Petition to add Sweet Anita to IP2 by Cxposed in Ice_Poseidon2

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She's so cute 🖤

Who remembers when Brandon told yuber he would fix his teeth and then proceeded to brand him like a white slave master live on YouTube? by Debacle in Ice_Poseidon2

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He never told him that he would fix his teeth you retard, the tattoo was the agreement for Brandon to stream with him in the first place lying faggot.

LOL one of Ices mods using their dead account to complain about IP2 again trying to get us banned by BoogerFukker in Ice_Poseidon2

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Can you approve my account? i can't post with the automoderator removing my posts.

Don brando aka hmpton brandonwas banned off every platform because of many of u. You contributed to the downfall of irl and yet you have the audacity to even complain how content is dwindling and is entering dark times? The absolute madness of such statements when you are to blame for its downfall. by Ttdfanboy in Ice_Poseidon2

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I remember Pedo Denino pinning threads banning all Brando appreciation posts and only allowing hate and encouraging harassment against him. Why don't you talk about "TTDFanboy" btw..