit refugee by PopASquatt in Introductions

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You're right, it has been apparent for many years now that Reddit had eclipsed its "reasonable" golden era. The only reason I hadn't left earlier was the lack of a decent alternative. Saidit looks like it could be that alternative. Chatting with you right now and seeing the responses of many of the other users in s/introductions has got me hopeful. I want people to disagree with me, and elaborate on their perspective. We're not infants. We can be reasonable even during extraordinary times.