How do "cancelled" Whites still survive? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Laura Towler and her husband are a good case study. Her co-worker was in preparation to cancel her from her well paying job, so she quit before that happened and started her own tea/coffee company with the objective of divesting away from the globohomo economy.

Before you know it, people like us started supporting her brand, and it sorta took off.

Great white pill. There are still good people out there.

(I’m not affiliated to her in any way.)

Our very own Caspar Von Everec gets published by Counter-Currents - "Will Civilization Collapse?" by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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Congrats u/casparvoneverec , keep up the good work👍👍

Existing emissions pledges barely scratch climate targets, U.N. tally finds by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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I once got called an eco-fascist for suggesting that overpopulation and infinite population growth are incompatible with sustainable development.

Most people who pretend to care about environmental resources are either disingenuous or retarded.

Where's the rally point? by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Unlike in 2016, most nationalist movements now are primarily real-life based due to the frequent bans. Communication is primarily via telegram.

The nascent era of 'redpilling normies' and 'owning leftists' is by and large over, I'm finding that in Europe, at least, nationalists form groups for real-life community building, electoralism, entrepreneurship, and academic research.

It's definitely more difficult organizing now with the twitter/facebook/youtube purges, but the benefit of real life activities is that it weeds out the more autistic/bipolar/violent types.

Unfortunately for some of the people here, most of these groups aren't what /pol/ folks consider as truly 'based', but they genuinely care about immigration, demographics, and fighting against the international capitalist.

White nationalist support for ZOG by Courbeaux in debatealtright

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I think you've conjured a non-existent strawman.

No nationalist I have ever heart of supports this. Maybe you conflate derision towards communism as support for the establishment? You can be critical of both capitalism and communism with regards to how they're in opposition with ethnic identity.

Who's the woman in the new banner? by Imperium in debatealtright

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Even if that were true, your answer to that would be this?

Who's the woman in the new banner? by Imperium in debatealtright

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I think this would turn away people interested in dissident ideas. Why not something more professional and basic?

Free speech social network Gab says it has been refused by three banks in the last month by scrubking in politics

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"gab rejected from using the infrastructure of an enemy that wants them eradicated"

France now has feminist identitarians by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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This view won't be popular here, but at this point where the literal survival of our people hang in balance, I honestly don't care if they're feminist, socialist, or libertarian, as long as they're race conscious and against legal immigration.

We can sort out ideological issues after we've fixed the existential demographic threat.

[Long Read] Andrew Joyce reviews Josh Neal’s new book, 'American Extremist' by Jacinda in debatealtright

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Amazing book. It really gives a thorough analysis at the lack of self-awareness and pathology behind the more extremist individuals in both the right and left.

Most nationalists start from presuppositions of love for culture and people, whereas 'extremists' start out through a framework of hate and bitterness. This leads them to adopt a fundamentally intellectually frail mindset; they adopt nationalism despite not truly believing in any of its core values. As a result, they embarrass themselves through directionless actions that really benefit no one.

These people simply want a sense of identity and hate, which is why so many of them switch radically from being a nazi to an antifa shill. Nationalism needs a solid base, and these people are detrimental to the cause. If you're a genuine nationalist, who believes that people have the right to ethnic self-determination and tradition, that moral axiom is impervious to change. You're not going to suddenly start saying 'oh, I guess no one deserves to have a homeland'.

Update on the dissolution off Génération Identitaire by lolhedabbin in debatealtright

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That's a false dichotomy. In reality, we should be moving our movements on all fronts simultaneously: a public party with good optics and possibility of getting elected, underground movements for more radical people, cultural ones where people attempt to make an impact on music and art, etc.
As long as they're race conscious, that's all we need to bind us together in these hard times.

[Serious]For a conservative movement, why do dissident right circles seem to have a disproportionate number of zoomers and young people? by Oingo in debatealtright

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How do you feel about declining christian values in the west, and the cultural degeneracy of the youth today?

[Serious]For a conservative movement, why do dissident right circles seem to have a disproportionate number of zoomers and young people? by Oingo in debatealtright

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As a gen X, there's definitely truth with regards to the idea that wealthy boomers are shielded from the effects of modernity. We shouldn't have allowed things to get this bad.

France Cracks Down On Generation Identitaire, And Creates A New Star (With bonus video) by Jacinda in debatealtright

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Never thought the French right wing movement would be more active than the british one. Good job France, shame on you Britain.

A sad, grim video of a WWII veteran furious upon the realization that the country he fought for is now infested with communists. by Oingo in debatealtright

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You do realize that communism isn’t just about the allocation of labour and the communist manifesto, right?

It includes marxism, critical theory, rejection of ethnic identity and nationalism. Do you know anything about the historical context of ww2?

Read some books. The culture that gives rise to marxist ideology is directly linked to the decline of our people.

Stop with the commie larping, you retard. Soviet Russia and Communist China despise ethnic identity. Look at what they did to their own race, the cultural revolution and the great leap forward. Also, read up on the crimean tartars, tibetans, and mongols. If you think communist china gives a shit about the han people, you’re an absolute moron.

Just because you agree with certain socialist policies in addition to the bourgeoisie/proletariat framework doesn’t mean you have to agree with communists.

A sad, grim video of a WWII veteran furious upon the realization that the country he fought for is now infested with communists. by Oingo in debatealtright

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There's a statistic that the large majority of americans would have rather joined the axis than end segregation (Troubling the waters: black-jewish relations in the American Century Chapter 3).
They were betrayed. Don't let the opposition erase this history, Americans didn't die for Central Banking and Marxism.

'I sing no song for the once-proud country that spawned me,' wrote a sailor who fought the Japanese in the Far East, 'and I wonder why I ever tried,'

-The Unknown Warriors, by Nicholas Pringle.

In my personal life, I follow the NAP by tantamle in debatealtright

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I don't know any non-autistic nationalists who dream of expanding their borders and dying in a foreign country, but that just might be me. I'm fairly average when it comes to political beliefs.

If by 'NAP' you mean 'basic morality', then yeah, I follow it.

An illiberal perspective on the state of danish politics and recent collapse of the centre-right by lolhedabbin in debatealtright

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Well written. Glad to see the constant quality posts from all around the world.

This forum has been a boon for trying to figure out what tends to work and what doesn’t in the nationalist struggle.

Keep it up.

Clip of Nick Fuentes Talking about Killing State Legislators Used in Impeachment Hearing by weasel in debatealtright

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Well said. We’re literally fighting an existential struggle.

I work every waking hour to further my career so that I can continue to financially support Nationalists in my country. I’m prepared for my bank account to be cancelled, be ostracized in my workplace, having my water and electricity cut off, etc.

We have to acknowledge the worst and prepare for that eventuality. Become financially independent, establish support networks with other nationalists, try and raise enough capital to own property in the countryside.

Le Pen has best poll result EVER: 48% would vote for Rassemblement National in the second round of the 2022 French presidential election by lolhedabbin in debatealtright

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The German people are still incredibly based. The whole country's a matchbox right now for populist reconquista.

What's the difference between alt right and alt lite? by Funkopop in debatealtright

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idk man

What's the difference between alt right and alt lite? by Funkopop in debatealtright

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As otherkin said, no one cares.

I prefer the term Nationalist, in its classical sense. Nation, arising from Natio in Latin, which is the same as ethnos, which means race, or family. Under this meaning, all of our ancestors were Nationalists. The phrase 'ethno-nationalist' is a complete tautology, and 'civic nationalist' is a nonsensical oxymoron.

It all depends on how much optics matter to you.

What do we do with people when industry/labour is fully or significantly automated? by Talmudstein in debatealtright

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If anything, our side are the ones who need automation the most. Automate the necessities, allow people to pursue their true passions, and use the benefits of automation to provide for infrastructure and basic needs.

However, as most of us know, all this can only be achieved in an ethnically homogeneous, high trust society. This is the future we're all fighting for.

Vox Day Appears To Be Having Some Kind Of Episode by literalotherkin in debatealtright

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Q is just an avoidance of the true problems we face- the destruction of the white race and western culture. It takes courage to talk about and act upon these issues as a true dissident.

Q aren't dissidents. They say nothing which actually matter, and obsess over borderline cult-ish insanity.

While we're facing the brunt of harassment by talking about demographics and immigration, Q just watches videos online. While we're out literally trying to save our people from losing our homelands, Q watches a B-grade theater.

They serve as an important lesson for us. Only action has meaning. For example, i've been obtaining a practical postgrad degree in preparation for helping my own family business, so that I can financially help our guys risking their livelihoods for us. Nationalists don't need more viewers, or protestors. We need more money, more people in positions of power, more people out leafleting.

[Opinion] The dissident nationalists in anglo nations must divert their attention from electoral politics, and focus more on economic self-sufficiency and community building. by Oingo in debatealtright

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These groups will undoubtedly be assailed, bank accounts cancelled, and de-platformed in America. I think, however, that if the businesses operated low-key and reached a point of relative self-sufficiency before they were targeted by the opposition, a series of these businesses could form a community that could help other fledgling communities get started.

Remember, the Amish were attacked too. If they could do it, there must be a way.

With regards to political participation, you have a point. A two-pronged approach of isolated communities funding political groups with our interests could work.

I think the NJP needs to work on their optics. by Oingo in debatealtright

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Look, I don’t get this weirdly aggressive tone. I just want a discussion on political priorities.

We both have the same aims. We’re both j-woke.

All i’m saying is, we can deal with jews after we gain power. Its just that there are more suave ways of doing this, i.e referring to them as ‘dual loyalty Israeli citizens’, or ‘Zionists’.

As for why i’m not doing anything, its because in my current position, being a a grad student in the US before returning to europe, I can support the cause more through financial means. I don’t have what it takes to be a leader.

I personally don’t see the benefit of naming the jew at this stage, especially in a country controlled by jews, but feel free to convince me.

To me, the priorities are:

Reviving race consciousness in whites>Ending immigration>Deportation>Everything else.

Remember, even in my country,

I think the NJP needs to work on their optics. by Oingo in debatealtright

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Someone’s angry. Have you actually listened to their representatives speak?

I’m sorry you’re offended by this, but they have little self-awareness and do everything you’re currently being ironic about.

If you think 5 years from now the NJP will have any leverage in real life politics, you’re deluded. As I said, zero self awareness for the sake of ideological purity.

In my country, the conservative party primarily fosters a family friendly christian image. Guess what? We’re in power. People support us, and we aren’t being ethnically displaced. No need for childish meme lingo or nazi imagery.

Even if jews are a large factor in this, the ‘alt rights’ obsession with jews, and lack of priorities will be the reason why you’ll play no meaningful part in the survival of white people.

You can deal with demographics first and jews later.

Where's the rendezvous? by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Join real life communities.

Call me a glowie, but joining race conscious communities will be the key to our survival in the coming decades. The mexicans do it, the blacks do it.

The simple fact of the matter is, isolated whites will be outcompeted or assimilated whereas white tribes will prosper.

Nick Fuentes banned on Dlive by arainynightinskyrim in debatealtright

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This is the hard truth. The internet isn’t real.

I'm so much looking forward to the DC fallout and Qtards being wrong by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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Nothing will directly come out of this. But i’d say the likelihood of balkanization within the century got exponentially higher.

Are there any efforts to grow this saidit community? I miss the thriving discourse we had on our old subreddit. by Oingo in debatealtright

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Well, like most pro-white guys, I generally keep up to date with the community on twitter, bitchute etc.

But I miss the mainstream outreach we had on the old r/debatealtright, r/altright and r/debatefascism.

I just noticed, but we’re being censored from the saidit front page, right?

So what can we actually do to prevent our people, culture from dying out and securing an environment safe for our people? by Oingo in debatealtright

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Political groups like PA are great for keeping up morale and meeting like-minded folks in real life.
Obviously, you have to be aware of the fact that you’re constantly at risk of a tarnishing/defamation campaign, but as long as you don’t play a highly prominent role, you should be fine.

Americans Increasingly Believe Violence is Justified if the Other Side Wins by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Holy shit. DebateAltRight is alive. I can't believe it. I was an active poster on the subreddit for years, going through many accounts. I loved your posts, Ethnocrat.

After the announcement of the ban as well as the subsequent banning, I just gave up. Then today, I find this page. With Saidit, Ruqqus, and Far Right Twitter, things are finally looking up.
Sorry for the corny comment, but its great to be back.