Biden's IRS plans to crack down on waiters' tips by [deleted] in politics

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I worked in a restaurant where they forced you to tip out 6.5 percent of your sales..which usually amounted to around 45% of your tips. After tip out and taxes, after making 100 dollars in tips..youre looking at about 30 dollars. It's crazy..companies are using tips to pay all their employees...the government wants to tax all your tips. So the minimum wage server is the one getting screwed from every way possible. I wouldnt be surprised if I was also getting taxed on the money I already tipped out to other employees. It's crazy..clown world.

Statistical proof that Covid-19 is just the flu by christnmusicreleases in news

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Ya Im sure lockdowns, job losses, people falling into poverty, crime rates rising, many things other than a virus, would have any affect on people dying! Rolls Eyes* When things like the great depression occurred, I don't think anyone would be surprised if the death rate rose 20% throughout years of such struggle. On top of it, elderly people must be truly hurting if they are forced into isolation and are unable to see their family for a year plus. I would assume such isolation would probably cause elderly people such harm that the may even pass away from such traumas they are forced into by their "caretakers". Ive lost elderly people in my family this year, and it wasn't from any virus. I will say that much.

Communism and Christianity are Part of the Same Conspiracy by goldenotter in conspiracy

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They wouldn't really need church or religions to push any agendas. The public schooling can do most the work. Not sure why this is about Christianity, but most of it is related to Catholic churches. I dont think Christianity wants anything to do with certain religions that try to tie into it..Even people who believe in the Bible wouldn't agree with most religions that tie themselves in with the scriptures of the Bible. I think people pushing most agendas now a days are people against religion. So either way, there's no getting away from the agendas. Atleast the Bible warns us of the system and mark to come.

US Police Have Killed Over 1,600% More Citizens Than Mass Shooters Since 2015 by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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And Im sure way more people are killed by criminals on the what's the point..this is like comparing apples to many people you think break the law yearly. It would be frightening if mass shootings was even close.

Christianity has been the greatest force of evil in the history of the world. The greatest atrocities committed have been in service of the false god, Jesus the Bastard. by Artistic-Mastodon-25 in conspiracy

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Every US president has been Christian...hahahahha now thats funny.

Will you get the Covid vaccine? I’m personally looking forward to Summer Camp! by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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People want to stay willfully ignorant, but then bash you and feel so smart in their little bubble. Its what sheeple do. Rather than research or read information for themselves, its much easier to just call you names.

Young lefty work ethic is, "If you pay me minimum wage, I'm only gonna do a shit job." And that's how you stay at minimum wage forever! If you show you can't do good work at a lower level, why would anyone promote you, or want to pay you more? by suckitreddit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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And you go say black live matters to the KKK if you have any guts left. Idiotic response if you ask me.

So I noticed a lot of the posts here about the protests are trying to make cops look good and protesters look bad... by magnora7 in whatever

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And if its only about black lives matter, and only about black people being suppressed.. what color was the last president? When was the last time you saw a Mexican or Asian president? Hmmm..but if you say all lives matter, that doesn't mean anything to anyone in this movement huh?

So I noticed a lot of the posts here about the protests are trying to make cops look good and protesters look bad... by magnora7 in whatever

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So if it's about black lives mattering..does black cop lives matter? Or do black lives only matter when it fits the narrative?

The riots have killed more people than Chauvin did... the madness needs to stop. by Aureus in politics

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As long as we are focused on BLM and not focused on corrupt government. Trust me..fake media and government are at ease. This is deeper than the police issues. The whole system is corrupt. From police, to hospitals, to pharmacy, to monopoly companies. The list can go on and on. But if people are just focused on BLM and police. We are basically just fighting eachother, and none of the problems at hand. We have to remember police are people. Me and you could have went down the same path to become a cop. That wouldn't all of a suddenly mean we are bad or corrupt people.