— Feb 17, 2019 — New Feature: Expandos (media expanding buttons) and thumbnails now support 6 new media providers - Vimeo, Bitchute, SoundCloud,, Peertube, and Imgur albums by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Fuck yeah bro. Let's make this place grow into a formidable competitor to Reddit & Facebook. Spread the word if there's any way to do it that hasn't been done already. Thanks!

What is to stop saidit from writing a bot to copy every submission from say reddit /r/technology into saidit? by grobean in technology

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We have at least one bot that's a frequent contributor here.


ELI5: Why is everyone so obsessed over Nikola Tesla? What could he have really done? by Orangutan in whatever

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I just thought it would be funny to submit a couple throw back links to Reddit's prime days. Where I learned about Nikola Tesla, Mitch Hedberg, and mass organizing took place. Was an awesome time.