A former actuallesbians mod speaks... comment was removed by censorshipment in GenderCritical

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Al is back online now and the first reason they give is to protect members from those evil doxxing t*RFS. Then further down the post they speak a little about the mod drama but nothing to do with his and his husbands disgusting behaviour! It's been really telling how most other subs went dark in protest against but Al only went dark to protect the mod.

I got banned from 18 subreddits yesterday by CastleHoward in GenderCritical

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Well done you. I've seen so many subs talking about it saying 'T*RFS not welcome'. They've shut all the female centered subs so now anyone who doesn't agree with the tra narrative gets silenced

Trans community learning how does it feel to have your safe spaces invaded and mouths shut by the moderation by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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My favourite sub is TrueCrime and I'm happy how they handled it. They didn't go dark but the stopped comments and left an explanation pinned. This ment that people out of the loop could understand what was going on (and its how I found out about it all)

Alan Turing on the £50 note by CastleHoward in LGBDropTheT

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Rip to a great man. The way our country treated him after the war was just awful. I think his featuring in the note shows how far we have come in terms of lgb acceptance

How do you feel about the word Queer? by QueenOfTheNorth in LGBDropTheT

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Hate it, growing up in the 90s UK, it was always a slur that got yelled at us.

I got hung up on when I called Rachel Levine a "he." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Everything is recorded now so I wouldn't be surprised if she hung up because she thought it was a 'gotcha' recording and if she thought if she said 'he'' she would get in trouble.

Nothing makes me cringe and want to scream at the top of my lungs more than glorifying the word “queer” by nbailey73 in LGBDropTheT

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When I was a teenager it was a slur. It would be spat at you as you walked down the street holding hands with your girlfriend. I hate hate hate how it's become part of mainstream language now.

Trans person posts on "actuallesbians": "I'm a cis lesbian and transphobia hurts all women." Elsewhere identifies as non-cis and posts in bisexualteens by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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I just saw that now! Seemed like an obvious fishing post. My guess is any comment disagreeing would be deleted and the poster outed as a t*rf and banned. You literally can't have a debate on reddit if you are on the side of women. The comment about transphobes being on the side of the patriarchy and being ultra Conservative made my blood boil, I've been going on feminist marches since the 80s and have protested BNP rallies, how does believing in biological sex make me Conservative?!

Brigading never ends on r/askgaybros... by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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I still feel pissed that all the true lesbian spaces got taken down in the ban wave but male gay spaces (and lesbian spaces for straight male gaze aka r/lesbians) are still up and running fine. I mean, I don't want mens spaces to be taken away from them either but it just shows how antiwomen reddit is and it makes me so mad.

One fell swoop: The rise and fall of TERF-loving transbian Eddie Izzard by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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He's an English celeb. He's big here(outside of his comedy shows) because he's always unashamedly worn make up and heels but never as a drag queen or trans woman (well until the last year I think) just because he wanted to. He was gnc and it was refreshing. Not sure what's happened that's made everyone turn on him now tho?

Bisexual and lesbian women: do literally *any* of you use the word "boobies"? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Last time I said boobies was when I was a child and figured out you could spell it on a calculator.

This is a test created by TIMs for other prospective TIMs to test if they have real ladybrain. Test yourself and find out! by gendercritfem in GenderCritical

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Sooo many stereotype. Can you park well, do you like maths, did you like to play make believe or sports as a kid.

lesbians aren't women 🤪 by chokeonartichoke in LGBDropTheT

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Arrrrr! There are no "rules of women hood" why don't these people get it. Being. A woman is not: wearing a dress, being attracted to men, being submissive, liking pink, or any of the other bullshit stereotypes that are pushed on us from society from birth! Being a women is literally just being an adult human female.

For sale: comic book cat plushie with trans flag "TERF masher" [bat], "to help keep you safe at night" by vijfkeervier in GenderCritical

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Once again violence against women is fine and marketable.

Commenters wonder, "Are TERFs closeted non-binary?" by anxietyaccount8 in GenderCritical

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Quote: "When it comes to sex, I'm more like a man, except there is no fun if she isn't having fun"

Does she honestly believe all hetero sex is this one sided. Everytime I've been with a man I was treated with respect and we have both had fun, same with the women I've been with too because that's how adults have sex, it's two people enjoying themselves!

“Basic trans etiquette” sounds like a cult by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I don't get it though. Without the surgery it's all just feelings and stereotypes. It's so bloody cult like. With religions(at least where I live) im allowed to say "you believe in god but I don't, both of us can just go about our lives" but with this movement if I say "you believe you are a woman, I don't" I will get shot down for hate speach and possibly loose my job!

A Kafkian trans dictatorship beginning in Spain..... by QueenBread in GenderCritical

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I thought you were talking about the clothing for a second 😂 I think I need more sleep.

Everything is killing trans people #376 - cis het Harry Styles in a dress by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Such regressive sexism! Only women can wear dresses? Ever been to Scotland? Or a 90s goth night out or studied fashion history ever?!

Peter “Katrina” Swales is a power mod of subs r/lgbt_KidsZone & r/transgenderteens but r/GenderCritical is banned. The world is upside-down. by Oof_Too_Humid in GenderCritical

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What a disturbing read :( like it says in the article I think he was, in part, a victim himself. From his disgusting father to being groomed online by older perverts.

But this is why we need safeguards to stop children and young people becoming involved in this!

Charlotte Clymer: "This is the first time a presidential election victory speech has specifically mentioned the word "transgender" and made a commitment to us. Joe Biden has got our back." by purrvana in GenderCritical

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I think Biden might calm the trans issue. When trump banned trans people from the military it became 'cool' and anti establishment to be trans and if you said anything against it you were seen as Conservative or 'one of the bad guys'. I'm hoping taking away trump will make it easier to have grown up conversations about it.

My gay transman identity is hijacked by cis women who treat my relationship like their porn, their toy, their property by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Wow there's a whooooooole lot of internalised misogyny and deflection to un pack there.

Star Trek's "first nonbinary character". by bopomofodojo in GenderCritical

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Star trek have had loads of gnc characters! Drax for one was one of my favourites growing up. And in TNG the director said he thought the future would've gone past gender norms so had background male characters in dresses often!

Yaniv targets beauty pageant in new discrimination complaint | Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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Yaniv is off his rocker. He is literally going around looking for fights at this point. Does anyone, other than his mother, actually support and agree with him?

"Those who say chromosomes define sex, haven't seen their chromosomes" by xAcidRainx in LGBDropTheT

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I study and work in biology, I've seen my chromosomes and I've taught kids in year 7 how to see their own dna in their spit. I trust in science.

Dear Abby tells reader that reader’s husband’s cross-dressing is a “need,” not a “like” by NDG in GenderCritical

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See this is why society needs to be more gender critical! If men and women could wear what ever they want with out it being seen as a male or female this would not be an issue! These clothes would not have become 'taboo'/sexualised for the husband to become obsessed with and the wife would not feel threatend by the husbands choice in clothing.

Global TERF sidewalk chalk protest - October 30th. Get your fingers ready to do some chalking! #ChalkAboutIt by BEB in GenderCritical

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York here! Would love to take part

I think I just peaked again. by guttersunflower in GenderCritical

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This is the most obvious troll ever. This was a gods darn south park episode about a decade ago!

Well biological women are screwed. Might just go back to being a man. by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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This right here is male privilege. He can make believe being a woman until it gets difficult then skip back to presenting male. American women don't have that luxury, if trump rolls back reproductive and freedom rights for women then there is nothing they can do except live with it.

It's almost like female oppression is some how linked to our biology and our sex is how the patriarchy has controlled women for centuries.

Bookshop stops stocking JK Rowling books amid transphobia backlash by ekitten in GenderCritical

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So did they take down all the Thomas Harris books too? How about Ian banks book 'the wasp factory'? Nope just attempt to tear down a powerful woman because she's attacking the patriarchy.

Am I transphobic if I don’t want to have sex with trans women? The answer is "complex" and somewhat rapey. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The article started fine then just devolved into "conversion therapy to love penis, with extra steps"

Burger queer! Eat some burgers at Burger queer! by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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When I was a teen in the 90s the q word was a slur. Now companies are marketing it and getting cheered...very weird

Before peaking, how much of an ally were you? by Dravidian in GenderCritical

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I took my trans friend on his first 'girls shopping trip'. We went and got him measured for a bra, had a make over and bought female clothes. It was a nice day but also weird because I have never done the thing we were doing (grew up poor so never have had a proper bra fitting I always grab cheap bras from asda, don't wear makeup because I work in a lab all day, and I get my clothes from charity shops not places like zara etc).

The crazy thing is at the time it felt so supportive but he is actually the reason I peaked. We did all these 'female' coded things then when I talked about how our school was setting up a separate bathroom for transgender students he got really angry because that would be othering them. I tried to explain that I've worked in a school for years and have actually caught male and female students doing things in bathrooms before (I work in Upper school so these were 16/17year olds) so I know from first hand experience that hormonal teenagers can't always control themselves.

His complete black and whiteness over the school bathroom issue peaked me. Plus he was a 26year old man who didn't work in education so why was he so bothered.

I reccommend watching Futurama's episode "Bend Her" by QueenBread in LGBDropTheT

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The simpsons episode where patty is going to marry a woman then marge finds out its a man pretending to be a woman to compeat in women's golf games. The episode ends with the man saying "patty do you still love me" and patty says "no! I like girls! ' If that was made now she would probs marry him

Am I, a man, a lesbian? Wherein everyone says yes. by millionssomething in GenderCritical

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I feel like I've gone crazy when I read the comments to things like this. People don't actually think like this in real life do they? Also nice misogyny there ofcourse it's "his mums fault"

Women have "god-status" and just need to look good. Mansplaining by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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Sounds like incels but with extra steps

If the relationship involves a vulva owner... by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Vulva owner?! The language is so dehumanising. By this logic: trans women who are pre-op are penis-owners and its OK to call them as such?

It's so frustrating that this is how woman are spoken about now. I do think this is coming more from people who are trying to be woke, rather than actual transexual(medically diagnosed) people because this kinda of language was never around 4 years ago.

Parent in /r/parenting is just so proud of 6yo for coming out as trans. Many of the comments are surprisingly sane. by Feather in GenderCritical

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"hey look at my socially acceptable munchhausens-by-proxy! Shower me with praise as I use my child as a tool for gaining attention"

How old were you when you had sex for the first time? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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16 with a man(age of consent here in the UK is 16 it was young romance with my first love ) and 19 with a woman.

Ageism and TRA: "My suggestion is -- grow the fuck up and stop being an imbecile." - Maria MacLachlan by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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See stuff like this shows how entrenched in patriarchy they are. In old matriarchal cultures the three stages of women were given equal reverence. You have the maiden, the mother and the old crone, each stage has its own power but the old crone would be no less than the maiden, just a different stage in life.

We've reached peak crazy. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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If my vagina looked like a penis then I would need to go see a doctor because that would be a prolapse.

How do you do fellow women? by avena_sativa_3 in GenderCritical

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Stunning and brave /s

Trans activists are nice people by Lingenfelter in GenderCritical

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It's just keeps on going :( but of course #thisneverhappens /s

BBC Distancing Itself from Mermaids, The LGBT Foundation, The Gender Trust, and The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (cross-posted from spinster.xyz) by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Yeah the political landscape over here is very different to America. Plus I think even our bathroom debate is different. American toilet stalls have almost no privacy where as in the UK our doors have very little gaps and there was already alot of single use/unisex loos. I think that's why when the "bathroom debate" was raging on we didn't get it.

r/terfisaslur, r/GenderCriticalGuys, and r/LGBDroptheT all just got banned by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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When I was younger we were always fighting the right side to gain more rights for women and stop rigid gender roles. Never in a million years would I have believed that left politics would be just as bad for women. It seems so much more insidious as well as its all under the umbrella of 'wokeness' and correctthink.

Margaret Atwood stanning how sex doesn't really matter by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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No :( the handmaid's tale literally changed my life and opened my eyes to sex based oppression when I was a teenager. The whole book is literally how women are beaten down by the patriarchy because of our physical ability to bare children (and it even covers childlessness and infertility in the story as well and those women are still impacted by men) urgh I'm so disappointed

Reddit banning GC caused me to Peak by PostmodernJukebox in GenderCritical

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There was so many! And the most telling thing was not a single one was "duuuh I think trans people are dumb and should be killed duuuub" Each post was an example of how our rights as woman are being taken from us, how men are making us feel uncomfortable or harassed and we can't talk about it because it's hidden under this woke blanket of silence!

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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The Rachel dozeal thing is very confusing to me. I'm a white woman so maybe it could be something I don't understand but to me race has always seemed inter changeable and created by society. I see race as a massive spectrum where as gender is so obviously binary: man or woman with genetic intersex as the outliers.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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I was the same! There was an artical in the papers years ago about how a "brave tra stood up against an evil hate shouting trf and punched her" At first I was all "yeah take down the person yelling hate" Then I actually read the article the "trf" was a tiny old woman maybe in her 60s or 70s and she was simply saying biology is real. The brave "woman" who hit her was an obvious male, 6 foot plus in his 20s with muscles.

That was my peak and it lead me to gc on reddit and I've not stopped reading since.

Running from the gender critical bans by Cat13 in Introductions

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Yeah not like women have faced hundreds of years of male oppression globally. Nope we are the 'majority' and hold all the power so must protect the poor men against us and our scary words like "biological sex is real" /s