CNN launches personal attack at Kirstie Alley after she criticizes their reporting — and she fires back by Trulytimes in politics

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She’s an idiot.

Instagram and Facebook just nuked thousands of conservative accounts for now reason, put them all on a 30 day ban by Orangutan in conspiracy

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I doubt it’s for no reason. They have been freezing Q Anon accounts or reposts from Q Anon, that may have been why.

“I wish women would fight as hard as trans women for our right to harvest their organs” by Marigold-plate in GenderCritical

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But even that—-what if pre term labor occurred and a c section wasn’t available? The host could be killed as could the child. Painfully and horrifically. A planned c section sounds well and good but birth takes many turns. How many of us have had babies in the car, or at home, by accident? Happens all the time and the risk is vastly different. You’d have to have an operating team capable of operating on a man, too. Not just any old doctor would do.

Why do Trans Men want to go to All Women Colleges? by rudeboy96 in GenderCritical

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Because they get SUCH a boner

obese man with sissy fetish realized he is actually a beautiful trans woman after surfing r/eggirl by Coconaut in GenderCritical

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What is eggirl?

r/JKRowling bans discussion of gender politics by ekitten in GenderCritical

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There is a sub if you hate JKRowling, though. That was given by the mods if you want to talk politics. No, we can’t have respectful feminist subs to discuss feminist topics, but you can post your death threats to JK on a dedicated sub. Not misogynistic at ALL.

Who are you voting for? You can be anonymous, I'll make comments in the post. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Biden. Trump hates women and is terrible for natal women. Additionally, I care deeply about my Black, Latino, and gay friends and you can’t support Black Lives Matter and vote for the KKK’s presidential choice.

RGB has died by ekb88 in GenderCritical

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Agreed. And Gardner is already on very thin ice in Colorado, which went from red to purple to likely bright blue this go around. Romney might not support Trump on this either. Right before the election is actually terrible for the four shaky senators trying to keep their seats as moderate republicans in increasingly liberal states. Now, after the election, who knows. But even Lindsay graham issued a statement that he didn’t think it was a great idea. The stunt they pulled in 2016 with Merrick Garland will haunt their post 2020 aspirations and many apart from McConnell the Neck Turtle know it.

Before peaking, how much of an ally were you? by Dravidian in GenderCritical

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I thought that trans women in bathrooms were people who had had surgery who were afraid to use restrooms around men. Thought it was just right wing religious nuts who disagreed. Then my Instagram feed blew up with angry liberal friends decrying JK Rowling and I thought she’d said something terrible. I researched what she said and then peaking hit me hard and fast.

This is the top upvoted post on r/MtF in the past week. Over 1000 people thought this was completely normal behaviour. Not a fetish at all... by DoneWithReddit in GenderCritical

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I now know waaaaaay too much about taking progesterone rectally. Ouch and eww.